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LAST SUPPER TO CRUCIFIXION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        hope, trust, look to Holy Spirit for help
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.21-27, Mrk.11-15, Lk.19-23, Jh.12-19
Style:        drama/conversation: the eleven disciples
.             discuss the last few days leading up
.             to the last supper and the crucifixion
.             BOY 1, KIDS 1-3 (you can have more kids
.             and spread out the lines if you want)
Set & Props:  2 coffee tables, pillows to sit on,
.             2 swords, BOY 1 has bandaged hand


sit around low table/s on pillows.  They all start
to get up except for ANDREW who rests his head
on the table, sleeping.)

PETER     Andrew, wake up!  Jesus just left and told us
.         to follow Him to His usual place to pray.
.         (ANDREW grunts.)
.         Andrew, come on.

ANDREW    (props his head up while leaning on table)
.         Can’t we just stay here and sleep?
.         I’m so tired.

MATT      We’re all tired.  A lot has happened over
.         the last few days.

THADDEUS  So much, it’s hard to take it all in.

JAMES     And I don’t understand most of it.
.         I mean, on our way into Jerusalem,
.         Jesus told us to find Him a donkey.
.         WHY a donkey?

SIMON     We all know that Jesus is a peacemaker.
.         As our King, He would bring in peace.

JAMES     Okay, but the people want war.              2
.         We all want a King who will get rid
.         of the Romans.  Right?  How can we even
.         have peace with the Romans still here?
.         We should have found Jesus a horse.

THADDEUS  But the people were STILL excited.
.         They put palm tree branches and clothes
.         on the ground as He made His way to the temple.
.         Did you HEAR how they shouted praises to Him?
.         The people WANT Jesus as their king.

THOMAS    Not everyone.  Have you forgotten about
.         the Pharisees and scribes?  They are all
.         doing whatever they can to catch Him.

SIMON     Jesus didn’t exactly make friends with them
.         when He tipped over all the sales tables
.         in the temple.

THADDEUS  That was righteous anger.
.         Those people were making a mockery
.         out of worshipping God!
.         It’s okay if they sell animals to people
.         who want to make a sacrifice to God,
.         but they were doing that right IN the temple,
.         and charging ridiculous prices!
.         It’s robbery, and it’s wrong!

SIMON     Never-the-less – it upset the powers that be.
.         I just hope we’re not in trouble now
.         because of that.

JAMES     (nods his agreement)  People can be
.         so quick to want revenge and war.

ANDREW    Jesus WAS talking about rumors of war,
.         or something like that.

PETER     (remembering)  That’s right!  Andrew, James,
.         John and I were out talking with Jesus–

JAMES     Yes.  Did you understand all of that?

BART      Was it that different from all the other
.         things Jesus has said?

PETER     It was.  We began discussing how beautiful   3
.         the temple was – when Jesus suddenly says
.         that the temple will be torn down.

PHILIP    What?  When?

PETER     He went on to talk about there being wars
.         and rumors of wars, famines and earthquakes-

THADDEUS  So we should have found Jesus a war horse!?

JOHN      I don’t know.  It was all very prophetic.

THOMAS    Well then, let’s just concentrate on what’s
.         happening right now.

PHILIP    Remember, Jesus keeps talking about how
.         He’s going to die.  All this stuff like...
.         how we have the light and soon it will be gone;
.         and that parable He just told us about
.         the master’s son who comes to take care
.         of the vineyard but is KILLED by the workers-

PETER     Well, not if I can help it.

(PETER picks up the two swords.)

JAMES     Should we prepare for battle?

PHILIP    Battle?!  Death?!  What are we doing here?!
.         Then what was all that about serving?
.         And why did Jesus wash our feet?

(JAMES takes one of the swords from PETER.)

JAMES     (to PETER)  I just hope that doesn’t mean
.         I’m washing your feet every day.

MATT      That was an object lesson – something
.         that clearly went right over YOUR heads.
.         To be the greatest, we must be servants.

BART      And what was wrong with Judas?
.         He just – ran right out of here
.         like a crazy person.

MATT      Jesus did say one of us would betray Him.
.                                                     4
ANDREW    I just thought Judas was going out
.         to buy more supplies.

PHILIP    Well, Jesus did say that Peter was going
.         to deny Him three times tonight.

(EVERYONE looks at PETER suspiciously.)

PETER     Don’t look at me like that.  I am not going
.         to deny Jesus.  I always mean what I say -
.         I’m going to follow Him wherever He goes.

(PETER speaks as he puts the sword in his belt.)

ANDREW    We all made that same promise.

BART      So what did Jesus mean then?

PETER     I don’t know.  But right now, Jesus wants us
.         to follow Him to the garden to pray.
.         So that’s where I’m going right now.

JOHN      Even though we’d much rather be sleeping...

(EVERYONE swings their attention over to ANDREW.  ANDREW
rolls his eyes then speaks as he struggles to his feet.)

ANDREW    All right.  I sure wish we had
.         that Helper with us already.

PETER     What Helper?

ANDREW    Jesus was just talking about this.
.         At least I was paying attention at that point.

THOMAS    Something called the Holy Spirit will be sent
.         to us - to guide us, and HELP us remember
.         everything that Jesus has told us.

THADDEUS  Good, because nothing’s really making
.         any sense right now.

PETER     Come on.  We need to go.  Jesus might need us.

(ALL exit, PETER and JAMES carrying the swords.)
.                                                     5
(NOTE:  here you could sing part of a hymn/song,
or insert the pastor’s first half of the message.)

enter very quietly.  They are all very sad.)

JOHN      Maybe if we had stayed awake back at the
.         garden none of this would have happened.

PETER     (really broken up about this)
.         I can’t believe that I denied Jesus...
.         three times – just as He said I would.

BART      Well, it WAS Judas who betrayed Jesus.
.         Imagine, making a deal with the Pharisees
.         like that, then leading the mob of people
.         to the garden to arrest Him.

JAMES     (to PETER)  At least YOU tried
.         to defend Jesus.

PHILIP    Yes, the rest of us just ran away.

PETER     Well, doesn’t really matter anymore.
.         Besides, as soon as I cut that guy’s ear off,
.         Jesus healed it and then told me to stop.
.         It was crazy to think that I could fight
.         that mob all on my own.  Jesus then told me-
.         He could have legions of angels come -
.         if He needed saving.

JAMES     So why didn’t He?

SIMON     Jesus kept talking about how He HAD to die.
.         That - it was God’s will.

PETER     Still, I tried following the mob
.         as they took Jesus to the high priest.
.         I thought I could save Him at some point.
.         Obviously, THAT didn’t work out.

JAMES     And you saw no opportunity?

PETER     I was scared.  I saw them mock Jesus,
.         and beat Him.  It was horrible.
.                                                     6
THOMAS    That trial was a joke.

MATT      Very unfair.  And - Herod and Pilate –
.         didn’t do a thing to stop it either.

PHILIP    Jesus was put to death for the crime
.         of BLASPHEMY?! – Of all the things!
.         We all know that Jesus is the Son of God!
.         And completely innocent of any sin.

THADDEUS  I just can’t believe all the people
.         went along with it, too.  And right after
.         they all had been cheering and praising Jesus
.         as He entered Jerusalem on the donkey.  Then-
.         everyone was given the option of releasing
.         Jesus, but they all chose BARABBAS?!
.         THAT horrible criminal?!
.         I can’t believe people would rather have
.         a murderer on the loose, than let Jesus go.

BART      Meanwhile, Jesus died a horrible death -
.         as a common criminal.

SIMON     He was innocent!  In all the time that
.         we were with Him, we did not see Jesus
.         do one wrong thing.

PHILIP    After all He did for them - how could
.         the people just turn their backs on Jesus?

ANDREW    We did the very same thing ourselves.

(KIDS enter and stand around, listening in.)

THOMAS    He loved everyone, healed people
.         of their diseases, and even raised people
.         from the dead.  But now He, Himself, is dead.
.         It’s all completely hopeless.

THADDEUS  I wonder if that Helper, Jesus talked about,
.         will still come?

(KIDS approach the DISCIPLES.)

BOY 1     What Helper?

THOMAS    Doesn’t really matter now.                  7

BOY 1     Maybe it matters MORE?

THADDEUS  What does a kid know?

BOY 1     Aren’t you the disciples of Jesus?

PETER     Nnnno... Yes!

KID 1     So when will Jesus come back?

PETER     Well, that’s an interesting question.
.         But - only God knows.

THOMAS    Why would He come back?

KID 1     Because He said He would.

BOY 1     You just said that Jesus could raise
.         people from the dead.

THOMAS    Yes, but now Jesus Himself is dead -
.         and buried.  They put a big stone right
.         in front of the door, which has been sealed-
.         very tightly.

JAMES     They’ve put Roman guards in front
.         to keep anybody from getting near
.         or trying to break in.

KID 1     But we heard that Jesus said He would
.         rise again.  Isn’t that true?

PHILIP    (hopelessly)  That’s what Jesus said.

KID 2     But if Jesus is God’s Son, He can do anything!

JOHN      Look, we don’t have time to discuss this
.         with little kids, especially when WE
.         really don’t understand this ourselves.
.         And – we have more important things to do.

PETER     It’s back to fishing for me.

ANDREW    (sarcastically)  And Jesus said you’d build
.         His church and be - a fisher of MEN.
.                                                     8
PETER     Well, looks like it’s back to plain old FISH.

(DISCIPLES walk away.  KIDS turn to each other.)

BOY 1     Why do grownups just like to talk and
.         not listen?

KID 2     Yeah, and they never think they need any help.

BOY 1     I hope we don’t grow up to be like that.

KID 3     Except - we ARE like that sometimes.

BOY 1     No we’re not.

KID 3     Yes we are.

BOY 1     No we’re not.

KID 3     (to KID 1)  Yes!  Remember?  Your dad
.         wanted to help you carve out your toy boat?

KID 2     But you didn’t want to wait for your
.         Dad’s help, and you insisted that
.         you could do it all by yourself.

KID 1     Yeah, and look what happened!

(BOY 1 holds up his bandaged hand and studies it
for a long time.)

BOY 1     Okay, you’re right.

KID 2     Hey!  Didn’t we hear the disciples say –
.         that Jesus said a Helper was coming?

KID 3     So – God DOES have a plan!

KIDS      YAY!

(KIDS run off, excited with a new hope.)