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JOHN THE BAPTIST’S MESSAGE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        have the right condition of the heart,
.             show fruit before you are baptized
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 3:3-18
Style:        drama/conversation:  John the Baptist
.             speaks with the people about motives,
.             repentance and baptism – with water
.              and the Holy Spirit
Cast:         John the Baptist, PEOPLE 1-5


(JOHN THE BAPTIST steps out and draws a crowd.)

JB   Come, repent and be baptized!

(PERSON 1 pushes his out of the crowd of PEOPLE
so that someone falls.  PERSON 1 doesn’t care
and steps up to JOHN THE BAPTIST.)

P1   I wish to be baptized!

JB   Why?  Do you think you can avoid the fire
.    if you just get baptized?  You must repent first
.    before you can be baptized.

P1   But I have the proper heritage, so therefore
.    I must have the proper qualifications.

JB   Your only qualification must be that you have
.    repented of all your sins.  The proof of that
.    will be evident by bearing good fruit.
.    Any tree that does not bear good fruit
.    is cut down and thrown into the fire.

P2   What do you mean by that?

P3   Yes, what exactly is fruit?

JB   If you have two coats, you would give one of them
.    to someone who needs it.

P4   As a tax collected, what would I do?

JB   Only collect the proper amount of taxes.
.    Do not steal.

P5   I’m a soldier, what is it that I should do?        2

JB   Don’t take anything by force, or falsely accuse
.    anyone, and be content with what you earn.
.    These are demonstrations of your heart’s condition.

P2   So are you the Christ?

JB   I am not.  Jesus knows your heart,
.    and will know the sincerity of your decision
.    to repent.  He will baptize you with
.    His Holy Spirit.  I only baptize you with water,
.    which is a symbol of what Jesus Christ
.    has done for you in your heart.
.    It is also a symbolic way to publicly proclaim
.    what Jesus Christ has done for you.
.    Come, repent and be baptized!

(JOHN THE BAPTIST leads the way out.  Some people follow
immediately while others need to think first.)