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LOVE’S GONG SHOW - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        love, doing things with the right motive
SCRIPTURE:    1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Style:        satire/spoof of the Gong Show:
.             where people give reasons for
.             their actions.  When gonged by the judge,
.             they give the correct motive.
Cast:         JUDGE, up to 15 people
Set & Props:  nametag saying “JUDGE”, GONG or CYMBAL,
.             something to hit the gong


(JUDGE stands beside the gong, wearing “JUDGE” nametag.)

J    Love is a choice.  Love is an action.

(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 go stand near the JUDGE.)

P1   (to P2)  I have a special message
.    that I want to tell you,
.    so I can show off how much I know.

(JUDGE hits the gong and shakes head.)

P1   (thinking)  I have a special message to tell you,
.     because I care about you and want you to know it.

(JUDGE nods approval.  P1 exits.  P3 enters.)

P2   (to P3)  I noticed you are doing certain things
.    that are hurting yourself and those you love.
.    I’m going to tell you what you SHOULD be doing
.    just because I like to boss people around.
.    (JUDGE gongs.  P2 thinks.)  I am going to share
.    with you what you should be doing differently –
.    because I love and respect you,
.    and I do not like to see people getting hurt.

(JUDGE nods approval.  P2 exits.  P4 enters.)

P3   (to P4)  I understand something that could give you
.    eternal life, but I’m too tired today to tell you.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  Even though I am tired and
.    I have a lot of things to do, I want to share
.    something with you that can change your life.
.    Jesus’ work on the cross will save you.
.                                                       2
(JUDGE nods.  P3 exits.  P5 enters.)

P4   (to P5)  Well, I totally believe that Jesus exists,
.    but I don’t care if He died for me.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I love Jesus and trust in Him
.    that He died for my sins.

(JUDGE nods.  P4 exits.  P6 enters.)

P5   (to P6)  I give a lot of money to the poor
.    because I like to show off.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I give to the poor,
.    because I want to help them.

(JUDGE nods.  P5 exits.  P7 enters.)

P6   (to P7)  Personally, I like pain and suffering.
.    I get a lot of attention and sympathy from people.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I really do not like to suffer,
.    but I am willing to do anything to tell people
.    about the good news.

(JUDGE nods.  P6 exits.  P8 enters.)

P7   (to P8)  I will visit with the elderly,
.    only if I don’t have to put up with their stories.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I visit the elderly
.    because I love getting to know them and I know
.    they like the company.

(JUDGE nods.  P7 exits.  P9 enters.)

P8   (to P9)  If I’m having a bad day,
.    everyone around me should have a bad day too.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  It’s WRONG to be rude,
.    even if I AM feeling bad.
.    If I treat others nicely,
.    as I would like to be treated,
.    I know it helps them, as well as myself.

(JUDGE nods.  P8 exits.  P10 enters.)

P9   (to P10)  I do not like it when my friends are nice
.    to anybody else.  I should be their ONLY friend.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I am happy when my friends
.    get to know other people.  We should all be open
.    to making new friends all the time.

(JUDGE nods.  P9 exits.  P11 enters.)
.                                                       3
P10  Well, I have a LOT of friends.  EVERYBODY wants
.    to be MY friend.  I am SOOOO cool like that,
.    people FIGHT to get to know me.  And of course,
.    I will only be friends with cool people.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  But I guess if I keep bragging
.    and being arrogant like that, no one will want
.    to be my friend anymore.  I need to be humble.
.    And I need to be friendly to everyone.

(JUDGE nods.  P10 exits.  P12 enters.)

P11  I only help people who will do things for me.
.    Like, if I have a birthday, I want them to be able
.    to buy me big, expensive presents.  And I only want
.    people around me who will make me look good.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I should help anybody,
.    even if they cannot pay me back or give me things.
.    But I should be careful that they do not keep me
.    from doing God’s will.

(JUDGE nods.  P11 exits.  P13 enters.)

P12  I try to stay away from people who annoy me.
.    And I also like to test them first by trying to make
.    them get angry.  And then, if they do get angry
.    at me, forget about them!
.    (JUDGE gongs)  It is wrong to annoy people
.    or try to make them angry.  And I should not
.    let myself get angry or annoyed at others.
.    I need to hate the sin, love the sinners.

(JUDGE nods.  P12 exits.  P14 enters.)

P13  I am happy to see someone do something bad.
.    That makes me look better.  But if someone dares
.    point out that I’VE done something wrong,
.    then I TRY to look for something wrong in THEM.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  When I have earned the respect
.    of someone, and they keep messing up, I should
.    first pray, and then in a loving manner,
.    gently tell them the truth.  And if someone tells me
.    where I have messed up, I should listen carefully
.    and examine my heart.  I should be glad to hear
.    how I can be a better person.  And if I didn’t
.    mess up like they say, I need to deal with that
.    carefully, in prayer, truth and love.

(JUDGE nods.  P13 exits.  P15 enters.)

P14  If someone comes to me with some juicy gossip,     4
.    I like to tell as many people as I can,
.    whether it is true or not.  I’m always hoping
.    that people mess up just so there’s something
.    interesting to talk about.
.    (JUDGE gongs)  I need to tell those people
.    to stop gossiping.  I should refuse to believe
.    what they say.  I should refuse to even listen.
.    I should not think bad about anyone, but believe
.    the best about people.  I hope for good things –
.    to happen to everyone.

(JUDGE nods.)

P15  (to P14)  If someone hurts me, I move on.
.    Forget them!  I REFUSE to forgive them.
.    (JUDGE gongs.)  I must realize I am not perfect
.    and I also hurt others, so I need to be forgiving
.    and understanding.  No matter what they do,
.    I should love everyone, always.  No matter what,
.    my love for others should never fail.
.    My love for others should never stop!

J    Choose to do EVERYTHING with love.