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JUST LIKE DAD - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       relationships, teaching children
SCRIPTURE:   Pr.22:6, Titus2:2-10, 1Pet.5:1-5
Style:       satire/allegory:  son copies all the actions
.            of his father as they get ready to go out
Cast:        Father, Son
Set & Props: shaver, tissue, 2 combs, 2 T-shirts,
.            2 dress shirts, 2 ties


(FATHER mimes shaving while looking out at the congregation
like there’s a mirror there.)

(SON feels his chin.)

(FATHER glances at SON with a smile.)

FATHER   Some day, son, some day.

(FATHER flinches like he’s nicked himself, and grabs
a tissue to dab at it.)

SON      Will I get cut too?

FATHER   Oh, probably.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how
.        to be careful.  If you’re careful, you don’t
.        hurt yourself too often.

SON      Good.

(FATHER combs his hair.)

(SON copies.)

(FATHER puts on a dress shirt over his T-shirt
and buttons up.)

(SON copies every step watchfully.)

(FATHER puts on a tie.)

(SON tries – it’s a mess.  SON sighs.)

(FATHER does it for him.)                                  2

SON      Aren’t I old enough to learn this?

FATHER   Oh, sure.  I can start teaching you.
.        Look there in the mirror.

(They both look forward to the “mirror”.  FATHER talks
about each step as he ties the tie. SON sighs.)

FATHER   Don’t worry.  I’ll show you over and over
.        until you get it.

SON      That could take a while.

FATHER   That’s what I’m here for.

SON      Remember teaching me how to tie my shoes?!

FATHER   Yes, and eventually - you learned to do it
.        all by yourself.  You do a fine job tying your
.        shoes now.  And you'll do a fine job tying a tie.

(FATHER pats SON’S back while they leave.)