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MASKS OF MELODRAMA – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       dropping your masks, being honest,
.            salvation, God is all powerful
SCRIPTURE:   Jer.32:17-19, John 7:24, Gal.6:2-5
Style:       satire/conversation: a Christian enters
.            a melodramatic scenario where she
.            encourages the villain, the victim
.            and the hero to take off their masks
.            and get real
Set & Props: chair, rope,
.            3 eye-masks (victim’s mask is pretty)


(VICTIM enters delicately on her tiptoes with
hands clasped to her chest dramatically.)

VICTIM    Oh me, oh my, how delicate
.         and fragile am I...
.         I just hope danger does not befall me.

(VILLAIN enters, doing the “evil-relishing-hand-thing.”
You can have the villain piano theme, and have someone
in the audience start the “boo-hiss” thing.
Seeing VICTIM, VILLAIN then looks at the audience
with extreme delight.)

VILLAIN   Ah, to my delight and glee,
.         there is a vulnerable damsel that I see.
.         I just hope nothing thwarts my nasty plans.

(VILLAIN pounces toward the VICTIM.  VICTIM shrieks
and puts a helpless hand to her forehead.)

VICTIM    Oh dear, oh dear!
.         I am in trouble over here.

(VILLAIN pulls VICTIM’S arm ever so lightly
so that she very easily plunks into a chair.  
VILLAIN gives one end of the rope for VICTIM to hold,
and she does so ever so obligingly,
then VILLAIN swings the rope around her torso quickly
and gives her the other end of the rope to hold also.)

VILLAIN   You are completely under my control now,
.         so you will do only what I allow.
.                                                      2
(VILLIAN strikes another grimacing pose at the audience.
Audience member starts the “boo-hiss” thing.
VICTIM waits for quiet then sings out woefully.)

VICTIM    Oh, who will it be – who could ever save me?

(HERO jumps out and strikes a pose.)

HERO      Hark!  I hear a damsel in distress!
.         I shall save her from whatever is amiss!

VILLAIN   But not without a fight first!
.         As you dare disturb my bliss!

(VILLIAN strikes a threatening fighting pose.
Audience member starts the “boo-hiss” thing.
HERO shifts over, calculatingly.)

VICTIM    All of my hope rests in you –
.         mystery-hero-dude - whatever you can do!

all freeze in their positions to watch curiously.  
CHRISTIAN finally realizes that she is being watched.)

CHRIS     (lightly)  Oh... hi.

VILLAIN   And you are?

CHRIS     The name is Christine.

HERO      No-no-no!  Who are you in this scenario?

VILLAIN   Are you another villain?

CHRIS     Well, I’m certainly not perfect.
.         I was born a sinner like everyone else,
.         but I asked God to forgive me
.         and He set me free from all of my sins.

VILLAIN   Well, I’m afraid God cannot forgive
.         all the things that I have done.
.         You have no idea how bad I am.
.         Everything is always my fault.

CHRIS     God is all-powerful.  Nothing
.         is too difficult for Him.
.         All you have to do is humble yourself
.         and remove that mask.
.                                                      3
VILLAIN   But ah - I’ll feel – very vulnerable then.

CHRIS     Yes, and that’s okay.  That way
.         we can learn to lean on God.

VICTIM    Oh, so then you are another damsel in distress.

CHRIS     I was once that as well.  I mean, I needed
.         to be saved - from myself.  By making God
.         the Lord of my life, who is all-powerful,
.         He gives me the strength to face anything,
.         without the need to fear anything.
.         And He gives me the wisdom to avoid trouble.

VICTIM    But nothing is EVER my fault,
.         I’m just a victim.

CHRIS     You are only deceiving yourself if you think
.         you have never done anything wrong.
.         You can’t blame everything on other people.
.         (points to VILLAIN)
.         He needs to be responsible for his actions...
.         (points to VICTIM and the rope)
.         but you need to be responsible for yours.
.         Look, you even helped him tie yourself up.
.         And you are just keeping yourself in bondage.
.         God already knows what you have done
.         and not done.  So you might as well be honest –
.         admit and confess your sins.

(VICTIM looks down at her hands and realizes
she is holding the ropes together.  
She lets go to get herself free and stands up.  
HERO jumps out and strikes a pose.)

HERO      Oh look, you are free!
.         (to CHRISTINE)  So you are a hero!  Like me!

CHRIS     Actually, I used to think like you, too.
.         I was self-reliant, and thought
.         I was self-sufficient.  I wanted people
.         to think I didn’t have any problems –
.         so I went around trying to help everyone.
.         Meanwhile, I still needed help myself.

HERO      I NEVER need help.  I can run faster than –
.         most people.  I can leap – quite high –
.         I was a high jumper in college.
.         And I can bench press -
.                                                      4
CHRIS     But can you move a mountain?

HERO      Well, nooo, that I cannot do.  But I do like
.         to fix and control as much as possible.

CHRIS     Can you honestly say that you can control
.         everything in your life?

HERO      (whining)  But, I’m a SUPER man.

VICTIM    (aside to HERO)  I heard you got laid off
.         last week.

VILLAIN   I heard you lied on your resume.

HERO      Just a bit.  Okay!  So I’m not perfect!

CHRIS     Wearing a mask doesn’t fool God, because
.         God doesn’t look at you from the outside.
.         He can see what is in your heart.

HERO      Okay!  I’m just a guy, then.
.         Like everyone else - I’m just a regular
.         human being with issues and problems –
.         I am a guy who needs God.

(HERO pulls off his mask.  Then VICTIM and VILLAIN
pull off their masks.)

VICTIM    Me too.

VILLAIN   I do - I really do need God.

(HERO, VICTIM & VILLAIN look at each other,
a little lost.)

VICTIM    Well, who are we going to be now?

CHRIS     Ah, just be yourself.

HERO      But how do we do that?  I mean,
.         people will notice that I’m only human,
.         and that I can’t save people from all
.         their problems - let alone saving myself
.         from all my problems.

CHRIS     Rely on God’s strength, and let people
.         see how God is working in and through you.

HERO      That is still helping people, isn’t it?      5

CHRIS     In the best way possible.

VICTIM    And for those times when someone picks on me,
.         or I just feel helpless?  What do I do?

CHRIS     Put all your hope and faith in God
.         and rely on Him.  God will get you through
.         anything and give you courage.

VICTIM    Make God my strength?

CHRIS     Exactly.

VILLAIN   And I will try to turn a new leaf?

CHRIS     You have become a new creation in Christ.
.         Realizing God’s love for you –
.         and deciding to love God in return,
.         you will learn to love others.

VILLAIN   But I AM still going to make mistakes.

CHRIS     You will show people how God is constantly
.         working in your life and helping you.

VILLAIN   I feel like God will be very busy with me.

CHRIS     Realize God’s grace and be thankful
.         for His eternal forgiveness and eternal life
.         that He has given you.

(VILLAIN speaks as they ALL exit.)

VILLAIN   He loves us THAT much that we can be ourselves?

(NARRATOR/TEACHER/PASTOR can go into more about how
God can help and use each one of us.)