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LAMENTATIONS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         waiting for God, hope
SCRIPTURE:     Lamentations 3:19-38
Style:         satire/conversation: a teenager whines and
.              complains dramatically while waiting for
.              a parent to pick him/her up from school
Cast:          STUDENT, FRIEND
Set & Props:   backpack


(Carrying a backpack, STUDENT paces wearily.)

STUDENT  (loudly)  I’m DYING out here!
.        (quietly)  I - will die out here.
.        (whining)  Could I suffer any more than this?
.        I’m so tired... and hot –

(STUDENT smacks mouth and grimaces dramatically,
then speaks with a raspy voice.)

STUDENT  -and thirsty.  So thirsty.  How long – oh –
.        how long have I been out here – waiting –
.        just waiting for any signs of hope?
.        Home – seems so far away.
.        (thinking)  I could try walking...

(STUDENT takes a few weary steps and seems about
to faint.  STUDENT turns back weakly.)

STUDENT  No, it can’t be done.  It is WAY too far.

(FRIEND walks by and stops to chat.)

FRIEND   Waiting for your parents to pick you up?

STUDENT  I HAVE no parents!  They do NOT exist.

FRIEND   (blandly)  Uh-huh.  Yet, here you are,
.        waiting for them.

STUDENT  (dully)  I have no choice.

FRIEND   Well, it’s smart of you to at least
.        WAIT for them.  To wait for those very
.        NICE parents of yours to pick you up –
.        like they ALWAYS do – EVERYDAY.
.                                                       2
STUDENT  Ah, but do you see me standing here?  Huh?
.        They are MAKING me suffer!  Needlessly!
.        It’s late – I’m hungry.
.        (rummages through backpack)
.        See, there’s no food left.  Not one crumb.

FRIEND   I KNOW that you are not going to starve.
.        YOU know that too.

STUDENT  It FEELS like I will.

FRIEND   You are young and strong.
.        I’m sure you’ll survive.
.        LOOK, your parents are the most dependable,
.        faithful, LOVING parents I have ever met.
.        I’d give ANYTHING to have parents like yours.
.        Have your parents EVER let you starve?

STUDENT  (sighing)  Nooo.

FRIEND   (suspiciously)  You were in detention again,
.        weren’t you?

STUDENT  THAT is beside the point.

FRIEND   I think it’s a very good point.
.        You chose to do something wrong –
.        and had to be punished –
.        so your parents had to adjust
.        THEIR schedules around YOURS...
.        And STILL – they are going to pick you up!
.        Bring you to your nice home,
.        feed you, let you sleep at night...
.        WHY are you complaining?

STUDENT  (thinking)  They’ll probably want to –
.        TALK about it.

FRIEND   (sarcastically)  Oh NO!  How COULD they!
.        How could they dare to CARE so much about you,
.        that they would WANT to help guide you
.        through your mistakes!

STUDENT  (thinking, coming to a realization)
.        You’re right.  I - shouldn’t complain.
.        I mean, I really CAN’T complain – at all.
.        At least not about my parents.
.        My own actions got me into this mess.
.        My parents ARE always there for me.
.                                                       3
FRIEND   Oh!  Speaking of your parents
.        (pointing off stage)
.        There they are... waving you over.

STUDENT  Ah, they’re also - waving you over.
.        Did you want a ride home?

FRIEND   Sure, won’t turn that down!

(STUDENT and FRIEND exit.)