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MOTHER’S DAY EVERY DAY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        honor your parents every day
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.20:12; Deut.5:16; Matt.19:19; Eph.6:2
Style:        drama/conversation: children wonder why
.             there is a Mother’s Day until they see
.             how much she does for them every day
Set & Props:  kitchen or living room scene, purse,
.             keys, bag lunch, book, shirt...


(MOM enters, followed by LORI.)

L     Mom, are we doing anything special this Sunday?

(MOM turns and tries to fish for a different response.)

MOM   Well, maybe, I should be asking you –
.     if you are doing anything special on Sunday?

L     Huh?  Why?

MOM   Ah, well, ah, it’s – it’s Mother’s Day.

L     Ohhh!  Riiight.  I forgot.  Well, -
.     why do we even have Mother’s Day?

(Before MOM can even answer, CARLIE and JERRY enter.
JERRY carries a book.  CARLIE carries a backpack.)

C     Mom!  Jerry is bugging me again!
.     Tell him to stay out of my room!

J     But I need help with my math.  Mom!
.     I need help with my math!

MOM   Carlie can’t help you?

C     I have cheerleading practice!  And I need a ride.

(TIM enters carrying a shirt.)

T     Mom, my shirt button came off!
.                                                      2
MOM   Can it wait?

T     But I want to wear this tonight.

J     Didn’t that come off last week, when we
.     were fight- wrestling around?... outside?

(JERRY keeps correcting himself upon seeing MOM’S
chastening look.)

T     I totally forgot about it.  Pleeeease, Mom,
.     can you put it back on?

C     Mom?!  Is supper ready, yet!?  I have to go soon.

MOM   I knew I’d run out of time, so I packed you a meal.

(MOM holds out a bag lunch for CARLIE to take.)

C     It just better not be tuna sandwiches.

T     Oh, I just remembered!  Tomorrow is
.     my class’s bake sale.  I’m supposed to bring
.     two dozen cupcakes.

MOM   Now you tell me?

T     I totally forgot.

(LORI has been watching the madness unfold with
great concern, and suddenly calls out.)

L     Stop!  I’m getting dizzy!

(MOM rushes over to touch LORI’s forehead.)

MOM   Why?  Are you okay, dear?  You’re not
.     getting sick, are you?

L     No.  I’m fine.  But I never realized
.     just how much you do for us.
.     I’m thinking - EVERY day should be Mother’s Day.

J     Is it Mother’s Day?

C     Oh right, it’s this Sunday.
.                                                      3
T     I totally forgot.

J     Thanks for everything you do, Mom.

MOM   It’s - nice to be appreciated.

L     But that’s really not enough, is it?
.     We should be helping her out whenever we can.

T     Are you mad?

L     At the very least, we should appreciate
.     all her efforts-

J     Or try to not fight with each other so much...
.     ah, or not at all.

L     Or try NOT to complain-

C     Thanks for making me a supper, Mom...
.     no matter what it is.

L     Okay, listen up!  While Mom drives Carlie
.     to practice, I’ll sew on Tim’s button,
.     while Tim helps Jerry with his homework.
.     Then we’ll all help get supper ready.

MOM   I love you, kids.  Come on.  Let’s go.

(ALL exit in appropriate directions.)