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LOST SHEEP – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        repentance, forgiveness, security
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.18:23-34
Style:        allegory/conversation:  shepherds discuss
.             the value of searching for lost sheep
Cast:         SHEPHERDS 1-4
Set & Props:  shepherd’s garb and staffs, food,
.             sheep, real or stuffed


(SHEPHERDS 1-3 lounge around on the ground,
some are eating.)

SHEPHERD 1   Hey, where’s Jesse?

SHEPHERD 2   He left to look for that sheep.

SHEPHERD 1   You’re talking about the one
.            that keeps giving us the slip?

SHEPHERD 2   That’s the one.

SHEPHERD 3   I told him to forget about it, already.
.            Right?  I mean, how many times can you
.            go looking for the same little sheep?

SHEPHERD 1   I guess, as often as it’s needed.
.            You can’t say Jesse doesn’t care.

SHEPHERD 3   That’s an understatement!

SHEPHERD 1   Well, imagine if you were the
.            little lost sheep.

SHEPHERD 3   I would not be going off on my own.
.            I know where my food comes from!
.            I know who looks after me and keeps me safe!

SHEPHERD 1   What if it was one of your own children?

SHEPHERD 3   Well, that’s completely different.

SHEPHERD 2   Let’s not get carried away here.
.                                                     2
SHEPHERD 1   Still, each sheep - is worth quite a lot.
.            Could YOU afford to pay for one?
.            Are you going to pay the replacement price?

SHEPHERD 3   No way.  I certainly don’t make enough money
.            to do that.

SHEPHERD 1   Anyway, you can count on Jesse.
.            He always finds them and brings them back,
.            no matter how far they have strayed.

(SHEPHERD 4 enters carrying a sheep, stuffed or real.
SHEPHERDS 1-3 jump up with excitement to pet the sheep.)

SHEPHERD 1   You found it!

SHEPHERD 3   (tenderly)  Silly little thing...