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MOTHERS NEEDED – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Mother’s Day
SCRIPTURE:    Prov.31:9, 20; Is.1:17; Rom.12:9-21
Style:        drama/conversation:  after a girl is
.             picked on, a few girls come to her rescue
.             and pass on advice they would normally
.             get from their moms
Cast:         GIRLS 1-8 (if you have more or less girls,
.             you can divide the lines up accordingly)
Set & Props:  could carry backpacks and/or schoolbooks


(GIRL 1 enters, but is suddenly surrounded by GIRLS 2-4
who angrily spin GIRL 1 around to face them.)

G2    You are going to have to learn
.     to keep to yourself.

G3    Darrel is my boyfriend again,
.     so don’t even think about taking him
.     away from me for a second time!
.     I don’t know why Darrel would even LOOK at you
.     in the first place.

G4    Because you are such a loser.

G2    Didn’t your mom ever teach you how to dress?

(By now, GIRLS 5-8 approach and step in between GIRL 1
and GIRLS 2-3.  If GIRLS 5-8 don’t make it there in time
for the next line to be said, just say the line
while approaching, so there isn’t any lull time.)

G5    Didn’t your mom ever teach you
.     that being a bully is wrong.

(By now, GIRL 1 is separated from GIRLS 2-4.
GIRL 5 is the closest to GIRLS 2-4.
GIRL 3 winds up a fist and threatens to punch GIRL 5.)

G6    Don’t provoke her.

G8    I’ll go get an adult.  (exits quickly)
.                                                       2
G3    Do you have something to say?

G5    Yes.  Leave her alone.

G2    You don’t even know her name.

G5    I don’t have to.  Picking on people is wrong.
.     Picking on others only shows that YOU are weak.

G6    Stop provoking her.

G3    Yeah, you WANT me to beat you up?

G5    No, it would actually be great
.     if we could all just be friends;
.     but, if you hit me, I will press charges!

(GIRL 5 stands her ground.  GIRLS 2-4 finally leave,
while casting angry glares back at the others.
Once they are gone, GIRLS 5-7 turn to face GIRL 1.)

G5    Are you okay?

G1    I just want to be alone right now.

G7    Really, because when I’m feeling like - that,
.     I like to talk to my mom.

G1    (sadly turns away)  My mom died when I was little.

(GIRL 7 walks around to face GIRL 1.)

G7    Oh, sorry.  Well, okay then.
.     Ah, let’s see, MY MOM would say,
.     “Don’t listen to those girls.  They’re
.     just picking on you because THEY feel insecure.”

G1    They’re picking on me because Darrel
.     had been my boyfriend.  I mean, I didn’t know
.     that he was dating another girl-

G5    Oh!  Let me take this one!  MY MOM - would say,
.     “You are way too young to be dating anyway.
.     Why not just have friends - and have fun?”

G6    Totally!  Forget THAT kind of drama.
.                                                       3
G7    And even though you don’t have a mom,
.     you do have a dad, right?
.     So, whenever you feel sad, or WHATEVER,
.     you need to ask him for a hug.

G6    You should get a hug from him every day.
.     My dad hugs me every day.

G7    Well, even if dads WANT to hug you,
.     SOME dads are WAY too busy
.     and forget about such things.
.     You know, they have a lot on their minds.

G5    Well, yeah, BOTH my parents can do the same thing.
.     They’re only human.  So, I go and hug THEM!

G6    Exactly, sometimes THEY need the hug.
.     Either way, you both get a hug.

G7    Do you need a hug right now?

G1    I’m okay.

G7    No you’re not.  Come on girls,
.     power-group-hug-time.

(GIRLS 5-7 group hug GIRL 1.)

G1    You don’t even know my name.

G6    Oh yeah, what is your name?

G1    Sherry.

G7    I’m Andrea, this is Carol, Darlene,
.     aaand Jackie went to find an adult.
.    (add more names if needed)

G1    Thanks for stepping in.
.     That was actually pretty brave.

G5    Any time.  You know, our mothers
.     have told us that we should always try
.     to stay with a group of friends for safety.

G6    Meaning, you can hang out with our group.
.                                                       4
G5    That’s what I was going for.
.     It’s not like we’re exclusive or anything.
.     We will be friends with anybody.

G6    Which also means, we don’t get all snippy
.     if someone decides to, like, eat
.     lunch with someone else.  Right?
.     We ARE free to make other friends, too.

G5    It also means that when you want to do something,
.     you have to be brave enough to suggest something,
.     or say, “Hey, what’s the group doing today?”
.     You’ll always be invited.

G1    Thanks.

G5    Oh, I’m running late.  Got to go!

G6    Me too.  Nice meeting you.
.     Ah, and I’ll probably meet up with Jackie
.     and the adult she was getting
.     and let them know everything’s okay.
.     (leaves with GIRLS 5.)

G7    (to G1)  Tell me the truth,
.     are you going home to an empty house?
.     (GIRL 1 remains quiet.)
.     Well, my house is very close by.
.     In fact, you can see it right from here.
.     You can meet my mom.
.     She LOVES it when I bring friends over.
.     And - she loves to talk, and give advice –
.     WHEN asked for it.  So I’m just warning you now,
.     if you ask her for advice –
.     be prepared to get some...  Okay?

G1    (pause)  Okay.

(GIRLS 1 and 7 start walking to the exit.)

G7    And she WILL feed you.
.     And if you don’t have supper plans with your dad,
.     you will eat supper at our house.
.     Have no fear - there WILL be tons of food.