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NEVER TOO SMALL – SKIT 4 – CHILDREN - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     God can use anyone
SCRIPTURE: Matt.19:1-14
style:     drama/conversation:  the story of how Jesus
.          loved everyone, including the children

SKIT 4:  JESUS’ SALVATION             (go back to SKIT 1)

(recite with everyone, and maybe put arm motions to this)

Matthew 18:2-3 (NASB)
“And (Jesus) called a child to Himself
and set him before them, and said,
‘Truly I say to you, unless you are converted
and become like children,
you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

NARRATOR   Sometimes we feel very small and insignificant,
.          but God is big, and He loves us very much.
.          God wants all of us to be His children,
.          all we have to do is answer God’s calling
.          and trust and seek God in all situations.
.          No matter how old or young,
.          or how big or small we are.
.          Jesus wants us to look for Him.
.          He is already there.
.          God waits for us.  Will we go?  (motions)
.          This is a true story from the Bible
.          that happened a long time ago.
.          Jesus, God’s only Son,
.          came to earth to save us.

(JESUS enters.  MEN gather around him to talk
and ask questions.)

NARRATOR   When Jesus would go anywhere,
.          people heard about it,
.          and they would look for Him, because
.          they were deaf and wanted to hear;
.          they were blind and wanted to see;
.          and they were sick
.          and wanted to be healed.
.          There were also people
.          who had lots of questions
.          and wanted to speak to Jesus.
.          But the children wanted to see Jesus too!
.                                                      2
(CHILDREN rush on to see JESUS but the MEN stop them,
and motion for them to go away.)

NARRATOR   but the men thought that Jesus was
.          far too busy to be bothered with children.
.          The men had important things to talk about.
.          But Jesus said to the men...

(JESUS spreads out both arms to part the way.  
MEN step to the sides, surprised at this motion.
JESUS smiles and crouches down to welcome the CHILDREN.)

NARRATOR   “Let the children alone,
.          and do not hinder them from coming to Me;
.          for the kingdom of heaven
.          belongs to such as these.”

(JESUS leads the CHILDREN offstage,
with the MEN following after.)

NARRATOR   No matter how lonely you feel,
.          God calls us.  
.          All we have to do is answer.
.          Can you hear Him?  Listen.  (motions)

.          And no matter how big the situation is,
.          all we have to do is trust in God’s power.
.          Are you feeling helpless?
.          God wants to help us.
.          Can you ask Him?  Pray.  (motions)

.          No matter how hopeless the situation seems,
.          all we have to do is know
.          is that Jesus is there for us.
.          Are you feeling hopeless?
.          God waits for us.
.          Can you see Him?  Look.  (motions)

.          No matter how small or young you are,
.          Jesus wants a personal relationship with you.
.          Will you go?  (motions of arms out)
.          Do you want to run into God’s arms of salvation?

.          This is how we can be with God today
.          by believing in Jesus,
.          asking Him to forgive all our sins,
.          and asking Jesus to come into our heart.

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