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NATURE’S SONG 2: SIN – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        seeing the need for God
SCRIPTURE:    Romans 1:22-23, 3:23
Style:        drama/conversation:  parent teaches
.             their child about seeing the need for God
.             because of sin.
Cast:         DAD (or MOM), CHILD
Set & Props:  chair, table, glass jar of water, black oil


(CHILD sits down in a chair to look out a pretend window.
DAD enters and sees the CHILD.  Going over to CHILD,
DAD sits next to CHILD and looks outside too.)

DAD    What are we looking at?

CHILD  I envy the tree!  I wish I could
.      just be a tree sometimes.

DAD    Really?  Why?

CHILD  Trees seem to have such a peaceful life.
.      (turns to look at DAD)

DAD    Hm.  Well, it does SEEM to have a peaceful life.
.      But it has to stay outside in all sorts
.      of weather.  And - if you look very closely,
.      there is a lot of fighting going on.

(CHILD looks at DAD, astonished.)

CHILD  What do you mean?

DAD    If you take a closer look, you would see
.      all sorts of insects fighting each other for food.
.      And, some insects BECOME the food.
.      Nature is very cruel.

CHILD  I guess it is.  Why is that?

DAD    When God created the world, it was peaceful then.
.      VERY peaceful!  All the animals got along,
.      there were no weeds to choke out the good plants,
.      and people had a close relationship with God
.      and each other.

CHILD  But what happened?                               2

DAD    Well, when Adam and Eve chose to  disobey God,
.      sin entered the world.  The results of sin
.      can even be seen in nature.  But it is very
.      evident in human nature.

CHILD  (cryptically)  No kidding.

DAD    Is something bothering you?

CHILD  Bad things happen everywhere.  Why?  Why is that?

DAD    (matter-of-factly)  Because there is sin
.      in the world.  And there is spiritual warfare.
.      And when other people sin, this can hurt others.
.      And because WE sin.  We hurt ourselves
.      and others when we sin.

CHILD  I am not THAT bad.

DAD    We are all born with a sinful nature.  None of us
.      are perfect.  And God sees us as all equal.

CHILD  I thought God loves us.

DAD    He does.  God created us with a free choice
.      and man chose to sin.  But God is also holy.
.      That means He cannot allow sin into heaven.
.      How can I explain this better?
.      (thinking and picking up the glass of water)
.      God calls Himself the Living Water.
.      So let’s say, that God is pure water
.      which gives life.  And let’s say that sin
.      is like spilled oil.
.      (picks up the container of oil and holds it up)
.      Because of sin, we are all born as spilled oil.
.      God still loves us, but God cannot have
.      a relationship with spilled oil.
.      (pours the oil into the water)
.      It cannot mix.  Water and oil cannot mix together.

CHILD  And oil is bad for the environment.

DAD    Yes, spilled oil is bad for the environment.
.      It destroys life.  Just like sin destroys life.
.      God never wanted there to be sin in the world.
.      And because God is pure, there cannot be any sin
.      in heaven.  So, the only way we can enter heaven
.      and keep it pure is if we become a Christian.
.                                                       3
CHILD  But oil cannot become water?

DAD    When we become a Christian,
.      God sees us as pure water.  Here on earth,
.      we still leak oil, but God helps us clean it up.
.      And then, when a Christian dies,
.      they become completely pure and join God in heaven
.      in a perfectly pure relationship with God
.      and with each other.

CHILD  That’s nice, but it doesn’t help now.
.      People are leaking and spilling oil everywhere.
.      I wish they would see this and stop it.

DAD    It appears you are troubled by something else.

CHILD  Yes.  I had a fight with a friend today.
.      He stole something from my backpack and then
.      lied about it.  I thought he was my friend.

DAD    Well, nobody is perfect.  We all make mistakes.
.      How did you handle this problem?

CHILD  When I saw him with my calculator, I yelled
.      at him, and said he should not steal from me.
.      I thought we were friends.  I told him
.      to give it back to me right away.

DAD    And what did he say?

CHILD  He said that he wasn’t stealing from me.
.      He said that he lost his calculator
.      and quickly had to borrow mine so
.      he could finish his homework.

DAD    Maybe he did.  Did you ever think about that?

CHILD  He should have asked.

DAD    This is true, he SHOULD have asked you
.      if he could borrow it, but you should not
.      have yelled at him, or accused him so quickly
.      about stealing.  You were wrong to accuse him
.      without learning the truth.

CHILD  Ah, I guess so.  I guess I leaked some oil there.

DAD    Yes.  And now it is time to clean it up.
.      You need to go and apologize.
.                                                       4
CHILD  He might not even want to speak to me.

DAD    Come, let’s pray that he has an open heart
.      to hear your words.  And we will ask God
.      to give you the words you need to say.

(DAD and CHILD exit.)