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MIRACLES MULTIPLIED – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus did miracles to show who He was
SCRIPTURE:    John 6:9-15, 6:35, 2:11, 20:30-31
Style:        drama/conversation:  boys come home
.             after seeing Jesus feed the masses
.             and try to convince nana of this miracle.
Cast:         Timothy (boy), Benjamin (teen), Nana
Set & Props:  table, chair, basket


(TIMOTHY bursts onto stage, followed by BENJAMIN,
who carries an empty basket.)

TIM    Nana!  We’re back!

(NANA comes in from the other side.)

NANA   Oh good.  Now I can start supper.
.      And the lunch that I packed for you, Timothy?
.      Did you share it with Benjamin like I told you?

TIM    (happily)  I shared it with everybody!

NANA   Everybody?  I don’t understand.
.      Did you pick lots of figs?

BEN    (looks into the empty basket)  Ahhhh-

NANA   Benjamin, I sent you out to look for figs.

BEN    There was too many people.

NANA   You’ve been gone all day.  What did you do?

TIM    We saw Jesus.

NANA   (sits down, wondering)  Jesus?  You mean,
.      that man that everyone has been talking about?

TIM    He’s not just a man, Nana, He is the Son of God.

BEN    That is what He is teaching.  And the people
.      have been saying that He must be the Prophet.
.                                                       2
NANA   Oh, such nonsense!

TIM    It isn’t nonsense, Nana.  He’s done many miracles.
.      He did a miracle - right in front of our eyes.

NANA   It must have been some sort of trick.

BEN    I don’t know how it could have been a trick.

NANA   Those types of magicians have all sorts of things
.      up their sleeves.

TIM    (balking)  Even fish and bread?

BEN    (to Tim)  That would be a LOT of fish and bread!

NANA   What are you talking about?
.      You must start from the beginning.

TIM    You packed our lunch-

NANA   You don’t have to start that far back.

BEN    (looks into the basket, then puts it on table)
.      We were out looking for figs when all these people
.      starting shouting and pointing-

NANA   Where did these people come from?

BEN    (matter-of-factly)  They were on their journeys-
.      to celebrate the Passover.

NANA   Go on.

BEN    And they saw Jesus and His disciples
.      sitting on the side of the mountain.
.      So the people started spreading the word,
.      and people started to flood in all around.

NANA   Oh, how you love to exaggerate.

BEN    How am I exaggerating?

NANA   A flood of people?

BEN    They counted five thousand men.
.                                                       3
NANA   Five thousand men?

TIM    Plus there were all the women and children.

NANA   But why in the world would they count the people?

TIM    Jesus wanted to feed them.

NANA   He must be a very rich man.

BEN    I don’t think so.  One of the disciples told Jesus
.      that this was a crazy idea, because it would take
.      more than 8 months wages to feed so many people.

TIM    A man named Andrew was asking people around us
.      if they had any food to share.  And I remembered
.      that you told me to share.

NANA   With your brother!

TIM    But Jesus would want me to share with anybody
.      who has a need.

NANA   WE have a need!  Well, mostly, I have a need
.      for some figs to make us a dessert for supper.

TIM    I’m full, anyway.

NANA   Full?  How can you be full?  You just said that
.      you shared your little lunch with your brother,
.      and someone else.

TIM    With EVERYbody else.

NANA   Timothy!  Don’t tell such stories.

BEN    It’s true, Nana.  Jesus took our little lunch,
.      gave thanks to the Lord, then started
.      breaking the bread, and then the fish.
.      And the disciples served it to everyone.

NANA   Such stories!  With over ten thousand people,
.      you wouldn’t even get – this much.

(NANA motions a very tiny crumb with her fingers.)

TIM    We all ate, and ate, and ate.  Until we          4
.      were all filled up.  We were all stuffed!

NANA   How can that be?

BEN    Jesus just kept breaking the food apart,
.      and there was more and more and more.

NANA   For a flood of people?

BEN    And when we had all eaten, there was food
.      left over.

TIM    BASKETS of food left over.

NANA   (suddenly pleased)  My little lunch -
.      that I packed – fed ALL those people?

TIM    Jesus was the one who fed the people.
.      And it WAS a miracle.

BEN    And Jesus also fed us with words,
.      words - to fill and satisfy our souls.

TIM    That’s how we can know Jesus is the Son of God.
.      No one else can do that.

NANA   (now sincerely curious)  Well, you must
.      come with me to the kitchen then,
.      and tell me all about these words.

(ALL exit from the direction that NANA had entered.)