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NATURE’S SONG 5: KNOWING – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Seeing God more through learning
SCRIPTURE:    John 15:1-11, 2 Peter 3:18
Style:        drama/conversation:  parent teaches
.             their child about seeing God more
.             by going to church, and learning
.             more about Him.
Cast:         DAD (or MOM), CHILD
Set & Props:  chairs, table, vine, water in a can


(DAD carries in a baby vine.  CHILD follows.)

CHILD  What are you going to do with the vine?

DAD    I will wait until it is a little bigger,
.      and then I will plant it out beside the gate.
.      Once it grows and spreads out, and up over
.      the trellis, it will look very beautiful.

(DAD puts it onto the table and looks at the branches.)

DAD    Did you want something?

CHILD  Can I go out with my friends tonight?

DAD    If you don’t come home too late.
.      You don’t want to be sleepy in church.

CHILD  Do I have to go to church tomorrow?

DAD    Why wouldn’t you want to go to church?

CHILD  Well, why do we go to church anyway?
.      We already believe in God.

DAD    Hm, well...

CHILD  Let me guess, another example.

DAD    (DAD motions for them to sit down)
.      Jesus called Himself the true vine,
.      and each child of God is a branch.
.      What would happen if I cut one of these branches
.      off of this vine?

(DAD motions to the tiny vine in front of them.)        2

CHILD  The branch would die.  But I thought you said
.      that once a person is a child of God,
.      nothing can change that?

DAD    This is true.  Just like you are my child,
.      and you will always be my child.
.      Nothing you do or not do would change that.
.      But let us say that you started living a life
.      of crime and you ran away, or went to prison.
.      Would I love you any less?

CHILD  I believe you will always love me,
.      because I am your child.
.      But you wouldn’t be very proud of me.

DAD    And if you were just living your life,
.      but didn’t want to visit me at all
.      because I was so boring-

CHILD  I guess our visits wouldn’t be that great.  And
.      we wouldn’t find that many things to talk about.

DAD    So, just like how we speak to each other every day
.      and keep growing closer together in our
.      relationship, this is what God wants with us.

CHILD  (looking around)  HOW can we speak with God?

DAD    God can speak to us daily when we read the Bible.
.      And we can speak to Him daily when we pray.
.      Also, we learn about God through other people –
.      especially when we go to church to learn more
.      about God.  And when we go to church,
.      we are able to praise and worship God.
.      As we do all of these things, we will grow
.      in our spiritual lives.

CHILD  But if we do not grow, won’t we just stay
.      the same?

DAD    We are like plants.  Plants are either growing,
.      or dying.  Plants need constant nourishment
.      from the soil and from water.  To get this,
.      we need to stay attached to the plant,
.      so we can grow.  And when we do, it is beautiful.
.      People will begin to see God in us,
.      as God works through us.

CHILD  But why church?  Why can’t we do this            3
.      without going to church?

DAD    Why do you want to go see your friends?

CHILD  So we can have fun together, and stay close.
.      And we have things in common, so we like
.      to do those things.

DAD    Church is the same thing.  MORE than friends,
.      we are a family.  And we all have one main thing
.      in common, God is our Father, and we all love God.

CHILD  Yeah, but I hear about the arguments that
.      church people have.  And even pastors
.      will sometimes do things-

DAD    When we are sick, we go to the doctor’s.
.      But even doctors get sick, sometimes.

CHILD  So church is also be like a hospital?

DAD    Exactly.  If you go to a hospital, should we
.      be surprised to find sick people there?
.      And when we are not sick, going to church
.      is then more like a regular checkup?
.      But that’s only part of it.  Back to how
.      we should be building up relationships.
.      Church is also like a family gathering.

CHILD  Some families do a lot of arguing.

DAD    You never argue with your friends?

CHILD  Yeeahh, we argue sometimes.

DAD    But you work it out?

CHILD  I do because I want to stay being friends
.      with them.

DAD    And when WE argue?...

CHILD  I want to work it out with you because
.      we live together in the same house –
.      and we love each other.  And I don’t know
.      what I would do without your help
.      and encouragement... and guidance.

DAD    So it is the same thing with church.
.                                                       4
CHILD  Wait.  Is it to visit with God,
.      or visit with other Christians?

DAD    Both.  We go in order to show our love for God.
.      To learn more about God and how He can help us
.      in our everyday lives, which only makes us grow
.      even closer to Him.  And God made us social
.      creatures.  We need the support and encouragement
.      from people.  As well, we need to serve and
.      encourage others.  This is a way we can
.      show God’s love with each other.
.      All of this makes us grow strong and healthy.

CHILD  Okay.  So I will be home at a decent time.
.      Thanks for loving and caring enough
.      to tell me what I NEED to hear.

(CHILD hugs DAD as they exit.)