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KEEPING IT CLEAN - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       sins, holiness, choices
SCRIPTURE:   Judges 2:1-4, Mt.23:25-26, Rom.6:11-23,
.            Heb.12:1, James 1:14-15
Style:       allegory/conversation: person washes a cup
.            only on the outside
Cast:        PERSONS 1 & 2, NARRATOR
Set & Props: basin, wash cloth, 2 cups,
.            pitcher (pretend or fill with water)


(PERSON 1 & 2 enter.)

PERSON 2    I’m kind of thirsty.

(PERSON 1 looks around and then checks the basin.)

PERSON 1    Me too, but I don’t have any clean cups left.

PERSON 2    How about you wash some cups,
.           and I’ll get some water.

(PERSON 2 leaves.)

(PERSON 1 picks up a cup from the basin
and tries to wipe the inside.
He/she has a hard time getting his/her hand inside
so he decides to quickly just wipe off the outside
of the 2 cups.)

(PERSON 2 returns with a pitcher of “water”.)

(PERSON 1 turns around, holding out the 2 cups.)

PERSON 1    Done.

(PERSON 2 pours water into each cup.
Putting down the pitcher, PERSON 2 takes
one of the cups and is about to drink,
but notices the inside.  PERSON 2 stops,
dropping his/her jaw in disgust.)

PERSON 2    Gross.
.                                                          2
PERSON 1    What’s the matter?

(PERSON 1 takes a drink, then spits the water out.)

PERSON 1    Ewk!  That is awful.

PERSON 2    Didn’t you wash the inside of the cup?

PERSON 1    I tried, but my hand couldn’t fit.

PERSON 2    The whole point of the cup is
.           to hold liquids inside of it to drink.
.           So there’s not much point in just washing
.           the outside of a cup if the inside is dirty.

(PERSON 1 & 2 leave.)

NARRATOR    God asked the Israelites to completely
.           clean all their land of all altars to other gods
.           or this sin would become a problem to them.
.           In the same way, we should constantly
.           be getting rid of the sin in our lives
.           or it will be a problem to us.  And only God
.           is able to reach into the depths of our hearts
.           and clean it for us when we ask Him.