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NATURE’S SONG 1: CREATION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        seeing God in nature
SCRIPTURE:    Romans 1:20, 1 John 4:8
Style:        drama/conversation:  a parent teaches
.             their child about seeing God in nature.
Cast:         DAD (or MOM), CHILD
Set & Props:  rake, textbook (on math or just a book)


(DAD steps out to rake some “leaves” and suddenly stops
to look at something very intently.  Pretend there is
a big tree nearby, and THAT is what they are studying.
CHILD walks out moments later and wonders what DAD
is looking at.  CHILD looks at DAD, then looks at “tree”,
then back at DAD.)

CHILD   Dad?  What are you doing?

DAD     I must be getting old.

(CHILD now wonders at this statement and scratches
his/her head, then finally talks again.)

CHILD   Okay.  Ah, I thought you were already old.
.       But, what do you mean by that?

DAD    See that tree?

CHILD  Yes, that tree has always been there.

DAD    It has been there as long as YOU can remember.
.      I remember planting that tree.

CHILD  YOU planted that tree?  (looking way up)
.      So it either grew very fast, or you ARE very old.

DAD    This is what I’m saying.

CHILD  So it is a very special tree?

DAD    No, it’s just a tree.  I wanted shade here,
.      I like shade, so I planted a tree.
.      Trees also have a lot of leaves that fall down
.      every year.  Well, I should get back to my chores.
.      I have a whole list of things to do.
.      What will you be doing?
.                                                       2
CHILD  I have homework.

DAD    Okay.  Call me if you need any help.

(DAD comments to CHILD as CHILD exits.  DAD continues
to rake, and slowly rakes his way off stage.
CHILD soon comes back holding a textbook.
CHILD looks around for DAD.)

CHILD  Dad?  Dad!  I need help with a math question.
.      Dad, where are you?

(CHILD stops when he/she sees the tree.  Looking up
at the tree, CHILD begins to speak to the tree.)

CHILD  Maybe you can help?  I have a question in math.
.      (reading from book)  “Let h be a function of
.      one variable.  Working from first principles,
.      differentiate with respect to x the function,
.      where a is a constant.”  THEN “for (b) Let f(x, y)
.      be a function of two variables.  Working from
.      first principles, differentiate with respect
.      to x the function.”

(CHILD looks up from book and up at the tree, waiting.)

CHILD  Any ideas?  Any idea at all?  Can’t you even
.      give me a bit of help?  A hint, maybe?

(DAD walks in and sees CHILD.)

DAD    What are you doing?

CHILD  Oh, there you are.  I needed help with my math.

DAD    So you are asking the tree?

CHILD  I couldn’t find you.  But I remembered that you
.      planted this tree, so maybe you were in the tree,
.      or part of you was in this tree, and so,
.      I just thought maybe this tree could help me.

DAD    And did it help?

CHILD  No.  Not at all.

DAD    I would NOT expect the tree to help you.
.      I planted it, but that does not make ME part of
.      the tree.  This tree does not and cannot love you.
.                                                       3
(DAD motions to the tree.)

DAD    NOW, whenever you SEE this tree, you will remember
.      that I planted it.  But God created all things.
.      God created trees, and God created all things
.      to help the trees grow, but GOD is not a tree,
.      and God is not in the trees.

CHILD  Isn’t God everywhere?

DAD    Yes, God is everywhere, but God is NOT
.      every THING.  This tree is NOT God.
.      This ground is not God.  God - is God.
.      God MADE these things for us to use and enjoy.
.      So when you see all of creation, you can
.      remember and know that God is here, and loves us,
.      and wants to help us.  Just like you know that
.      I love you and want you to come to me for help...

(DAD takes the textbook and studies it.)

DAD    Of course, God’s help is perfect.
.      I can only help you as best as I can.
.      (amazed)  You know this stuff?

CHILD  Yeah, that’s how it works.  I go to school, and
.      the teacher teachers us stuff, and I study,
.      and every year I learn a bit more –

DAD    (laughing)  Such a smart child you are,
.      because, I do not ever remember learning
.      anything like this.  Well, it’s a good thing
.      we can pray and ask God for more wisdom.
.      Come on, let’s go figure this out.

(Both smile, then exit.)