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MISSION POSSIBLE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Christian qualities
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.19:26, 28:19-20; Mark 2:1-28
Style:        satire/conversation: people get together
.             to review their plan of action
.             for a non-covert covert mission
Set & Props:  table, Bible, clipboard, pen, snack


(PERSON 1 meets with PERSON 2 at stage right,
beside a table.)

EARL    It’s time!

DEAN    For?

EARL    Mission - possible.

DEAN    Is it?

EARL    What?

DEAN    Possible?

EARL    If the big chief tells us to do something-
.       it is always possible.

DEAN    Got it.  Where do we start?

EARL    First, we need to recruit some good people.

DEAN    Who do we know?

EARL    Free-Bird-Fred!

(At stage left, FRED enters and gets down on his knees
in prayer.)

DEAN    Isn’t he a flight risk?

EARL    Negative.  He’s an experienced prayer warrior.
.       We need him.
.                                                      2
(As EARL talks about FRED, DEAN walks over to FRED
to tap him on the shoulder.  When FRED looks up,
DEAN nods.  FRED gets up and they walk back to EARL.)

EARL    Fred knows and understands the grace of God.
.       His discernment will keep us from arguing
.       over the small details that might get in our way.
.       He has a tendency to become weary at times,
.       but it is crucial not to become critical
.       or judgmental.  We do not want to argue over
.       personal preferences.  Fred definitely
.       has a handle on this stuff.

FRED    I’ve been praying that we’ll be open
.       to God’s direction in our next mission.

DEAN    (nods, looks back to EARL)  Who’s next?

EARL    Gary-the-Gavel – known for his scriptural wisdom.

(GARY enters at stage left, closely studying a Bible.)

DEAN    He has a bit of a tendency to become legalistic.

EARL    That’s why we brought in Free-Bird-Fred, here.
.       We will stay on top of that, and encourage Gary
.       to focus on what God wants, NOT what any
.       of us think.

(As EARL talks, DEAN walks over to stand patiently
beside GARY.  When GARY looks up, DEAN nods, and
GARY follows him back to stage right.)

EARL    But, to say we need someone to teach us
.       the finer details of God’s word -
.       would be an understatement!  If we are
.       to pray with wisdom and in God’s will,
.       we certainly need to know what that is.

(GARY sets down the Bible and points at the scriptures.)

GARY    Making disciples, teaching and baptizing them.

DEAN    Let’s not forget the part where it says
.       we need to “go.”

EARL    That’s why we need a go-getter.                3
.       Let’s recruit - Johnny-on-the-Spot.

(JOHN enters at stage left and warms up with stretches.)

DEAN    You’re not serious?  There ARE times
.       he can be a real loose-cannon-

(As EARL talks, DEAN nods and approaches JOHN.  
JOHN sees him right away and freezes, ready to go.  
As DEAN waves him over, JOHN jogs over and they
both head for the stage right.)

EARL    We’ve got people to keep him on track.
.       When he’s on target, he stays focused.
.       He’s got a real passion for this stuff.
.       Persistence- if you know what I mean.

JOHN    Let’s go do this!

EARL    Hang on.  We still need - The Caregiver!

(CARRIE enters while writing notes on a clipboard.)

DEAN    Carrie?  But - she’s a girl!  I mean-
.       she can get really emotional.

(As EARL speaks, DEAN sighs to brace himself,
then goes to fetch CARRIE.)

EARL    Emotions can be a good thing, as long as
.       they don’t run things.  And besides Carrie’s
.       encouraging and positive attitude, we can use
.       her organizational skills.  She sees many
.       of the finer details that we often miss.

(CARRIE sets the clipboard onto the table and
hands the pen to EARL.)

CARRIE  This is totally possible, and it’s
.       going to be awesome!

(ALL huddle around the table now as EARL points out
things on the clipboard’s paper as he speaks.
The script could be on this as a memory aid.
As this goes on, MARK pulls out a snack and
begins to eat while listening.)
.                                                      4
EARL    So, everyone knows each other?  Good.
.       Here are the plans for our next
.       non-covert covert mission.

DEAN    How can it be both?

EARL    It is not a secret, but we don’t want
.       to be obvious, because it’s not.

ALL     Huh?

EARL    It goes like this:  we just are, so we’ll go -
.       and we’ll do, WHEN we are able – AS we are able-
.       as the big chief leads us – which is
.       whatever, whenever, and wherever we are.

CARRIE  Awesome!

MARK    Let’s go!

FRED    We should pray first.

GARY    And I would like a plan that was a little
.       more laid out.

(EARL points out different areas of the floor plan.)

EARL    Here’s the plan.  We will infiltrate each area
.       of:  faith, obedience, joy and freedom.

GARY    (pointing)  I’ve got that one covered.

EARL    But we all need to work together,
.       in order for all of us to gain footholds
.       in each and every one of these sectors.
.       We are a team, and we look out for each other,
.       BUT - you each have to decide to work on
.       each task – on your own as well.

GARY    Not very specific.  

EARL    This is a very specific-general layout-
.       which applies to any and every situation
.       as we move forward and out from here.

CARRIE  So, which task comes first?  What’s the order?
.                                                      5
EARL    They should all be attempted – all -
.       at the same time.

FRED    On paper, that just looks crazy.

EARL    It’s extremely well thought out.
.       (refers to plan)  Each task helps the other.
.       FAITH- gives us strength and confidence
.       to help us with obedience.  OBEDIENCE-
.       gives us the discipline to find the joy
.       in the mission.  JOY- encourages us to
.       stay content and realize freedom from fear.
.       FREEDOM allows us not to worry about anything,
.       which helps us grow in our faith.  SO-
.       with everyone’s gifts and talents, we can teach
.       and encourage each other in all these things.

DEAN    It just sounds – and looks – impossible.
.       This is mission impossible.

CARRIE  I say, we still give it a chance.

EARL    Listen – this is mission possible.
.       If the big chief gives us a mission –
.       with his help - it is always possible.
.       We just have to remember our starting point-
.       which is right here - in the center-
.       our big chief.  He is always the go-to-guy
.       for everything.  He wrote the book...
.       our training manual complete with
.       specific directions.  Any questions?

MARK    What about surveillance?  Who’s got that covered?

EARL    The big chief.

CARRIE  Protection in case we hit a road block?

EARL    Again, the big chief.

GARY    Ah, but what about actually getting close
.       to the target and trying to stay on target?

DEAN    Let me guess, the big chief.

EARL    You got it.
.                                                      6
FRED    What about equipping ourselves?

GARY    I can hold weekly training sessions–
.       (catching FRED’S look of concern)
.       -with prayer!

MARK    (finishing up his snack)
.       Are there any points we can refuel?

CARRIE  That can be one of my tasks.  I’ll arrange
.       for periodic refreshments.

GARY    What if we just stayed together and worked
.       side-by-side the entire time?

EARL    Part of teamwork involves spreading out.
.       There will be locations that only you
.       can infiltrate.  Just know, you’re never alone!
.       The big chief - always has you.