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MORE THAN WORLDLY LOVE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        unconditional love
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 5:43-48, 1 John 4:7
Style:        drama/conversation:  two different types
.             of people walk along a street and react
.             to different groups of people, first one
.             demonstrating worldly love, and the second
.             demonstrating Godly, unconditional love.
Cast:         PEOPLE 1 – 5 (if there are more actors,
.             you can split up the lines from 1, 2 or 3)
Set & Props:  Bible


(PERSON or GROUP 1 stands at one end of the stage.
PERSON or GROUP 2 stands at the center of the stage.
PERSON 3 stands at the other end of the stage.
PERSON 4 enters and walks past PERSON/GROUP 1.)

P 1   Hello, good morning.  How are you doing?

P 4   Hi, I’m doing very well, thank you.
.     How are you?

P 1   Good, thanks.

(PERSON 4 continues walking along and meets up with

P 2   Hey, loser!  What are you doing taking up
.     the entire sidewalk?  Can’t you walk straight?
.     What’s your problem?

P 4   (angrily)  What’s your problem?!

P 2   I’m looking at a loser!

P 4   I think you’re just looking in a mirror.

P 2   You’re such a loser!

P 4   Same to you!  Loser!

(PERSON 4 scowls, turns, walks a few steps, trying
to compose themselves, then walks up to PERSON 3.)

P 3   (nicely)  Hi, how are you doing?
.                                                       2
P 4   I’m very fine?  How are you?

P 3   Ah, confused.  I just saw how you acted nicely to
.     that person (those people) over there, and then,
.     you were just now - very rude to this person here.

P 4   Well, sure, I’ll be nice to anyone who is nice
.     to me.  But if anyone dares to be rude to me,
.     you can be sure I’m going to get them back.
.     Whatever they dish out, they just better be ready
.     to get it the same way.  An eye for eye, right?
.     You know what I’m saying?

P 3   I’m just curious who taught you this method
.     of dealing?  Or didn’t you have parents
.     to teach you another way?

P 4   I have parents!

(PERSON 4 storms off stage.  PERSON 5, carrying a Bible,
enters on the other side and meets up with PERSON 1.)

P 5   Good morning.  How are you?

P 1   Hey, good morning to you.  I’m doing great.

P 5   Hope you have an awesome day.

P 1   Take care.

(PERSON 5 walks along and meets up with PERSON 2.)

P 2   Ooooh, why it’s another loser taking up the
.     sidewalk.

P 5   Hi, how are you doing?

P 2   I’m looking at a loser.

P 5   That’s too bad.  Is there anything I can do
.     to help you out?

P 2   Ah, well, you can, ah, keep on moving.

P 5   (still very kindly)  Sure.  Well, hope your day
.     gets better.  I’ll see you around.

(PERSON 5 keeps walking up to PERSON 3.  PERSON 5 stops
to smile at PERSON 3.)
.                                                       3
P 5   Hello, how’s your day going?

P 3   Better!  I mean, it’s always nice to meet up
.     with nice people...  who are nice to everyone
.     no matter what.  You must have great parents!

P 5   Oh, I don’t have any parents.  I’m an orphan.
.     But I have an awesome heavenly Father.

P 3   You mean - God?

P 5   Yes, exactly.

P 3   I’ve heard that God can be a heavenly Father,
.     but I don’t quite get it.  How does that even work?

P 5   God loves everyone so much, and wants everyone
.     to be part of His family.  So when we accept God
.     as our Savior, He becomes our Father, as well.
.     He adopts us into His family.  And He promises
.     to love and keep His children – no matter what.
.     It is unconditional love.  And as a loving Parent,
.     God teaches us and helps us to love others as well.

(As PERSON 5 speaks, PEOPLE 1 & 2 slowly start to join
PERSON 3, curious about what is being said.)

P 2   And how exactly does God teach us, huh?

P 5   Through His word, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit,
.     and through other people who teach principles
.     from the Bible.  If you want to learn more,
.     why don’t you join me.  I’m on my way to church
.     right now.

(PERSON 5 leads everyone off stage.  Some PEOPLE
are eager, some are shrug and are mildly curious.)