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LOVE IS... – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        love
SCRIPTURE:    1Cor.13:1-8 (NASB version is used below)
Style:        comedy/conversation: as an older couple
.             goes through a scenario of life,
.             a narrator points out various aspects
Set & Props:  table, candy jar, bag of candy with a bow


(NARRATOR stands to the side and motions to
GERALD and TINA as they enter while showing us
how they adore each other, maybe holding hands,
or even just smiling tenderly at each other.
While NARRATOR is speaking, GERALD and TINA
approach the table with the candy jar,
then pose in a sweet, tender moment.)

NAR.     This is Gerald and Tina.
.        They have been married for many, many years.
.        How do they do it, you might ask?
.        Well, let us observe this PERFECT couple
.        as they set a perfect example
.        while living by the strength and guidance
.        of GOD’S perfect love -
.        as described in the Bible.
.        (reading from Bible...)
.        “If I speak with the tongues of men
.        and of angels, but do not have love,
.        I have become a noisy gong
.        or a clanging cymbal.”

(GERALD motions to candy jar, speaking with a
sing-song voice, like something big is going to happen.)

GERALD   I have a surprise for you.

(TINA says with great excitement and big eyes, and
light, happy clapping of the hands in sheer delight.)

TINA     Werther’s Original Chocolate Caramels?

(GERALD smiles broadly.  Stay in this pose.)
.                                                       2
NAR.     (reading)  “If I have the gift of prophecy,
.        and know all mysteries and all knowledge;
.        and if I have all faith,
.        so as to remove mountains,
.        but do not have love, I am nothing.”

TINA     Those are my absolute favorite!

(GERALD begins to show his mischievous side.)

GERALD   I know!  I would do ANYTHING
.        to keep my lovely wife happy.

NAR.     “And if I give all my possessions
.        to feed the poor,
.        and if I surrender my body to be burned,
.        but do not have love, it profits me nothing.”

(TINA peeks into the candy jar with anticipation,
but her she gasps, and looks again to make sure.
TINA now looks up with feigned anger.)

TINA     It’s empty!  Did you eat them all?!

GERALD   Maaaaybe.

TINA     Gerald!  You can be such a child!

NAR.     Ahem, (clears throat then reads)
.        “Love is patient, love is kind-”

(GERALD keeps grinning broadly.)

GERALD   Hee-hee-heee...

TINA     That’s not fair.  You know how I love candy.
.        I really wanted candy.  This is SO not fair!

NAR.     And love “is not jealous-”

TINA     You ALWAYS eat more than half.

GERALD   I’m bigger than you.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaah.

(GERALD does that last bit like a tease and a taunt.)

NAR.     “Love does not brag and is not arrogant,       3
.        does not act unbecomingly-“

(Remember, this is a playful argument.)

GERALD   A person has to look out for themselves.

NAR.     Love “does not seek its own-“

TINA     (pouting)  Is THAT how you show love?
.        If you don’t behave properly,
.        then - maybe I’ll refuse to make supper.
.        Or maybe I’ll use your stamp collection
.        to send all our next year’s Christmas cards!

GERALD   Huh!  (suddenly looking concerned)

NAR.     Love “is not provoked-“

GERALD   Is this going to be a competition now?

TINA     If it is, you are winning.
.        (counting on her fingers)
.        You always spill sugar on the counter.
.        You never clean up after yourself.
.        You leave your socks lying around the house-

NAR.     Love “does not take into account
.        a wrong suffered!”

GERALD   I’m pretty good at getting away with stuff,
.        aren’t I?  Hee-hee-heeee.

NAR.     Love “does not rejoice in unrighteousness.”

TINA     You can be such a scoundrel.

(GERALD becomes tender again and nods his agreement.)

GERALD   Yes, you’re right.
.        I CAN be a scoundrel at times.
.        It’s a good thing God never gives up on us.

NAR.     But love “rejoices with the truth;
.        bears all things, believes all things,
.        hopes all things, endures all things.”

GERALD   I’m sorry.  I did not want to get you upset.   4

TINA     You are forgiven.

GERALD   How have you put up with me all these years?

(TINA says lines facing the congregation, while GERALD
pulls out a bag of Werther's Original Chocolate Caramels
with a bow on it maybe.  You can have a different candy,
just remember to change all applicable dialogue.)

TINA     The same way you have put up with me
.        all these years.

(GERALD holds out the gift and TINA turns to see.)

GERALD   Happy Valentines!

(GERALD and TINA hug or do some other tender gesture
like touch the arm.  GERALD and TINA exit,
with GERALD’s arm around TINA.)

NAR.     “Love never fails!”