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LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        show, don’t hide your testimony
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 5:14-16
Style:        allegory/conversation:  hikers stumble
.             around in the dark until one of them
.             takes out their lantern to safely
.             light the way
Cast:         HIKERS 1–3  (NOTE: try to have voices
.             that sound different from each other)
Set & Props:  2 chairs, backpack, lantern or flashlight,
.             Bible


(HIKER 3 sits on a chair at center stage.
HIKERS 1-2 enter and slowly try to make their way across.
Make it as dark as possible, but not dangerously so.)

H 1   I need some help here.

H 2   What’s your problem?

H 1   I’m really tired of trying to feel
.     my way around.  It would be nice
.     if I could actually see something.

H 2   What are you – chicken?

H 1   No!  I’m thinking there must be a better way.

H 3   There is.

H 1   What?  Who’s there?  What is the better way?

H 3   Ah, you’re probably not going to like the answer.

H 1   Why not?

H 3   It’s – too simple.

H 1   But I want something simple.

H 2   Oh, so now you’re a wimp and a baby!

H 1   No!  What is so weird about wanting to see        2
.     where you’re going?  I just want to SEE
.     where I am going!

H 3   Ah, well, then, you need some light.

H 1   Light?  What’s that?

H 2   No!  Don’t look for light!  You don’t know
.     what you are getting yourself into.

H 1   You mean, I might see something?

H 2   Exactly!  Ignorance is bliss...
.     that’s how I see it.

H 1   So you don’t want to see at all?

H 2   Duh!  That’s just what I said.

H 1   Why?

H 2   Well, if you can see, then you will be held
.     responsible for the path that you’re on.

H 1   But you ARE already taking that path,
.     so you ARE responsible.

H 2   But I don’t want to KNOW about it, okay?

H 1   Okaaaay, but - if you could see that
.     you ARE on the wrong path,
.     wouldn’t you want to find the right one?

H 2   Not necessarily.  I mean, what if it’s boring?
.     I like the excitement.

H 1   Ah, I just don’t unde-
.     (bumps into chair)
.     OW!  OUCH!  That hurt.

H 3   Are you all right?

H 1   I bumped my knee against something.
.     You see?  If I could see, I’m pretty sure
.     I wouldn’t be hurting myself as often.

(HIKER 1 moves a little more forward and                3
reaches HIKER 3, and bumps into him/her.)

H 1   Ouch - again!

H 3   Ow!  Watch it!

H 1   Sorry.  And what do you mean by “watch it?”
.     I can’t see where I’m going!
.     Now - if I could see, I probably
.     wouldn’t be hurting OTHERS as often, also.
.     What are you doing just sitting here, anyway?

H 3   I... usually - try not to move
.     unless I’m using the light.

H 1   Wait, you have - light?

H 3   Um... yeah.

H 1   Why didn’t you say so?  Why aren’t you sharing it?

H 2   NO!  Please, do NOT take out the light.
.     I do NOT want to see the light –
.     I don’t want to see any light – at all!

H 3   That’s why.  Some people get very angry
.     when they see the light.

H 1   Well that’s just crazy.
.     Why do you care what other people think?
.     Why do you let them CONTROL you like that?

H 3   I – um – I’m a – people-pleaser?

H 1   Well, I’m asking you to show me the light.
.     I’m a people.  And I want to see this light.

H 3   Are you really sure?

H 1   Yes, I’m begging you!  I’m so tired
.     of trying to go places in the dark.

H 3   Well, okay then.

(HIKER 3 opens up the backpack and light shines
out of it.)
.                                                       4
H 1   Wow!  It does exit!
.     Okay, so, take it out of there.
.     I want to see what happens.

H 2   No, don’t do that.  You’ll spoil the party!

H 1   I want to see what happens when
.     you take it out of your backpack.

(HIKER 3 takes the lantern out of the backpack which
lights up the stage.  You can add other stage lights.)

H 1   Wow!  Look at everything.  I can see.
.     And I can see that that the hiker over there
.     is VERY close to death.

(HIKER 1 points over at HIKER 2 who is at the edge
of the stage close to the other stage exit.)

H 2   I am not!  You just be quiet!

H 1   But you’re in danger!

H 2   Sh, I don’t want to know.  La-la-la-la-la...

(HIKER 2 puts hands over ears to momentarily block out
HIKER 2’s talking.)

H 1   But you’re right by a big cliff.

H 2   I don’t care.  Ah!

(HIKER 2 covers their eyes then rushes out to exit.)

H 1   But, you’re – in – danger!

H 2   (just voice can be heard)  I don’t care!

H 3   See that?  I just don’t want to deal with that.
.     It’s their choice.  They don’t WANT
.     to see the light.

H 1   But at least she/he got a glimpse of what
.     the light can do.  That way they can make
.     a more educated decision.

H 3   I suppose that’s true.                            5

H 1   And now that I see what this light can do –
.     I want my own light.
.     Where can I get my own light?

H 3   Well, come with me then.  I’ll tell you.

(As HIKER 1 and 3 exit, all the lights come up.
You can go into a song or a message at this point.)