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TOPIC:        obedience
SCRIPTURE:    1 Samuel 15:22
Style:        allegory/conversation:  kids realize
.             that their parents would prefer
.             their obedience over any gift,
.             which parallels God’s desire from us
Cast:         KIDS 1–5  (you can reassign lines
.             depending on how many actors you have)
Set & Props:  building blocks
NOTES:      - If this is for Mother’s or Father’s Day,
.             you can just use “Mom” or “Dad” wherever
.             both are used.  Remember to change verbs.)
.           - have ALL KIDS talk out to the congregation
.             even if it feels weird not to talk
.             directly to KID 1 who is usually
.             standing behind them.


(KIDS 2 – 4 are busy building a castle with blocks.
KID 1 walks out, shoulders slumped forward.)

K 1    I am so tired of being punished.

K 2    So why don’t you just decide –
.      to obey Mom and Dad?

K 1    It’s not that easy.

K 3    Ah, yeah, it is.

K 1    Well, for instance, I see you building a castle,
.      and I just want to – knock it down.

K 4    Why?

K 1    (shrugging)  Why not?

K 5    We’ve worked so hard on this.

K 2    You know that would make us angry.
.      And that would make Mom and Dad angry.
.      Then you would get punished again.
.                                                       2
K 1    It’s just fun to knock things down.

K 3    So why don’t you build your own castle –
.      and then knock down your OWN castle?

K 1    Where is the fun in that?

K 4    So you DO like to be punished.

K 1    I do not.

K 5    Maybe you don’t know HOW to build a castle.

K 1    I do so!

K 2    Well, if you did build a castle,
.      and someone ELSE knocked it down,
.      how would you feel about that?

K 1    I would be angry.

K 3    So – not only do you like to be punished,
.      but you also like to be angry?

K 1    Er!

(KID 1 begins to pace in the background,
while KIDS 2 – 5 continue to build.)

K 2    (finally, without turning around)
.      What are you doing?

K 1    I’M – THINKING!

K 3    Thinking about what?

K 1    How I can do what I want
.      and not get punished.

K 4    Interesting.

K 1    (stops on the spot)
.      And – I’ve got it!

K 5    You found a loop-hole?

K 1    I just have to get Mom and Dad                   3
.      a really nice present.

K 2    You mean – a bribe?

K 1    Yeah!  I suppose it is a bribe.

K 5    (sing-song-like)  I don’t know...

K 3    It would have to be a REALLY nice present!

K 4    And even then!

K 5    (again)  I don’t know...

K 1    No really, I think this could work.

K 2    Just how rich are you?

K 1    I’ve got money.

K 3    Money that you get from Mom and Dad???

K 1    It’s the THOUGHT that counts.

K 4    So...  THINK about that...
.      You don’t want to think about anybody’s feelings,
.      but you do want to think about how to bribe
.      Mom and Dad, so you don’t have to think.

K 5    Huh?

K 4    And you THINK you can use Mom and Dad’s money
.      to buy them something, so you can try
.      to make them feel GOOD that you are being BAD.

K 5    Huh?

K 1    Er!

(KID 1 paces again, while KIDS 2–5 go back to building.)

K 1    Well then, I’m going to get a REALLY good job
.      so that I can get them a REALLY good present
.      with my own money.  Like a car!

K 2    Wow!  That’s going to be a LOT of work.
.                                                       4
K 3    Wouldn’t it just be simpler to – obey them?

K 1    But I still want to do what I want to do.

K 4    So what kind of job ARE you going get?

K 2    I did A LOT of chores before I could
.      save up enough to just buy an old iPod.

K 1    Er!  (paces again.)

K 3    So let me ask you something.
.      (KID 1 stops pacing to listen.)
.      Let’s say Mom and Dad were mean to you.

K 1    But they’re not.
.      They’re very loving and kind.

K 3    Okay, but let’s just say
.      they WERE mean to you.
.      And they REALLY LIKED
.      to do mean things to you.
.      If they gave you a few presents,
.      would that make it all better?

K 1    No... what they did would still hurt me.

K 5    Mom and Dad always say –
.      that the best present
.      we could ever give them –
.      is to obey.

K 4    Mom and Dad would rather have us obey
.      and get along than get tons of presents.

K 1    But what is the point of all that?

K 2    When we ALL obey,
.      we feel better about ourselves.

K 5    And - we ALL get along.

K 3    And then everybody gets to have fun.

(KID 1 stands with folded arms and studies the castle.)

K 1    (finally)  Hey, you know...                      5
.      if you use THIS piece, like this,
.      it can work like a door.
.      (bends down and moves a block in place)

K 5    That’s awesome!  Thanks.

K 1    No problem.

K 2    I hear Mom and Dad calling us.
.      We better go.

(KIDS 2 – 5 all exit.  KID 1 stops to study the castle.
Nodding approval, KID 1 exits in the same direction.)