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MOTHER PATROL - written by Tanis Harms
.               (in loving memory of my mom)
TOPIC:          a busy mother’s job
SCRIPTURE:      Proverbs 31:10 - 31
Style:          satire/conversation: Angels talk
.               about work.  One angel is kept
.               very busy following a mother around
Cast:           ANGEL 47; ANGEL 8
Set & Props:    angel suits and/or halos, coffee mug


(ANGEL 47 staggers in, panting for breath.
ANGEL 8 approaches and gives him a cup of coffee.)

ANGEL 8    Hey – Angel number 47.

ANGEL 47   Hey there – Angel – 8 million - 965,631.

ANGEL 8    Ah, just call me “8 et cetera,” –
.          all my closest friends do.

ANGEL 47   Good, ‘cause I don’t think
.          I could repeat that again!
.          (sips the coffee)  Ah! Thank you.

ANGEL 8    You look beat.  What’s up?

ANGEL 47   Well, I’ve been assigned to this woman.

ANGEL 8    Yeah, I’ve been assigned to a woman before!

ANGEL 47   Not just any woman – a mother!

ANGEL 8    Whoa!  THINK I know what you’re talking about.

ANGEL 47   Do you?  Do you really?

ANGEL 8    Well, there was this little girl
.          I looked after one time –
.          SHE had a mother.
.          And I noticed that this mother
.          did a whole BUNCH of things for her.

ANGEL 47   The mother I look after,                      2
.          has 4 kids.  Little kids!
.          Angels 98, 654, 16 and 4,000...
.          those are the angels assigned to these kids.
.          THEY get worn out just trying
.          to keep up with ONE of these kids!
.          The mother – and there's only ONE of her –
.          she somehow manages to keep up
.          with all four kids and do all sorts of
.          other things for them:  cooking, baking,
.          cleaning, playing, reading, driving them around,
.          shopping for them, fixing their clothes,
.          helping them with their homework –
.          well – the list is endless!

ANGEL 8    She sounds very talented, as well as energetic.

ANGEL 47   And then she also looks after her husband.
.          He’s not so low-maintenance, you know.

ANGEL 8    But isn’t that what a wife and mother
.          is supposed to do?

ANGEL 47   But there’s more.
.          She helps other people too!
.          She helps out at the school,
.          she does things for her neighbors,
.          she serves in her church -

ANGEL 8    Maybe she’s actually one of those robots.

ANGEL 47   No! She’s not a robot.  In fact, she puts
.          a lot of emotional energy into everything.
.          It’s obvious that she really cares.
.          She laughs and has fun with people -

ANGEL 8    So she’s perfect?

ANGEL 47   Well, no, of course she’s not perfect.
.          She has her moments, and her problems,
.          and does her share of crying.
.          But she really tries her hardest –
.          and tries to do it all in God’s strength.
.          She also tries to do it with God’s love,
.          gentleness and forgiveness.
.          Every day, she works at being a good listener,
.          and tries to stay patient, and understanding.
.                                                        3
ANGEL 8    She still sounds wonderful!

ANGEL 47   That’s not even the best part.
.          The highlight of the day
.          is when she teaches the Bible
.          to her children, and prays with them.

ANGEL 8    I’d like to be assigned to a mother someday!
.          Mothers sound really awesome.

ANGEL 47   Well, coffee break is over,
.          back to work.  I guess
.          I should be thankful
.          I don’t have a boring job!

(ANGEL 8 nods as they both walk off.)