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NEVER TOO SMALL – SKIT 3 – ZACCHEUS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     God can use anyone
SCRIPTURE: Luke 19:1-10
style:     drama/conversation:  the story of Zaccheus
props:     chair for tree, paper money

SKIT 3: ZACCHEUS’ LONGING                 (go to SKIT 4)

(recite with everyone, and maybe put arm motions to this)

Matthew 18:2-3 (NASB)
“And (Jesus) called a child to Himself
and set him before them, and said,
‘Truly I say to you, unless you are converted
and become like children,
you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

(NARRATOR stands to the side.)

NARRATOR   Sometimes we feel very small and insignificant,
.          but God is big, and He loves us very much.
.          God wants all of us to be His children,
.          all we have to do is answer God’s calling
.          and trust and seek God in all situations.
.          No matter how old or young,
.          or how big or small we are.
.          Are you feeling hopeless?  God waits for us.
.          Can you see Him?  Look.  (motions)
.          This is a true story from the Bible
.          that happened a long time ago.
.          There was a man named Zacchaeus,
.          who was a very small man.

(ZACCHAEUS enters.)

NARRATOR   But more than that, Zacchaeus was very rich
.          because he was in charge of collecting taxes.

(OFFICIAL enters and mimes talking to ZACCHAEUS.)

NARRATOR   If an official told Zacchaeus to collect
.          one dollar from everyone...

(OFFICIAL exits.  MAN enters and
ZACCHAEUS holds out a hand to the MAN and waits.)
.                                                      2
NARRATOR   Zacchaeus would sometimes tell people
.          that they owed two dollars.

(MAN puts 2 bills into ZACCHAEUS’ hand.
MAN is angry and marches away.  OFFICIAL comes back
and ZACCHAEUS gives him one dollar.  OFFICIAL exits.  
Now ZACCHAEUS happily counts all his money.)

NARRATOR   In this way he would steal from the people.  
.          And because the people knew it,
.          they hated him very much.

(CROWD enters.  They could boo at ZACCHAEUS.
CROWD turns their backs to him and the audience.
ZACCHEUS turns forward, sadly.)

NARRATOR   One day, news spread that Jesus
.          was going through Jericho-

(CROWD jumps up and down happily.  
ZACCHAEUS perks his head up now, thinking.)

NARRATOR   Zacchaeus had heard things about Jesus.
.          It was said that Jesus was their Messiah,
.          the Son of God.  This meant,
.          that God Himself had come to earth
.          to save the people.
.          Zacchaeus realized that he really wanted
.          to see Jesus.  But he wondered,
.          would Jesus ever want to see him?

(ZACCHAEUS tries to squeeze through the crowd,
but they tighten together more.  
Someone could even [gently] push ZACCHAEUS away.
ZACCHAEUS tries jumping a few times to look over.)

NARRATOR   Because Zacchaeus was so short, there
.          was no way he could get through the crowds.
.          But he just had to see Jesus,
.          so he looked around.

(ZACCHAEUS looks around and sees the “tree”/chair.)

NARRATOR   Seeing a sycamore tree, Zacchaeus
.          quickly climbed up to see over the crowd.

(ZACCHAEUS climbs onto the chair.  
JESUS walks through the crowd and looks up at ZACCHAEUS.
JESUS reaches a hand out and mimes speaking to him.)
.                                                       3
NARRATOR   When Jesus was passing by,
.          Jesus looked up and said,
.          “Zacchaeus, hurry down!
.          I want to stay with you today.”

(ZACCHAEUS looks shocked at what was just said,
and quickly climbs down from and hurries up to JESUS
with a big smile.  Someone can quickly remove the tree.)

NARRATOR   Zacchaeus hurried down and
.          gladly welcomed Jesus.

(CROWD is shocked and angry, and point at ZACCHAEUS.
While the NARRATOR speaks, ZACCHAEUS lowers his head
in shame and kneels before JESUS.)

NARRATOR   The people were angry at this.
.          They were saying things like,
.          “This man Zacchaeus is a sinner!
.          Why would Jesus want to go to his house
.          and eat with him?”

(JESUS touches ZACCHAEUS shoulder with a smile.
ZACCHAEUS stands up and pulls out his money.)

NARRATOR   Zacchaeus realized that he was a sinner
.          and needed saving.  As well, Zacchaeus
.          knew that he should do what was right.
.          Zacchaeus told Jesus that he was now
.          going to give half of what he owned
.          to the poor...

(ZACCHAEUS gives half of his money to
a LADY with a little CHILD.  ZACCHAEUS then
counts out four bills and gives it to MAN.
The CROWD is shocked.)

NARRATOR   And to everyone he had ever cheated,
.          he was going to pay back four times as much.

(JESUS puts a hand on ZACCHAEUS with a smile.)

NARRATOR   Jesus said to Zacchaeus,
.          “Today you and your family have been saved,
.          because you are a true son of Abraham.
.          The Son of Man came to look for
.          and to save people who are lost.”

(JESUS and ZACCHAEUS exit with CROWD following.)
.                                                      4
NARRATOR   No matter how small you are,
.          or how lonely you feel,
.          God calls us.  
.          All we have to do is answer.
.          Can you hear Him?  Listen.  (motions)

.          And no matter how big the situation is.
.          all we have to do is trust in God’s power.
.          Are you feeling helpless?
.          God wants to help us.
.          Can you ask Him?  Pray.  (motions)

.          And no matter how hopeless the situation seems,
.          all we have to do is know
.          is that Jesus is there for us.
.          Are you feeling hopeless?
.          God waits for us.
.          Can you see Him?  Look.  (motions)

.          This is how we can see God today:
.          by seeing how God has changed the lives
.          of His own children who obey Him,
.          and by answered prayer.

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