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NEVER TOO SMALL – SKIT 1 - SAMUEL – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     God can use anyone
SCRIPTURE: 1Sam. 1-3
style:     drama/conversation:  the story of Samuel as a boy
cast:      NARRATOR, ELI, HANNAH. SAMUEL (small)
props:     wrapped “baby”

SKIT 1: SAMUEL’S CALLING                   (go to SKIT 2)

(recite with everyone, and maybe put arm motions to this)

Matthew 18:2-3 (NASB)
“And (Jesus) called a child to Himself
and set him before them, and said,
‘Truly I say to you, unless you are converted
and become like children,
you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

(NARRATOR stands to the side.)

NARRATOR   Sometimes we feel very small and insignificant,
.          but God is big, and He loves us very much.
.          God wants all of us to be His children,
.          all we have to do is answer God’s calling.
.          No matter how old or young,
.          or how big or small we are.
.          Do you ever feel alone?  God calls us.
.          Can you hear Him?  Listen.  (motions)
.          This is a true story from the Bible
.          that happened a long time ago.
.          There was a lady named Hannah,
.          who once a year, went along with her husband
.          on a journey to the temple to offer sacrifices.
.          There, Hannah would pray to God.

(“HANNAH” enters and kneels in fervent prayer.)

NARRATOR   Hannah did not have any children of her own,
.          but wanted to have a son so badly,
.          that she became brokenhearted
.          and was crying as she prayed.
.          Hannah prayed, “Lord All-Powerful,
.          I am your servant, but I am so miserable!
.          Please let me have a son.  I will give him
.          to You for as long as he lives,
.          and his hair will never be cut.”

(ELI enters and watches as HANNAH prays.)               2

NARRATOR   Eli was the Lord’s priest at the temple.
.          He had watched Hannah as she prayed.
.          and finally Eli asked her...

(ELI puts a hand on HANNAH’S shoulder and
mimes speaking to her.)

NARRATOR   “Woman, have you lost your mind?
.          You need to control yourself.”

(HANNAH turns, still on her knees and
now looks at ELI and shakes her head.)

NARRATOR   Hannah told Eli that she was praying
.          and telling the Lord about her problems.

(ELI helps HANNAH stand up, while miming speaking.)

NARRATOR   Eli then told the woman, “You may go home now
.          and stop worrying.  I am sure
.          the God of Israel will answer your prayer.”

(HANNAH exits with a relieved sigh and smile.)

READER B2  Hannah then left, feeling much better.
.          Later the Lord blessed Hannah and her husband
.          with a son.

(HANNAH enters with a “baby” and dotes on it.

NARRATOR   She named him Samuel
.          because she had asked the Lord for him.

(HANNAH exits.)

NARRATOR   When Samuel was old enough,
.          Hannah brought her son to Eli, the priest.

(HANNAH enters SAMUEL, now a little boy, and
ushers SAMUEL up to ELI who enters at other side.
HANNA mimes speaking.)

NARRATOR   Hannah explained to Eli,
.          “Sir, a few years ago I stood here beside you
.          and asked the Lord to give me a child.
.          Here he is!  God gave me what I asked for.
.          Now I am giving him to the Lord, and he will be
.          the Lord’s servant for as long as he lives.”
.                                                    3
(SAMUEL goes to stand next to ELI as
ELI mimes speaking to HANNAH.)

NARRATOR   Eli told Hannah,
.          “Because you have given Samuel to the Lord,
.          I pray that the Lord will bless you
.          with more children to take his place.

(HANNAH turns and exits, sad but happy.)

NARRATOR   Every year, Hannah would visit Samuel, but
.          Samuel always stayed with Eli to serve the Lord.
.          And each day the Lord and His people
.          loved Samuel more and more.

(SAMUEL and ELI go to different sides to lie down.)

NARRATOR   Now, in those days, the Lord hardly ever spoke
.          directly to people, and He did not appear
.          to them in dreams very often.
.          But one night, when everyone was sleeping,
.          the Lord called out Samuel’s name, “Samuel”.

(SAMUEL sits up and looks around.)

NARRATOR   Samuel said, “Here I am!”

(SAMUEL listens for a bit, but not hearing anything,
SAMUEL gets up and runs over to ELI to shake him awake.)

NARRATOR   Then he ran to Eli and said,
.          “Here I am. What do you want?”

(ELI shakes his head and motions for SAMUEL to go.)

NARRATOR   Eli said, “I did not call you, go back to bed.”

(SAMUEL goes back to lie down again.)

NARRATOR   Again the Lord called out Samuel’s name,
.          “Samuel.”

(SAMUEL sits up, then quickly runs back to ELI
to wake him up.)

NARRATOR   Samuel got up and went to Eli.
.          “Here I am. What do you want?”

(ELI shakes his head and motions for SAMUEL to go.)
.                                                        4
NARRATOR   Eli said, “Son, I did not call you.
.          Go back to sleep.”

(SAMUEL returns to his spot, confused.  
He sits down, not knowing if he should bother to sleep.)

NARRATOR   The Lord had not spoken to Samuel before,
.          so Samuel did not recognize the voice.
.          When the Lord called out his name
.          for the third time, “Samuel,”
.          Samuel went to Eli again and said,
.          “Here I am.  What do you want?”

(SAMUEL rushes over to ELI.  ELI sits up,
now with some clarity and nods his head.)

NARRATOR   Eli finally realized that it was the Lord
.          who was speaking to Samuel.  So Eli told Samuel,
.          “Go back and lie down!
.          If someone speaks to you again, answer,
.          ‘I’m listening, Lord.
.          What do you want me to do?’”

(SAMUEL nods and returns to his spot.)

NARRATOR   Once again Samuel went back and lay down.
.          The Lord then stood beside Samuel
.          and called out as He had done before,
.          “Samuel! Samuel!”

(SAMUEL sits up and looks in a different direction,
as if seeing.)

NARRATOR   Samuel now said, “I am listening.
.          What do you want me to do?”
.          And the Lord said:
.          “Samuel, I am going to do something in Israel
.          that will shock everyone who hears about it!”

(SAMUEL nods and goes to wake up ELI and SAMUEL mimes
talking as he explains something.  They walk out together,
while SAMUEL still talks.  ELI listens intently.)

NARRATOR   God gave Samuel a message to tell Eli.
.          Samuel obeyed God, and told Eli the message.

(ELI gets up and goes to SAMUEL, who also gets up, and
they walk off together as SAMUEL mimes talking to him.)

NARRATOR   As Samuel grew, God often appeared to Samuel,   5
.          telling him what to say to the nation of Israel.
.          And everything that Samuel told the people,
.          God made sure it all happened.
.          And this is how Samuel served the Lord.
.          No matter how small you are,
.          God is calling you.  All we have to do is answer.
.          God speaks to us now in His Bible.
.          All we have to do is listen. (motions)

.          This is how we can listen to God today:
.          by reading God’s words, the Bible,
.          and by going to church to learn more about God.

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