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MODELING HUMILITY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        giving glory to God
SCRIPTURE:    Ps.9:2, 34:2; Prov.29:23; Is.2:17;
.             Matt.18:4; 1 Cor.6:20; James 4:6
Style:        allegory/conversation:  models are asked
.             to bring attention to the designer and
.             his clothing, not to themselves
Cast:         MODELS 1 & 2, COORDINATOR
Set & Props:  winter coat, raincoat


(COORDINATOR enters, followed by MODELS 1 and 2.
COORDINATOR carries a winter coat and a raincoat.)

C    You have been chosen to represent
.    the designer’s clothing line.
.    The purpose is to bring attention
.    not only to the designer –
.    but also to the clothes -
.    to let others see how lovely,
.    as well as how practical they are.
.    Today’s runway will feature outerwear.
.    This winter coat is designed
.    to protect people from the cold,
.    while the raincoat is designed
.    to protect people from the rain.

M 1  I want the winter coat.
.    I know I can work that –
.    (looks at Model 2)
.    far better than you can.

M 2  It doesn’t really matter to me.
.    I’m just so happy to be
.    representing this designer.
.    Whatever the designer wants for me –
.    I’ll work with that –
.    and I’ll be ecstatic.

M 1  AWE-some!  I’m modeling the winter coat.

C    (gives raincoat to Model 1)
.    Actually, the designer wants you
.    to model the raincoat.

M 1  Seriously?
.                                                       2
C    The designer chose you
.    exactly for this purpose.

M 1  But I want to model the winter coat.

C    (gives winter coat to Model 2)
.    The designer wants this other girl
.    to model the winter coat.

M 1  (resigning)  Whatever.
.    At least I’m in the show.

(As the MODELS put their coats on, COORDINATOR speaks.)

C    Just remember - YOU - are NOT - the show.
.    The show is all about the clothes
.    and how practical they are.
.    Stay focused.  And everything will be fine.
.    I’ve seen it all too often –
.    models who get too caught up
.    in themselves and the “show” –
.    and that – is when they trip.

(MODEL 1 flaps her lips together and waves her hand –
like – there’s no way that would ever happen to her.)

C    Especially when it goes
.    as far as hair-flipping.
.    By the time you are hair-flipping – beware.
.    (looks at MODELS)  So, are we ready?

(MODEL 1 puts her hands out and moves her fingers
to motion “bring it on,” but balks when
COORDINATOR motions for MODEL 2 to lead the way.
MODEL 2 begins at one end of the stage,
speaking to the congregation as she models the coat.)

M 2  As you see, this awesome coat
.    is made of a high-quality,
.    tightly spun wool so that
.    it is durable, and is extremely warm.
.    (reaches the end, poses, then walks back)
.    The designer is brilliant at making wonderful
.    products such as this fabulously luxurious coat.

(MODEL 2 poses again when she reaches the end.  MODEL 1
steps forward and lightly pushes MODEL 2 out of the way
and begins her strut which takes her all over the stage
with lots of poses which are not about the coat at all.)
.                                                       3
M 1  Look at me – I’m such a great person.
.    See how I make this coat look good.
.    See how I’m helping people know how
.    to dress better and look good.
.    Although, I highly doubt
.    anyone can look as good as I do.
.    And nobody has helped me do this.

C    (tries to whisper directions to Model 1)
.    Ah, the designer!  He made what you are wearing.

M 1  (ignores Coordinator)
.    I am making it work, though.
.    Without me, this coat would fail miserably.
.    See how good I am?  I am way better than –
.    THOSE people over there.
.    And, oh, so much better than all of them.
.    (points in random directions)

C    Pride goes before the fall.

M 1  What pride?  I’m just super confident.
.    (flips her hair)
.    I’m happy with myself because
.    I’ve got it all together, and all going on.

(MODEL 1 flips her hair again, becomes dizzy, then trips
and falls to the ground.  MODEL 2 and COORDINATOR
put their hands over their mouths in shock and concern.
MODEL 1 lies there for a few moments without moving.
Finally, MODEL 1 moves slightly.  MODEL 2 and
COORDINATOR display some anxious hope.
Sighing, MODEL 1 just sits up.)

M 1  Well, that was so humiliating.

C    (whispers encouragement)  Get up.

M 1  Why?  What’s the point?

C    You can still get up and go on.
.    Show the people the coat.

M 1  But I’m so embarrassed.

C    Please!  If you just stay there, or worse,
.    run away, it’ll be even more embarrassing.
.    You can still redeem yourself.
.    Just feature - the coat.
.                                                       4
M 1  The coat.  (thinks)  The coat!
.    (gets up, strikes a nice pose featuring the coat)
.    Notice, that even after falling down,
.    the coat did not wrinkle.
.    Or make a lot of noise on the way down.
.    And this stylish coat –
.    is one hundred percent waterproof
.    to protect you from all wind and rain,
.    while still allowing the right amount
.    of ventilation and comfort.
.    The designer really is brilliant,
.    and makes all his products,
.    not only durable,
.    but spectacularly beautiful.

(MODEL 1 reaches the end, poses and bows.  ALL clap,
then exit.)