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LOVE IS A VERB - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       love, relationships
SCRIPTURE:   Romans 12:10
Style:       comedy/spoof of a film shoot: a director
.            directs a romance movie where the male and
.            female actors have difficulty finding
.            their motivation to show love - until they
.            learn that the motive should be love
Set & Props: table, 2 chairs, candles, set for dinner


(DIRECTOR paces and waits for WOMAN and MAN,
who stomp their way out, arguing.)

WOMAN   You’re such a diva.

MAN     Excuse me?  You’re calling ME a DIVA?

WOMAN   Hey, and just who hogs the make-up mirror?

MAN     Not so loud.  You’re SOOOO inconsiderate!

DIR.    Excuse ME!?  Can we get started, here?
.       Time is money.

(DIRECTOR waits while MAN and WOMAN get into position.)

DIR.    Places please.  Ready, everyone?
.       Scene one, take one – and – action.
.       (claps hands as camera were there)

(WOMAN leads the way toward a romantically set table.)

WOMAN   (angrily)  I’ve made you your favorite meal.
.       I hope it’s enough, you selfish man, you!

MAN     (sarcastic)  Oh, it’s more than enough,
.       you inconsiderate–

DIR.    Cut.  What’s going on?
.       This is a romantic scene.
.       Okay?  Let’s try that again.
.       From the top.  .       Take two – action.

(DIR. claps hands.  WOMAN and MAN “enter” again.)
.                                                       2
WOMAN   (robotic, without feeling)
.       I’ve made you your favorite meal – Honey.
.       I hope it’s enough.

MAN     (robotic, but rolls eyes)  Oh, it’s more–

DIR.    Cut.  Guys!  You’re supposed to be in love.
.       Feeeel the love.

MAN     Yeah, I’m just not feeling it.

DIR.    Then fake it.  It’s called acting.
.       Again!  Ready for... taaake three -
.       and – action.  (claps hands)

(WOMAN has been standing rigid with arms crossed,
until they start again.  Suddenly, WOMAN quickly
becomes OVERLY sweet, but the sarcasm is still evident.)

WOMAN   I’ve made you your favorite meal, Pookie.
.       I HOPE it’s enough.

MAN     (gushes sarcastically)  It’s more than enough,
.       Muffin-cakes.  Oh, let me get your chair for you.

(MAN pulls out her chair, then pulls it away just
as WOMAN sits. WOMAN falls to the floor.)

DIR.    What-What was that?  What - was that?
.       I cannot believe this.

WOMAN   (picks herself up)  You JERK!

MAN     Yeah, well, right now I could not even
.       fake-feel my way through this.

DIR.    Okay.  Okay, well, real love is not really
.       based on feelings, is it?  Love is a verb.
.       One has to – show it.  Show the love.

WOMAN   I don’t understand.

MAN     (inquisitively)  Really, it’s not about feelings?

DIR.    Ahhh, no.  It’s a commitment thing - isn’t it!
.       I want you to - SHOW the love.

WOMAN   I’m going to need more to go on than just that.

MAN     Yeah.  Like, what’s our motive?  I mean,        3
.       I really need to know the motive in order
.       to get into my role in this scene.

DIR.    Well, it’s – LOVE!  The motive is love.
.       Okay, so here’s the story – (refers to script)
.       Long ago, you both prayed and asked God
.       to send you someone you could respect.
.       Someone who would suit you, challenge
.       and edify you – and align with the direction
.       your own lives were going to take.
.       You then stood before God and took a vow,
.       a serious oath, to always love and obey
.       each other – no matter what.  You CHOSE to love
.       each other with all your heart-soul-and-mind.
.       And you were fervent in your WILL to succeed,
.       with humility, forgiveness, and sacrificial
.       devotion.  Divorce was never an option.
.       And after 20 years of marriage, of dedication
.       and faithfulness to God and to each other,
.       you are STILL together.  Through the thick
.       and thin!  Love!  Got it?  Now,
.       we are going to keep at it, no matter
.       how many takes we need to do.  Sooooo –
.       again - take four – and action.  (claps)

(Both MAN and WOMAN have slowly changed their attitudes
as DIRECTOR went through the story with great passion.)

WOMAN   (tenderly, apologetically)  I’ve made your
.       favorite meal.  I just hope it’s enough –

MAN     (humbly)  It’s – more than enough.  Oh, here,
.       let me get your chair for you.

(As they sit, MAN tenderly takes WOMAN’s hand in his.)

MAN     After 20 years of marriage, and after all
.       we’ve been through together, it is enough
.       that you are still here, right beside me...
.       for each step of the way.

(WOMAN sighs.  BOTH hold each other’s’ hands as they
bow in prayer.  DIRECTOR is moved to tears.)

DIR.    Aaannnd – cut.  That’s a wrap, everybody!
.       So touchingly beautiful!  Just beautiful!
.       It’s a keeper, folks.