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LACKING COMMITMENT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        commitment
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 14:28-30
Style:        satire/conversation: a person chastises
.             a friend for not finishing projects
.             or keeping promises
Cast:         Bonnie; Susan; Narrator
Set & Props:  2 chairs, remote control, table,
.             bowl, pitcher, cup, TV (optional)


(BONNIE and Susan sits and watches TV.)

BONNIE   This is a good movie, huh?

SUSAN    It is.  Say, you said you had some brownies?

BONNIE   Oh, yeah.  On the counter.  (doesn’t move)

SUSAN    I’ll - get it.

(SUSAN gets up and goes to “counter” and looks)

SUSAN    This is it?

BONNIE   Yeah.

(SUSAN takes a taste with her finger and makes a face.)

SUSAN    Ew!  Not only is it still raw,
.        but I don’t think you finished
.        putting in all the ingredients.

BONNIE   Well, I think I just got sidetracked.
.        We could just eat it like that.

SUSAN    No we can’t.  Besides needing to be baked,
.        It needs a few more ingredients
.        in it before that could happen.
.        Where did you leave off?

BONNIE   No idea.

SUSAN    Where’s your recipe?                              2

BONNIE   Ahhh, you can’t see it there anywhere?

SUSAN    (looking around)  No.

BONNIE   Well, just leave it then, that’s okay.

SUSAN    You don’t want to wash the bowl?

BONNIE   Maybe later.

SUSAN    Okay!  So while I’m up,
.        is there something to drink?

BONNIE   There should be iced tea.

SUSAN    Iced tea sounds good.

(SUSAN looks around and finally finds the pitcher.
She pours herself a glass and tastes it, wincing.)

SUSAN    Ew!  So what happened with the iced tea?
.        You didn’t add the sugar?

BONNIE   Ohhhh, I think I ran out of sugar.  Sorry.

SUSAN    Well, at least we have a movie to watch.

BONNIE   Actually, I’m getting kind of bored.
.        Do you mind if we finish watching it next week?

SUSAN    We can’t do that.  I have to return the DVD
.        tomorrow.  And what do you mean – bored!?
.        You just finished saying it was a good movie.

BONNIE   I don’t know.  I just feel like doing
.        something else now.

SUSAN    But you said you’d watch the movie with me.
.        Man!  If I had known, I would have found
.        someone else with a DVD player.

BONNIE   You still can.  I don’t mind.

SUSAN    It’s too late for that.  Well then, do you mind
.        if I just stay here and watch it by myself?
.                                                          3
BONNIE   Go ahead.

SUSAN    Bonnie, you do realize that things are
.        way better when you finish them?

BONNIE   I guess.

SUSAN    What do you mean, you guess?  With just
.        a little more effort and time management,
.        you could have finished the brownies
.        and the iced tea.  Now you’ve wasted the time
.        you DID spend on it, plus the money
.        it took using up those ingredients.  And,
.        because you lack the bit of stamina needed
.        to sit here for just 30 more minutes,
.        you’re not going to see the end of this movie.
.        You’re going to miss out on the fun
.        and the best part of the story.  And -
.        you are really making me frustrated!

BONNIE   Sorry?

SUSAN    I guess it’s your loss, as well as mine.
.        You seem to do this a lot.  When you make
.        a commitment, you need to finish what you start.
.        Someday, someone might really be depending on you.
.        What if a doctor had to perform surgery on you,
.        and half way through the operation,
.        he just decided not to finish?

BONNIE   That would be bad.  Hmph. Never thought of it
.        that way.  I guess I’ll try harder.

SUSAN    Starting when?

BONNIE   Ahhh, right now?  Yeah-now.  
.        Let's finish watching the movie.

NARRATOR  Luke 14:28–30  "If one of you is planning
.         to build a tower, he sits down to see
.         if he has enough money to finish the job.
.         If he doesn’t, he will not be able to finish
.         the tower after laying the foundation:
.         and all who see what happened will make fun
.         of him.  'This man began to build
.         but can’t finish the job!'”