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OBEDIENCE  - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       obedience, God’s covenant
SCRIPTURE:   1 & 2 Chronicles
Style:       allegory/conversation: child loses privileges
.            of driving his car when he breaks the law
.            (paralleling how Israel enjoys its land
.            while living in obedience).
Cast:        DAD (or Mom), SON (or Daughter), NARRATOR
Set & Props: phone, car keys


(DAD gets off the phone as SON enters tossing car keys
in the air and catches them.)

DAD   THAT - was a friend of mine.
.     He just told me that he saw you
.     out driving today.

SON   Yeah, so?

DAD   He saw you racing past a playground zone.

SON   But - Jerry double-dared me.

DAD   I don’t care why you did it.
.     You disobeyed me and
.     you disobeyed the law.
.     And so now you know -
.     you must hand over the car keys.

(SON reluctantly hands his car keys to DAD.)

SON   But you promised me that it was my car.

DAD   Oh, it’s STILL your car,
.     but you lost your driving privileges.
.     I did specify when I gave you the car
.     that it would always be your car,
.     but you’d ONLY be able to drive it
.     when you obeyed me, and the traffic laws.

SON   It’s so unfair!

DAD   Unfair that we gave you a car?                     2

SON   That I have all those rules to follow.
.     What good is having a car if I can’t use it?

DAD   What good is a car if you risk losing the car
.     as well as your own life?

SON   That’s a little dramatic.

DAD   You see, you don’t seem to understand
.     all the things that can happen
.     when you don’t follow the laws.
.     Speeding through a playground zone
.     could kill someone.
.     There are a lot of little kids running around,
.     and they don’t know about the dangers
.     of streets and cars yet.
.     But the men who set the speed limits
.     do understand how little kids
.     can suddenly dart out into the road.
.     And these men understand
.     how quick a person’s typical reaction time is,
.     as well as how quickly a car
.     can come to a full stop
.     depending on the speed of the car.
.     The faster a car is going,
.     the longer it takes for it to stop.

SON   So why aren’t those parents
.     keeping a closer watch on their kids?

DAD   Hmmm, let me see –
.     can I control what YOU do?

SON   No... but I’m older.

DAD   And so you should also know better?

SON   I – suppose.

DAD   And do you always obey me?
.     Even when I explain why it is
.     that certain rules are in place?

SON   Ahhhh, no comment.

DAD   It’s pretty simple, you either choose              3
.     to obey the laws, or you don’t.
.     When I know that you are obeying the laws,
.     you will be able to drive your car,
.     because I know that you are driving safely.
.     I DO want to keep you around
.     as long as possible.
.     And I DO want you to have a car to drive, too.

SON   I know – I know – it’s ALL for my own good.

DAD   Yes, it’s for you - and it's for me,
.     and for everyone around you.
.     So for now – I’m going to keep the keys.

SON   But what am I going to do?
.     Biking and walking is so – limiting.

DAD   More so than a wheelchair?

SON   Okay, got it.  Follow the laws –
.     get to drive my car.

DAD   I’m glad you understand the deal.
.     Now, it’s apparent we need to go over
.     the driver’s manual again.

(DAD puts his arm around SON and leads him out.)

NAR.  And so it is for the nation of Israel.
.     God gave them the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants.
.     The land, seed and blessings are theirs forever,
.     but they can only fully enjoy it when they obey God.
.     This will be fulfilled completely and perfectly
.     after the Tribulation.

(This last portion can be changed or omitted depending
on topic of sermon, or what the pastor plans on covering.)