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NEWS REEL 05: REDEDICATION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        getting refocused
SCRIPTURE:    Ezra 9:1-10:44
Style:        satire/conversation:  news reporter
.             hunts down the latest on the rebuilding
.             of Israel after 70 years of captivity
Cast:         REPORTER 1-3, EZRA,
.             CROWD MEMBERS 1-5 (whatever amount)
Set & Props:  3 microphones, reports/lists
.             OPTIONAL:  table, 2 chairs for “station”


(REPORTER 1-2 are ready at their station.)

REPORTER 1    Good morning,
.             and welcome to News Reel,
.             where the real news is reported to you
.             as it happens!

REPORTER 2    In world news...
.             not much is happening there
.             which would have
.             anything to do with us.

REPORTER 1    That’s right.
.             But, we do have some big problems
.             that are happening right here.
.             Which brings us to our local news!

REPORTER 2    Here in Jerusalem,
.             our spiritual leader, Ezra,
.             has noticed –
.             well – how can I put this –

REPORTER 1    The people here in Judah
.             are once again - not living for God.
.             There are many Israelites
.             who are doing evil things,
.             which is bringing more evil
.             into our country.

REPORTER 2    And why is that?  God just did
.             some awesome things for us.
.                                                       2
REPORTER 1    Yeah, God gave us way more
.             than what we even deserved.

REPORTER 2    Although, we were trying.

REPORTER 1    We WERE.  But now – we are not.

REPORTER 2    Do we want to be captured again?
.             Do we like being slaves?

REPORTER 1    I don’t.

REPORTER 2    Well, let’s take you now
.             to our field reporter, Zeebah,
.             who has the prophet Ezra there with him.
.             As well as some of the people of Jerusalem.
.             Are you there, Zeebah?

(REPORTER 3 steps out in another location with a mic
while holding a hand to his ear to hear REPORTER 2.  
EZRA stands next to him, waiting.
CROWD is standing behind them, listening in.
ONE of them can wave real quickly, then hold still.)

(REPORTER 3 mimes talking into the mic,
but we cannot hear anything.  
REPORTER 3 is now finished talking, and waits.)

REPORTER 1    Zeebah, we now seem
.             to be having problems
.             with our sound.
.             We cannot hear you.  At all.
.             Can you hear us?

(ZEEBAH, still holding a hand to an ear, nods.)

REPORTER 1    Okay, so Zeebah can hear us,
.             and we can see them.

REPORTER 2    What if Zeebah just showed us
.             how Ezra is feeling.

(Everything is done silently.  ZEEBAH nods and motions
to EZRA.  EZRA nods his head sadly, then shakes his head,
then falls to the ground in pain, pulling at his hair,
then praying and pleading with God.)
.                                                       3
REPORTER 1    I get the idea that
.             Ezra is feeling very sad.

(REPORTER 3 nods really big.)

REPORTER 2    So, show us,
.             how are the PEOPLE feeling?

(REPORTER 3 motions to the CROWD, who then start
to mime arguing, and being angry, shaking fists,
standing with folded arms...)

REPORTER 1    Listen, Zeebah,
.             reliable sources have told us
.             a few things that Ezra has said.
.             Tell the people that Ezra said –
.             the people have been doing evil things.
.             How do they feel about THAT?

(REPORTER 3 turns to CROWD to mime saying something.
CROWD starts to mime arguing and being angry again.)

REPORTER 2    Okay, so we can see that the people
.             still feel angry and
.             want to keep doing evil things.

REPORTER 1    Zeebah, there was another thing
.             that Ezra said.
.             Tell the people that Ezra said –
.             whoever does NOT STOP doing evil things-
.             they will be kicked out of the country.

(REPORTER 3 turns to CROWD to mime saying something.
Then CROWD stops what they are doing,
standing very still to think about things.)

REPORTER 2    Looks like this is now
.             making them think.

REPORTER 1    Zeebah, tell the people
.             that if they are sorry
.             and want to stop doing evil things,
.             they should tell God
.             that they are sorry,
.             and they should ask God
.             to forgive them.
.                                                       4
(REPORTER 3 turns to CROWD to mime saying something.
Then CROWD falls to their knees to join EZRA
in crying, praying and pleading with God.  
REPORTER 3 finally joins in, too.)

REPORTER 2    Looks like most of the people
.             are sorry for the evil they have done.
.             This is very hopeful.

REPORTER 1    Yes it is.  
.             Most of the people
.             are confessing their sins.
.             Most of them
.             are reconciling with God once again.

REPORTER 2    Isn’t it awesome that God
.             wants us to keep going back to Him?

REPORTER 1    Indeed.  No matter what we do –
.             we can always go back to Him
.             and reconcile.

REPORTER 2    So just to be clear,
.             that is the same thing
.             as “rededication”?

REPORTER 1    Yes, rededication is all about
.             going back to God
.             and deciding to live for God.

REPORTER 2    And living for God means
.             we would want to CHOOSE to obey
.             what God tells us.

REPORTER 1    It is for our own good, isn’t it?
.             I cannot think of any law
.             that is there to make us miserable.

(EZRA stands up to mime speaking to the
CROWD who remain kneeling in prayer.)

REPORTER 2    That is so true!  Because everything is all
.             about having a close relationship with God-
.             who is the only one who can save us.
,             He does so many great things for us.
.             Even when we do not deserve it.
.                                                       5
REPORTER 1    Excuse me, Zeebah?

(ZEEBAH looks up and puts hand to ear to listen.)

REPORTER 1    Anything new happening over there?

(ZEEBAH motions to EZRA who now finishes
his mimed speech to the CROWD.  
EZRA now shakes the hands of CROWD members,
and CROWD members hug each other as EZRA exits.
REPORTER 3 nods at what REPORTER 1 is saying...)

REPORTER 2    Looks like the atmosphere
.             over there in Jerusalem
.             is getting better!

REPORTER 1    Zeebah, just to be clear,
.             ask them about what Ezra just told them.
.             How do they feel about THAT?

(REPORTER 3 nods, takes hand from ear and mimes
asking the CROWD a question.  CROWD mimes cheering,
with jumping up and down and silent clapping.)

REPORTER 2    I would say that the people
.             are now feeling really excited.

(REPORTER 3 turns to congregation and REPORTERS 1-2
to smile, nod, then wave goodbye.  
REPORTER 3 and CROWD exit together.  
REPORTER 1-2 remove hand from ear to wrap up...)

REPORTER 2    It is exciting, isn’t it?
.             God is there for us – and wants us
.             to have a close relationship with Him.

REPORTER 1    And, there you have it, folks.
.             That wraps up this morning’s edition of-
.             News Reel.

(This skit stands on its own, or you can choose
to do start with the
first skit in this Ezra series.)