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ORCHARD EXPERT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        having a firm foundation to produce fruit
SCRIPTURE:    Psalm 1:1-6, John 15:1-8
Style:        allegory/conversation:  people compare
.             how they planted their fruit trees,
.             which parallel having a firm foundation
.             in God and living out His Word
Cast:         PEOPLE 1-5
Set & Props:  dried up twig, baskets of fruit,
.             or big bags filled with something,
.             then you can pull out a few fruit


(PEOPLE 1 and 2 enter from stage right while talking.)

P 1    I’m getting kind of hungry.

P 2    Don’t you have anything to eat?

P 1    I might be able to scrounge up
.      some junk food.

(PEOPLE 3, 4 and 5 enter from stage left carrying in
baskets of fruit.)

P 2    Ha!  Look at them.

P 1    Looks like they’ve been working very hard.

P 2    Slaving away.  So sad.

P 1    Hey, wha-cha got there?

P 3    Lots of fruit.

P 1    You have a job as a fruit picker?

P 3    No, these are fruit from my tree.

P 2    (to P1)  I bet it’s all fake.

P 3    No, very real.  Very tasty.

P 1    Really?  Can I try one?                          2
.      I’m kind of hungry.

P 3    Sure.

(PERSON 3 takes a fruit and hands it to P 1,
who takes a bite, or pretends to take a bite.)

P 1    Mm, this is really good.

P 4    Don’t you all have a fruit tree?

P 2    Yeah, we both have a fruit tree.
.      But it isn’t fruit season yet, is it?

P 5    Actually it is.  We all have tons of fruit
.      already, and the season has just started.

P 1    (to P2)  Well, why don’t WE have any fruit yet?

P 2    (shrugs, thinking)
.      Maybe MY fruit is starting to grow.
.      I haven’t checked lately.
.      Hang on while I go look.

(PEOPLE 3, 4 and 5 put down their baskets while
PERSON 2 runs off stage right.)

P 3    Well, where did you plant your trees?

P 1    Oh, just up the hill.  My parents planted
.      their trees there, and my grandparents,
.      and their parents...

P 3    Did they ever get fruit
.      when they planted there?

P 1    Come to think of it, they ever did.

(PERSON 2 rushes back in holding out a dried twig.)

P 2    I think I got some fruit!

P 5    Ah, that’s a dried up twig.

P 2    Oh.

P 3    And where did you plant your tree?               3

P 2    I planted mine in that rock-garden-thing
.      out in the wilderness.

P 4    Why there?

P 2    (shrugs)  Why not?  I felt like it.
.      I was there – at the time.
.      And someone said,  “Hey, why don’t you plant
.      your tree here just for the fun of it.”
.      (shrugs again)  I don’t know all that much
.      about planting fruit trees.

P 5    Apparently.

P 2    Why?  Where did you all plant yours?

P 3    All at the same spot?

P 2    Why did you all go to the same place?

P 3    Well, I had heard about this
.      expert orchard gardener,
.      so I went to him and asked for advice.
.      He offered to plant a tree for me.
.      Then I told all my friends about this gardener.

P 2    You didn’t have to do anything?

P 3    Other than ask him to do that for me, no.
.      He planted it, and now he maintains it for me.

P 1    And it’s your tree?

P 2    Well, how can you be so sure
.      that he knows what he’s doing?

P 3    You can see the evidence.
.      He grows and maintains
.      a very large and fruitful orchard.

P 4    And he explains the entire process:
.      exactly how he plants it in really good soil,
.      just the right way,
.      beside a continuous water source-

P 5    And explains how he then nurtures it             4
.      to grow.

P 3    And how he tends and prunes it,
.      taking out the useless branches
.      that would rub against the good branches.
.      And by taking out the useless branches,
.      the water and soil nutrients can reach
.      the good branches so you get tons of fruit.

P 1    Eh, sounds too easy.

P 4    And you see that as a problem?

P 1    Yes?  I mean, I tend my own tree,
.      and do just fine.

P 4    Do you have any fruit?

P 2    (to P1)  I don’t know,
.      that sounds like a pretty good deal.
.      And you just got to enjoy a fruit from their crop.
.      Did it taste good?

P 1    It did, but-

P 2    But?

P 3    (to P2)  Would you like a taste?

P 2    I would like to see this gardener.

P 4    Sure, come with us.

P 5    (to P1)  Sure you don’t want to join us?

P 1    I’ll think about it.

(PEOPLE 2 to 5 exit stage left.  PERSON 1 looks around,
tires taking a bite out of their dried twig, thinking,
then suddenly changes mind.)

P 1    Wait up!  I’m coming!

(PERSON 1 exits stage left.)