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NOW I SEE (video) – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        salvation, need for Jesus
SCRIPTURE:    John 9:39; 2 Cor.4:4,
Style:        allegory/conversation:  a person stumbles
.             upon an optometrist office
.             and discovers that they eyeglasses
Cast:         PERSON, DOCTOR
Set & Props:  eye chart, glasses, clipboard, pen, chair


(DOCTOR enters.  While he/she is making notations on
a clipboard, a PERSON enters and wanders about the area,
waving their arms in front of them like they are almost
completely blind.  PERSON nears the doctor.)

P   Hey, there you are, Travis.
.   I’ve been looking everywhere for you!  You’re...
.   (looking closer and closer at his watch) – LATE!

D   I’m actually Dr. Smith.

P   Oh, are you here to try the seafood pizza, too?
.   I hear it’s really good.

D   No, I’m here to work.

P   YOU moonlight as a waiter?

D   This is my optometrist office.

P   Your office is in a restaurant?

D   Perhaps while you’re here, you’d like to have
.   your eyesight checked out.

P   I’m sure that’s not necessary.

D   Really?  Well, if you can find the door,
.   then I might agree with you.

(PERSON searches blindly for the door without success.
DOCTOR follows behind.)

D   Well, you conveniently found your way into         2
.   the examination area.  How about that check up!

P   I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

D   Good call.  So why don’t you step in front
.   of the eye chart.  That will tell us something.

P   There’s an eye chart?

D   There is.

P   Maybe I don’t believe in the eye chart.

D   The eye chart is right - over there.

(DOCTOR takes PERSON gently by the shoulders and
stands them facing in the proper direction.)

p   How’s the eye chart going to help me see?
.   Nothing has changed.  See?
.   Everything is still blurry.

D   The eye chart is just a guideline
.   to let you know if you need help.

P   Who says the eye chart
.   is the absolute authority?

D   It was developed by experts many years ago.
.   Again, the eye chart only gives us an indication
.   of what is needed to help you have perfect vision.

P   Maybe perfect vision is over rated.
.   Maybe I don’t even believe in perfect vision.

D   It’s a simple fix.  Really.

P   Ohhhhh, are you talking about glasses!?
.   I definitely do NOT believe in glasses.

D   And why is that?

P   Well, okay, MAYBE I believe that eye glasses
.   DO exist, and help out some people;  but
.   it’s just not for me.  You  know – they are –
.   just not very cool.
.                                                       3
D   So it’s really more a matter of pride?

P   You bet.  I am not going to go looking like a fool.

D   Don’t you think it’s foolish – when you -
.   by choice – keep walking into things,
.   keep getting lost, you can’t recognize people?...

P   Whatever!  I’m out of here.

(PERSON leaves and walks into a chair or hat rack.)

P   Ouch!  Well, ah, maybe it would be safer
.   if I did believe in perfect vision.
.   Where’s the chart again?

D   Let me help you.  Okay, stand right here.

(DOCTOR helps the PERSON face the eye chart.
PERSON leans forward, squinting.)

P   Oh, is it that - white - fuzzy thing?

D   Yes, now, which letters can you see from here?

P   Eeeeee...  I think.

D   Is that all?

P   Yes.  Eeeeeeeeee.

D   Yes, that would stand for
.   “Eeeeeee–you need glasses to help you see.”

P   Oh boy.  Look, I told you,
.   I don’t believe in glasses.

D   It’s your choice, of course.

P   I can’t say it’s been fun.

(PERSON begins to leave and walks into the chair again.
PERSON hops around with sore foot.)

P   Ow-ow-ow!  Okay-okay, I want the glasses.
.   I NEED glasses!
.                                                       4
D   You want to believe in glasses now?

P   Yes, I’m tired of running into things
.   and getting lost.  I want to see.

(PATIENT waits as doctor puts a pair of glasses on,
then looks around, totally amazed.)

P   I – I can see.  It’s amazing.  And look!
.   I can read the very bottom of the eye chart!
.   And it all makes sense now!
.   Thank you, doctor, thank you-thank you.
.   (shaking DOCTOR’S hand)

D   Hey, I just told you about glasses,
.   the glasses are doing all the work.

P   Oh man!  I’ve got to tell everybody.  I can see!
.   I’m seeing the world in a whole new way!
.   This is so amazing!

(PATIENT says the lines as he rushes out.)