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JESUS’ WORK ON THE CROSS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        visual poem of salvation
SCRIPTURE:    Romans 5:1-21
Style:        visual poem/visual aid to demonstrate our
.             need for salvation and how God provides it,
.             and what we have to do to get it using
.             colored cards to represent states of being
Cast:         4 to 17 people  (see note below)
Set & Props:  cardboard/s: white, black, red, green
.             (all should have white on the other side)

NOTE:         - make sure you do not cover your faces
.             so everyone can hear properly
.             - if you only have 4 people, only
.             hold up the color as the person speaks,
.             then put the color back down.
.             - you can have the lines written on
.             the back of the cardboards if needed
.             - or you can have one or two people reading
.             all of the lines (alternating colors)
.             - you could get creative with 16 people
.             by forming a square starting at the bottom
.             with people sitting, kneeling, etc.
.             At the end, when all boards flip over,
.             it would form one big white square,
.             or you could form a cross.


WHITE   God made people,
.       and He loved them as His children.

BLACK   But the people chose to disobey God anyway,
.       and brought sin into the world.

RED     Where there is sin,
.       there is spiritual death and separation from God.
.       Because God is holy, God cannot be near sin.

GREEN   But God wanted to be close to His people.

WHITE   Long ago, God told the people to make sacrifices,
.       because He loved them.

BLACK   Whenever the people would sin,
.       they needed to show that they were sorry.

RED     The people had to sacrifice an animal to God    2
.       to cover their sins.

GREEN   But God still wanted to be closer
.       with His people.

WHITE   God sent His Son down to earth as Man,
.       because He loved the people.
.       Because He loves YOU.

BLACK   God knows that people are born with sin
.       and that they all have to die.
.       You are born with sin in your life.

RED     So Jesus died - for all people,
.       Jesus was - the perfect sacrifice.
.       Jesus died for YOU.

GREEN   And after three days, Jesus rose from the dead,
.       because God wants to be close with His people.
.       God wants to be close with YOU.

WHITE   God loves us so much -
.       He wants all of us to be His children.
.       He wants YOU to be His child.

BLACK   But we are born with sin in our lives,
.       and we have to choose to turn away from our sins.
.       YOU have to ask God to forgive your sins.

RED     When we accept Jesus into our hearts and lives
.       as King and Savior, our sins die with Jesus.
.       YOUR sins can die with Jesus.

GREEN   This way, God can be forever close
.       with His people.
.       God becomes our Father,
.       and we become His children – forever.
.       God wants YOU to be His child.

(ALL turn their cardboards over so ALL are white.)

WHITE   And then God remembers our sins no more!
.       God wants to be CLOSE – to YOU.