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ONLY GOD CAN DO MIRACLES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus is God, Easter story
SCRIPTURE:    John 5:36
Style:        drama/conversation:  people compare
.             the miracles of the Old Testament
.             with the miracles of New Testament
Cast:         RABBI, MAN
Set & Props:  biblical costumes, scroll


(RABBI and MAN enter from opposite sides.)

MAN     Good morning, Rabbi.  Will you be joining us?
.       I just heard that Jesus is in the area again
.       and we want to find Him.

RABBI   I do not understand what why this man,
.       named Jesus, is drawing so much attention.

MAN     It seems that He is our Messiah.

RABBI   The Pharisees do not seem to think so.

MAN     It just seems to make sense.
.       Jesus has done many miracles in God’s name.

RABBI   Ah, but how do we know this power is from God?

MAN     When you teach and read scriptures,
.       I listen.

RABBI   Then you know, only God can perform miracles.
.       God sent the ten plagues onto Egypt
.       to judge them, and show them and the world
.       that Jehovah is the true God.

MAN     I heard that the disciples saw Jesus
.       cause a fig tree to wither and die - immediately.
.       But Jesus’ ministry seems to be more about life
.       than death or causing plagues.
.       Jesus said something about coming
.       to save the world – not judge it.

RABBI   Okay, well, God then parted the Red Sea –       2
.       so as to save our people from the Egyptians.

MAN     I heard that Jesus also had a say over nature.
.       The disciples were on the sea when the waves
.       became life-threatening.  The boat was about
.       to capsize, when Jesus calmed the storm.

RABBI   Interesting.  Of course, God also parted
.       the river Jordan for Joshua and our people
.       to cross over to our Promised Land.
.       As SOON as the feet of the priests
.       carrying the ark stepping into the river –
.       it dried up so they were able to walk across.

MAN     Jesus was seen walking on the water.

RABBI   I see, well, God provided our people with food.
.       All those years wandering in the wilderness,
.       God sent manna from heaven.

MAN     On two different occasions, Jesus fed
.       multitudes of people.  I was there the one time.
.       We were in the middle of nowhere,
.       and it was getting very late.
.       There were thousands of us - without any hope
.       of finding any food at such a time.  
.       Jesus asked the disciples to look around.
.       All they found were five loaves and two fish.
.       Jesus told us to sit down on the grass.
.       Then, He took the five loaves and the two fish,
.       looked up toward heaven, and blessed the food.

RABBI   There is no way that little bit
.       could feed thousands and thousands of people.

MAN     Well, I saw Him.  He started breaking the loaves
.       and giving them to the disciples to pass around.
.       We all ate until we were full.
.       There were even twelve big baskets left over.

RABBI   God – multiplied the flour and oil for Elijah
.       so that he, and the widow and her son
.       would survive the drought.

MAN     At a wedding party, Jesus turned water into wine.

RABBI   Well, here is something important –             3
.       God gave the Law to Moses –

MAN     Jesus has been teaching the scriptures,
.       and even the Pharisees are amazed
.       at His teaching, for His message is always
.       with such authority.

RABBI   (sighing with determination)
.       God saved Daniel’s three friends
.       when they were thrown into the fiery furnace.
.       God saved Daniel when he was thrown into the den
.       by shutting the mouths of the lions.
.       God spared Elijah from dying.
.       And before THAT, because of Elijah’s prayers,
.       God raised the widow’s son from death.

MAN     Jesus has healed thousands of people.
.       People with diseases are made well.
.       People who were possessed are delivered.
.       The blind see.  The deaf hear.  The mute speak.
.       The lame walk.  And Jesus has raised
.       several people from the dead.

RABBI   (with disgust)  And I hear this Jesus
.       is forgiving people of their sins!?

MAN     I was at Peter’s house, listening to Jesus teach,
.       when some men lowered a man down from the roof-

RABBI   They broke through the roof?  Why?

MAN     It was too crowded with people.
.       They could not get in through the doorway.
.       So when Jesus saw the paralyzed man
.       looking at Him with such faith,
.       Jesus said, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”
.       Then, as if Jesus could read their minds,
.       Jesus said to the scribes that were there,
.       “Why are you reasoning about these things
.       in your hearts?  Which is easier to say?
.       ‘Your sins are forgiven’; or to say,
.       ‘Get up, and pick up your pallet and walk’?”

RABBI   Well, anyone can SAY that someone’s sins
.       are forgiven, but to have the power to actually
.       do so – that only God can do.
.                                                       4
MAN     Then Jesus said, “So that you may know
.       that the Son of Man has authority on earth
.       to forgive sins...”
.       (RABBI leans forward with great curiosity)
.       Jesus said to the paralyzed man,
.       “I say to you, get up, pick up your pallet
.       and go home.”

RABBI   And?  Well?

MAN     And he got up immediately, picked up the pallet
.       and walked out.  We all saw this.
.       And we were all amazed.  We could not help
.       but to glorify God!  It was life-changing.

RABBI   That – CAN only be done by God’s power.

MAN     You know the scriptures and prophesies
.       better than I do.  What should happen next?

RABBI   Well, if Jesus is truly our Messiah,
.       then Jesus will take the throne, and
.       fulfill the covenant God has made with us.  

MAN     I suppose it is up to us –
.       to accept Jesus as our King.

RABBI   Although, there is the prophecy from Daniel.
.       Seventy weeks have been decreed for the
.       Israelites, for our Jewish age to be completed.
.       To make an end of sin, to make atonement
.       for iniquity, and so on.  This age began
.       at the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem
.       and will end when Messiah takes the throne–

MAN     But?  

RABBI   Daniel mentions that after sixty-two weeks
.       the Messiah will be cut off-

MAN     That does not sound good.  What does that mean?

RABBI   There would be one week left.
.       Which equals seven prophetic years remaining...
.       But - as you said... we need to make a decision
.       to accept Jesus - as our King.