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JOHN’S LETTER - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       truth, serving, financial support, gossip
Style:       drama/conversation: a messenger brings a letter
.            from John to a church.  As he paraphrases
.            the message, and the people react.
Cast:        MESSENGER, PERSON 1, 2, 3
Set & Props: scroll


(PERSON 1, 2, 3 huddle together in prayer.  When they
say “Amen”, MESSENGER enters, panting from running.)

MESSENGER   I have news from Apostle John.

(MESSENGER opens scroll and tries to read, but has
problems catching his breath.)

PERSON 1   What’s wrong, you can’t breathe?

(MESSENGER shakes his head.)

PERSON 2   But we want to hear it.

PERSON 1   We’re just very anxious to hear from John.

PERSON 2   Why don't you just paraphrase for now?

MESSENGER  (reading)  Okay. Ahhh, Apostle John
.          wishes you well.  He is encouraged to hear
.          that some of us are still walking in the truth.

PERSON 3   I don’t understand.  Who isn’t?

PERSON 2   Sh.

MESSENGER  Ahhh, he commends YOU on how you financially
.          support the brothers who go out for
.          the sake of the name to share the good news.

PERSON 3   Commend?  What’s that mean?  Could you all
.          not use such big words?

PERSON 2   And shouldn’t we have a word for                2
.          “these people,” instead of just: the brothers
.          who go out for the sake of the Name?

PERSON 1   Yes! But what?

PERSON 2   The-ahhhh... good news messengers?

PERSON 3   How about, the go-outters?

PERSON 1   That doesn’t work at all.

PERSON 2   Well, they do go out - on missions –
.          the mission-goers.

PERSON 3   The – missionaries!

PERSON 2   Hey, that sounds good.  The "MISSION-aries. "

MESSENGER  Okay, so Apostle Paul thanks you
.          for your faithful support to the –
.          missionaries – and how you take them
.          into your homes when they come to this area.
.          He says it is a great testimony –
.          a great witness – to the people
.          in John's church -

PERSON 3   Huh?

MESSENGER  When you do that, other people can
.          totally see how you love the missionaries,
.          which shows them how you love God,
.          and it can show them how God can work
.          among the people.  So - keep it up.  What you
.          all do is teamwork for the message of truth.

(PERSON 1, 2, 3 high-five each other.)

MESSENGER  Now - here’s a warning about Diotrephes.
.          He is trying to run things, and is gossiping
.          about Apostle John and the missionaries
.          and refuses to help them out.  It seems
.          whenever someone wants to become a missionary,
.          he tries to stop them and kicks them out
.          of the church.  If Apostle John comes,
.          he will deal with this situation.  For now,
.          do not join Diotrephes in doing evil.
.                                                          3
PERSON 1   That’s so sad.

MESSENGER  Demetrius, on the other hand,
.          has a good reputation and can be trusted.
.          Just keep doing what is good –
.          this is from God.  And finally,
.          Apostle John wishes you peace
.          and hopes to see you all real soon.
.          Keep up the good work.

(EVERYONE cheers and high-fives again.  Meanwhile,
MESSENGER rolls up the scroll, hands it to PERSON 2
and turns to leave.)

PERSON 1   Wait-wait, where are you going?

PERSON 2   Come on, you at least need something to eat
.          before you go.

PERSON 3   And I noticed your sandals are wearing out.
.          I’ve got an extra pair that should fit you.

(PERSON 1, 2, 3 warmly ushers MESSENGER out.)