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MIDNIGHT CRY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         what to do before the rapture happens
SCRIPTURE:     1 Thess.5, Matt.10:28, 12:39, 1 Cor.1:22-23
Style:         drama, conversation: kids discuss the rapture
.              and what they should be doing right now.
Cast:          TEEN 1, 2, 3, 4, KID 1-6 (however many you
.              want to include, just reassign the lines)
Set & Props:   board game (or they could be playing Tag)


(TEEN 1 and 2 walk up to a bunch of KIDS playing a game.
TEEN 1 and 2 act all mysterious and intense.)

TEEN 1   Hey, did you guys hear all the noise
.        last night?

KID 1    What noise?

TEEN 1   The midnight cry.

KID 2    (innocently)  My baby brother woke me up
.        last night.  He was crying.

TEEN 1   Yeah?  Your baby brother probably woke up
.        and cried because he heard –
.        the midnight cry!

KID 3    (getting scared)  Wha-what’s the midnight cry?

(TEEN 3 and 4 enter and overhear this conversation and
see how scared the kids are getting.)

TEEN 1   The voice of doom that the days of horror
.        are now upon on us.

(KIDS cringe in fear.  TEEN 1 leans in.)

TEEN 1   The end is near!

TEEN 3   Ah, dude, lighten up.
.        You’re a little confused.
.        And you’re scaring these kids.

TEEN 1   What do you know about it?                       2

TEEN 3   The midnight cry is at the end
.        of the Tribulation.

TEEN 1   Are you sure about that?  I definitely
.        heard something last night –

TEEN 3   There are two things:  the “midnight cry”
.        which is at the END of the Tribulation.
.        And there is “the shout” and a horn blast
.        which will START the Tribulation.

TEEN 4   Yeah, but the Tribulation hasn’t even
.        started yet.  We will all hear the shout
.        and the blast, and then all the Christians
.        will be raptured up to heaven.

KID 4    I’m a Christian.

KIDS     Yeah, me too...

TEEN 3   See, then we would not even be here.
.        So you don’t have to be scared.

(TEEN 2 tries to keep the scary momentum going.)

TEEN 2   But it is coming soon!
.        You can see the signs.

TEEN 3   The signs in Matthew 24 parallel
.        the judgments in the book of Revelation.
.        We do not have to worry about this –
.        or be scared.

TEEN 2   But we NEED to see it coming.

TEEN 4   Why?

TEEN 2   So we will be sure to tell people about Jesus.

TEEN 4   And do you do that?  Or are you just
.        going around scaring people?

TEEN 2   (thinking)  Well, if you knew the time was
.        almost up, wouldn’t you act differently?

TEEN 4   It should not make difference.                   3
.        We should be doing – exactly
.        what we should be doing – all the time.

TEEN 3   Very true.  1 Thessalonians 5 tells
.        us Christians that we do not have to
.        concern ourselves with the times and signs.
.        The rapture will come –
.        like a thief in the night.

TEEN 4   Yeah, I don’t think thieves usually
.        send anyone a notice about when
.        they are going to break into your house.

TEEN 3   Christians are in the light –
.        and God promises us that the darkness
.        will not overtake us.  And it says
.        that God has not destined us for wrath.
.        The Tribulation is also called
.        “The Day of Wrath”.

TEEN 4   Verse eleven - tells us we should
.        be encouraging each other with this –
.        not scaring each other.

TEEN 2   But if Christians were scared,
.        they might obey God more.

TEEN 3   We are only to fear God – nothing else.
.        Jesus died and rose again for us
.        because He loves us.  And our motive
.        for becoming Christians and
.        obeying God should be out of love.

TEEN 1   How come you know so much about this stuff?

TEEN 3   We did a Bible study on this.

KID 5    So we don’t have to be afraid?

TEEN 4   No - not at all.

KID 6    What should we be doing then?

TEEN 3   We should be alert – we should try
.        to be doing what Christians should be doing-
.        all the time.
.                                                         4
KID 7    And what is that?

TEEN 3   Living in faith and hope - and love.

(TEEN 3 and 4 nod as each kid offers suggestions.)

KID 1    Encouraging each other?

KID 2    Living in peace with each other?

KID 3    Helping each other.

KID 4    Be patient with each other – because –
.        we still all make mistakes.

KID 5    Doing good things for each other –

KID 6    And doing good things for others.

TEEN 3   This would include letting others
.        know about Jesus.

TEEN 4   And – we should always be rejoicing,
.        praying, and giving thanks.

TEEN 2   What about the signs?

TEEN 4   Matthew 12:39 says, “An evil and
.        adulterous generation craves for a sign...”
.        People like to have warnings – so then
.        they think they can do whatever they want –
.        right up until the warning –
.        then they think they will quickly be good.

TEEN 1   Yeah, I’m definitely like that.
.        My mom was always counting to 10 –
.        and I would wait until she was
.        almost going to say “ten” - and then I’d
.        quickly be good - to avoid being disciplined.

TEEN 4   I think most of us have been there.

TEEN 3   Well, that is kind of what the Tribulation
.        will be like... God counting to ten
.        for those people who are not yet Christians.
.        The midnight cry will be their final warning.
.                                                         5
TEEN 4   But again, if we are Christians already,
.        we know that we will not even be around for that.
.        So for now, there are no signs.

TEEN 3   1 Corinthians 1:22-23 talks about
.        the Jews asking for signs – because
.        they are still waiting for their Messiah -

TEEN 4   And the rest of the world searches for wisdom,
.        but we preach Christ crucified.”

TEEN 3   That is what it is all about.

TEEN 2   I guess that makes sense.

KID 8    I’m just glad we don’t have to be scared.

TEEN 3   Hey, some kids down the street have
.        a lemonade stand.  Let’s get some.  My treat!

KIDS     Yay!...  Awesome!...  Thanks...

(As they leave, some KIDS grab whatever pieces there are
from the game they were playing.)