.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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JESUS’S BIRTHDAY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        simple Christmas story
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.1:18-2:22, Lk.1:26-2:38, Jhn.1:1,14; 3:16,
.             1 Cor.15:3-4, 1 John 3:16
Style:        drama/conversation
.             OPTION 1: act out
.             OPTION 2: mime to narrating, if so...
.             if there is a (2) before the cast’s role
.             this means you need two people for this part,
.             one for the actions, one for the voice.
.             Do not have big pauses, the actions should
.             keep pace right along with the voices.
Cast:         Narrator, (2) Gabriel (preferably male),
.             (2) Mary, (2) Elizabeth, (2) Joseph,
.             (2) Messenger, Inn Keeper’s Wife,
.             (2) ONE Shepherd, extra shepherds,
.             extra angels, (2) Herod, (2) ONE magi,
.             extra magi (any amt., Bible doesn’t specify)
Set & Props:  - manger (placed between stage left and
.               center stage, directions are always given
.               for actors as they look out at congregation,
.               also make sure that right behind the manger
.               is a blank wall where the spotlight or slide
.               can shine),
.             - spotlight,
.             - cross-shaped cookie for the spotlight,
.               or a slide of a cross
.             - bundled baby doll
.             - Mary needs a costume that will allow her
.               to easily put in and take out
.               a bundled doll without being awkward
.             - packages


VOICES: DIALOGUE                  ACTIONS:

GAB.    “In the beginning         The stage is dark.
.       was the Word,
.       and the Word
.       was with God, and
.       the Word was God… and
.       the Word became flesh,
.       and dwelt among us.”
.                                                          2
NAR.    At this time,
.       God sent the angel,
.       Gabriel,
.       to a city in Galilee,
.       called Nazareth -         STAGE LIGHTS on.
.       to Mary, a virgin,        MARY enters stage right
.       engaged to a man          and crosses the stage.
.       whose name was Joseph,
.       descendant of David.
.                                 From stage left, GABRIEL
.                                 steps out, with arms
.                                 spread out toward MARY.
GAB.    Hail, favored one!        SPOTLIGHT on. MARY shrinks
.       The Lord is with you.     to knees, hides her face.
.       Do not be afraid, Mary;   MARY holds her fists just
.       for you have found        below her chin while
.       favor with God.           listening, slowly gaining
.       And behold, you will      courage.
.       conceive in your womb,
.       and bear a son,
.       and you shall name Him
.       Jesus.  He will be        GABRIEL raises arms and
.       great, and will be        looks up to heaven.
.       called the Son of the
.       Most High; and the
.       Lord God will give Him    GABRIEL looks at MARY.
.       the throne of His
.       father David; and He
.       will reign over the
.       house of Jacob forever;
.       and His kingdom           GABRIEL spreads out arms
.       will have no end.         wide to the sides.

MARY    How can this be,          MARY looks at GABRIEL,
.       since I am a virgin?      and puts a shaking hand
.                                 to her mouth.

GAB.    The Holy Spirit           GABRIEL reaches up with
.       will come                 right hand, then slowly
.       upon you;                 lowers arm toward Mary.
.       and for that reason,
.       the Holy Offspring        GABRIEL puts hands to
.       shall be called           his chest in prayer,
.       the Son of God.           palms together.
.       Nothing will be           He keeps elbows at hips,
.       impossible with God.      and spreads out palms up.
.                                                          3
MARY    Behold, the bondslave     MARY folds hands and bows
.       of the Lord;              head, like in a prayer.
.       be it done to me
.       according to your word.
.                                 GABRIEL bows head and
.                                 walks backward to exit.
.                                 SPOTLIGHT off.

.                                 MARY stands up to think.
NAR.    Now at this time          MARY moves to stage right
.       Mary went with haste      pausing a few times
.       to a city of Judah,       to think and look around.
.       and entered the           ELIZABETH steps out
.       house of Zacharias.       from stage right.
.       When Mary                 ELIZABETH hugs MARY.
.       greeted Elizabeth,
.       who carried the baby,
.       one day to become
.       John the Baptist -
.       the baby leapt for joy    ELIZABETH grabs her own
.       in Elizabeth’s womb.      stomach in delight.

ELIZ.   Blessed among women are   ELIZABETH grabs
.       you, and blessed is       MARY’S hands
.       the fruit of your womb!   with a big smile.
.                                 ELIZABETH waves and
.                                 exits stage right.
NAR.    Mary stayed               MARY waves goodbye,
.       with Elizabeth            but then clasps hands
.       and Zacharias             nervously.
.       for 3 months, and         JOSEPH steps out at stage
.       then returned home.       right and looks at MARY.
.       Joseph, Mary’s fiancé,    JOSEPH makes fists,
.       heard the news            which tremble angrily
.       that she                  down at his side.
.       was to have a child.      MARY’S happy expression
.       Joseph, being             slowly turns to sadness.
.       a righteous man,          MARY exits sadly.
.       didn’t want               JOSEPH goes to center
.       to disgrace Mary.         stage, running a hand
.       He desired to put her     through his hair,
.       away secretly, but        worried, & thinking.
.       as he considered this,    JOSEPH wilts down
.       An angel                  to the floor and
.       appeared to him           curls up, as if either
.       in a dream.               sleeping or praying.
.                                                          4
.                                 SPOTLIGHT on.
GAB.    Joseph,                   GABRIEL steps out
.       son of David,             from stage left and
.       do not be afraid          reaches out right hand,
.       to take Mary              as if to hold Joseph down
.       as your wife;             to the ground,
.       for that which            but not touching him.
.       has been conceived        Not moving right hand,
.       in her,                   GABRIEL reaches up with
.       is of                     left hand & an open palm,
.       the Holy Spirit.          then brings it down
.       And she will              to his stomach area,
.       bear a Son                making a fist.
.       and you                   GABRIEL uses left hand
.       shall call His name       to motion to JOSEPH.
.       Jesus,
.       for it is He              GABRIEL lifts left hand
.       who will save             and touches his heart
.       His people                with an open palm.
.       from their sins.
.       As the prophet Isaiah     GABRIEL uses left hand
.       says in the               to look like a “book”.
.       scriptures,
.       “Behold,
.       the virgin shall be
.       with child,
.       and shall bear a Son,
.       and they                  GABRIEL reaches up
.       shall call His name       both hands
.       Immanuel,                 with open palms,
.       which means               then brings them down
.       ‘God with us’.”           to sign “us”,
.                                 Then keeps both hands
.                                 stretched out to JOSEPH,
.                                 like if holding him down,
.                                 as he backs out to exit.
.                                 SPOTLIGHT off.

NAR.    Joseph woke up            JOSEPH stands up on his
.       and did as                knees in realization,
.       the angel commanded,      then gets up and walks
.       And took her              quickly to stage right.
.       as his wife,              MARY steps out with hope
.       and kept her a virgin     on her face.  JOSEPH
.       until she gave birth.     takes both MARY’S hands
.       It wasn’t long after –    with a gentle smile.
.                                                            5
.                                 MESSENGER steps out with
MES.    A decree                  a scroll from stage left,
.       from Caesar Augustus!     and holds up a hand high
.       A census                  with the palm out.
.       is to be taken            MARY & JOSEPH, still
.       of all the earth.         holding hands, pivot
.       Everyone must go          so both look at
.       to register               MESSENGER with
.       for the census            curiosity.
.       to his own city.          MESSENGER turns abruptly
.                                 and exits stage right.
.                                 MARY & JOSEPH look at
NAR.    Joseph                    each other, then exit
.       had to go to Galilee,     stage right,
.       the city of Nazareth-     still holding hands.
.       to Judea,                 JOSEPH leads MARY out
.       the city of David,        holding only one hand.
.       which was called          MARY looks pregnant now
.       Bethlehem,                and her head is covered
.       because Joseph            with a shawl.
.       was of the house          JOSEPH slowly leads MARY
.       and family of David.      across the stage.
.       Joseph                    As they slowly walk toward
.       had to take Mary          stage left,
.       along with him.           JOSEPH looks back
.       When they arrived,        at MARY
.       she was ready             with concern.
.       to deliver.               INN KEEPER’S WIFE steps
.       But at the inn,           out from stage left,
.       they find out -           looks at JOSEPH and MARY,
.       there was no more room.   & shakes her head sadly.
.       Having permission         WIFE points to manger
.       to use a stable,          then exits.  JOSEPH leads
.       Mary gave birth           MARY to manger & helps her
.       to Jesus – and            sit down.  Behind manger,
.       wrapped Him in cloths,    MARY slips out doll and
.       and laid Him there        lays the bundled baby
.       in a lowly manger.        in the manger tenderly.
.                                 MARY looks adoringly down
.                                 at the baby.
.       In the same region,       SHEPHERDS quietly slip
.       there were                onto stage right.
.       some shepherds
.       in a field,
.       watching their flocks
.       at night.
.                                                          6
NAR.    An angel suddenly         SPOTLIGHT on.
.       stood before them,        GABRIEL steps out from
.       and the glory             stage left.
.       of the Lord               SHEPHERDS shrink back
.       shone around them;        in fear, and crouch down
.       and they were             with heads bowed.
.       terrified.

GAB.    Do not be afraid;         GABRIEL puts arms out
.       for behold, I bring you   with palms up.
.       good news of a great
.       joy which shall be
.       for all the people;       SHEPHERDS slowly dare
.       For today                 to look up at GABRIEL.
.       in the city of David
.       there has been born
.       for you a Savior,
.       who is Christ
.       the Lord.
.       And this will be
.       a sign for you;
.       you will find a baby
.       wrapped in cloths,        SHEPHERDS look up with
.       and                       amazed smiles.
.       lying in a manger.

NAR.    Suddenly,                 EXTRA ANGELS step out
.       a multitude               and with GABRIEL, they
.       of the heavenly host      stretch their arms up
.       praised God.              to the heavens.

GAB.    Glory to God              (if this is not mimed,
.       in the highest,            the other angels
.       And on earth               can join in.)
.       peace among men
.       with whom
.       He is pleased.
.                                 SPOTLIGHT off.
.                                 Angels exit stage right.

SHEPHD. Let us go                 SHEPHERDS start at each
.       straight to Bethlehem     other in amazement.
.       and see this thing        ONE of the shepherds
.       that has happened         motions for others
.       which the Lord            to follow him
.       has made known to us.     to the manger.
.                                                          7
NAR.    They stayed and           As SHEPHERDS bow before
.       worshiped the Lord,       manger, MARY smiles.
.       And when they left,       ONE shepherds motions for
.       they glorified God,       the rest to follow.
.       telling everyone they     They all exit stage left.
.       met about the Child.      MARY smiles up at JOSEPH.
.                                 HEROD regally steps out
.                                 at stage right and stands.
.       After this, magi from     MAGI carrying packages
.       the east arrived in       step out at stage right
.       Jerusalem, and stopped    and step up to HEROD with
.       to see King Herod.        slight bow of their heads.

MAGI    Where is He who has       ONE MAGI holds out
.       been born King of         his hand as if
.       the Jews? For we saw      posing a question,
.       His star in the east,     motions up to the sky,
.       and have come             then brings arm down.
.       to worship Him.           HEROD paces, troubled.

HEROD   Where is the Christ       HEROD stops & spreads out
.       to be born?               hands in a question.

MAGI    In Bethlehem              ONE MAGI points up,
.       of Judea,                 just above the manger,
.       as written                then uses his hand to
.       by the prophet,           look like a book.
.       ‘And you, Bethlehem,      ONE MAGI spreads out
.       land of Judah,            both hands as in
.       are by no means           an explanation.
.       least among
.       the leaders of Judah;
.       for out of you
.       shall come forth
.       a Ruler,                  HEROD slowly crosses his
.       who will shepherd         arms, then strokes his jaw
.       My people Israel.”        while thinking.

HEROD   Go and make               HEROD points to manger
.       careful search            like a command,
.       for the Child;            then puts his fists
.       and when                  on his hips.
.       you have found Him,       HEROD uses a hand
.       report to me,             to reference himself,
.       that I too may come       then more humbly, smiles
.       and worship Him.          & folds hands prayerfully.
.                                                          8
.                                 HEROD exits right,
NAR.    The magi continued        while MAGI walk
.       to follow the star        over to the manger.
.       to where the Child was,   MARY picks up the doll
.       and they rejoiced         and holds it up
.       with great joy.           For the MAGI to see.
.       When entering,            MAGI fall to their
.       they saw the Child        knees, & put the gifts
.       with Mary,                up to their foreheads
.       and they fell down        as a way to bless them
.       to worship Him.           then place them beside
.       And they opened           the manger.
.       their treasures           MAGI then blow low
.       and presented to Him      to the ground
.       gifts of gold,            to worship.
.       frankincense and myrrh.
.       But being warned by God
.       in a dream not to return
.       to Herod, they left for   MAGI get up and exit
.       their own country         stage left.
.       by another way.
.       An angel appeared         JOSEPH crouches beside
.       to Joseph                 MARY, who still holds baby
.       in a dream.               close to her, like they
.                                 are kind of sleeping.

.                                 SPOTLIGHT on.
.                                 GABRIEL enters stage left
GAB.    Arise,                    & raises arms up half-way
.       take the Child            with palms up.
.       and His mother,
.       and flee to Egypt.
.       Remain there
.       until I tell you;
.       for Herod
.       is going to search
.       for the Child
.       to destroy Him.
.                                 SPOTLIGHT off.
.                                 GABRIEL exits stage left.

NAR.    Joseph took Jesus and     JOSEPH helps MARY stand,
.       Mary by night and left    and still holding baby,
.       for Egypt – fulfilling    exit stage left.
.       the prophecy “Out of
.       Egypt did I call My Son.”
.                                                          9
NAR.    Herod had all male children slayed in the Bethlehem
.       region, under the age of 2.  The prophecy
.       of Jeremiah was therefore fulfilled,
.       “A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and
.       great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children;
.       and she refused to be comforted, because
.       they were no more.”  Once Herod died, an angel
.       appeared in a dream to Joseph, telling him
.       to return to Nazareth, where they settled,
.       fulfilling the prophecy, “He shall be called
.       a Nazarene.”  And the Child continued to grow
.       and become strong, increasing in wisdom;
.       and the grace of God was upon Him.

(SPOTLIGHT with cross-shape shines onto the manger.)

NAR.    For God so loved the world that He sent
.       His only Son - the Lord, Thy Salvation,
.       which Thou hast prepared in the presence
.       of all peoples, a light of revelation to
.       the gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel.
.       He laid down His life for us -
.       Christ died for our sins.  He was buried,
.       and He was raised on the third day –

(SPOTLIGHT with cross-shape raises up above the manger
to shine on the wall above.)

NAR.    so that whoever believes in Him should not perish,
.       but have eternal life.  We celebrate Jesus’s birthday,
.       because He came - that we might be born again.