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LOVE IS A CHOICE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       love is a choice
SCRIPTURE:   1 Corinthians 9: 24 - 27
Style:       comedy/conversation: scientist shows
.            assistant the robot created to show
.            the perfect love, but there are glitches
Cast:        Scientist, Assistant,
.            Robot (person moves & talks very stiffly)
Set & Props: remote control, podium or table, potted tree



S    I have done it.  Where God has failed,
.    I have succeeded.

A    Wh - what are you talking about?

(SCIENTIST pushes a remote control button.
ROBOT "walks" out onto stage.)

A    Wh - what is it?

S    May I introduce - the 4200 L.U.A. robot.

A    I’m pretty sure God could have created that.

(SCIENTIST pushes a button.  ROBOT stops.)

S    Ah-ha!  But I have created a being
.    that will show love and kindness to all people –
.    no-matter-what.  No questions asked - no guilt –

A    And - no warm and fuzzy feelings!

S    Eh – overrated.  You see,
.    God created human beings with choices.
.    This is where we get into trouble,
.    because sometimes a person decides to love you,
.    then hate you, then just barely LIKE you.
.    But this robot will always love you.  Here -
.    I’ll show you what I mean with a demonstration.

(SCIENTIST pushes a button.  ROBOT turns to him.)      2

R    I – love – you.

S    Robot, this is CARY, a little imp who likes to cause
.    a lot of trouble.  A real scum of the earth –

A    (indignant)  Hey!

R    (to ASSISTANT)  I - love - you, Cary.

S    See!  It just doesn’t matter who you are,
.    or what you’ve done.  And it doesn’t matter
.    how THEY are feeling.  For instance,
.    (to ROBOT)  hey you dumb robot.
.    You’re just a worthless scrap of metal
.    and I don’t like you anymore.

(ROBOT turns to audience)

R    I - love - you.

S    See?  See that?  Isn’t it wonderful?
.    Soon everybody will feel-the-love.

A    But it’s so – cold.  And - It doesn’t
.    really mean anything.

S    Of course it does.  It means – I love you!

(ROBOT walks up to podium and looks at it.)

R    I - love - you.

S    Hey, we’re over here, you dumb robot.

A    Problems already!

(ROBOT sees a potted tree and walks over.)

R    You look - like you need - a hug.

(ROBOT puts arms out and walks into tree,
bumping into it over and over.)

A    It’s going to hurt the tree.

S    Robot!  I’M-the-one that needs the hug!           3

(ROBOT hears this and walks over to SCIENTIST.
ROBOT pats SCIENTIST on the shoulder
with very clumsy hard hits.
SCIENTIST winces in pain with each pat.)

R    Don’t - worry, everything - will be - all right.

S    No-no- nooo it won’t.

(SCIENTIST presses button to "shut down" the ROBOT.)

S    I have failed.

A    Well, at least you TRIED to make the world
.    a better place.

S    I’m such a failure!

A    No you’re not.

S    There’s just so little love in this world.

A    There’s some love.  And when there is,
.    it’s because a person has CHOSEN to love.
.    God created us that way for a reason.

S    (crying)  But some of us are so unlovable.

A    Well, God loves you.  God loves EVERYBODY –
.    completely, unconditionally, no matter what.
.    God is love.  

S    That is a comfort, but – (sobbing)

A    There-there.  If it means anything, I love you.

S    (wailing)  You’re just saying that because
.    you’re my assistant and I pay you.

A    Well, I am your assistant, but – ah -
.    you don’t really pay me.

S    Really?  And you still love me?

A    Yes.
.                                                      4
S    Because you don’t have to if you–

A    But I want to.

S    WHY?

A    Because - God created you.  And I care.

S    Wow!  You just don’t know what that means to me.
.    Thank you.  Thank you so much.

(ASSISTANT puts an arm around SCIENTIST as they walk out.)

A    Now, let’s see what else we can try to invent.
.    Huh?  I know that always cheers you up.

S    You really DO care, don’t you?