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JERICHO WALL - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         trust God, strength, courage
SCRIPTURE:     Joshua 1:1-9, 6:1-7; Mark 10:27
Style:         dramody/conversation: JOSHUA discusses
.              God's plan of attack on Jericho
Cast:          JOSHUA, at least 2 MEN
Set & Props:   robes


(JOSHUA enters from one side, MEN rush in from the other.)

MAN 1   Joshua, there you are.

MAN 2   We have Jericho shut up tightly.
.       No one can come in or out of the city.

MAN 1   Yeah, and the king and his army
.       are stuck inside, too.

JOSHUA  That is good news.  God has just spoken to me
.       and explained what we should do next.

MAN 1   Should we get ready to attack?

JOSHUA  No-no. This is the plan.  We are going to take
.       all our armed men - and march around the city.

MAN 2   Sounds great.  Surround the city!

MAN 1   And then we attack!

JOSHUA  No-no.  We’re going to do this every day
.       for SIX days.  We will also carry
.       the ark of the covenant with us.

MAN 2   Of course, so God will be with us –

MAN 1   For when we attack.

JOSHUA  I’m not finished... seven priests will go before
.       the ark of the covenant and carry ram horn trumpets.

MAN 1   Ah-haaaa. And theeennn?
.                                                          2
JOSHUA  On the SEVENTH day, we’ll march around
.       seven times-

MAN 1   Yeah?

JOSHUA  With the priests blowing the trumpets.

MAN 1   And then?

JOSHUA  When the priests blow long blasts on their trumpets,
.       all the people will give a loud SHOUT...

MAN 1   AND?

(MEN stand around with their jaws hanging - waiting.)

MAN 1   So when do we attack?

JOSHUA  We don’t.  We won’t have to.

MAN 2   Because they’ll laugh themselves to death?

MAN 1   Oh-oh-oh – I see - it’s a psych-out tactic!
.       The first day they might be amused,
.       but after a while, they’ll start to wonder,
.       “What are they planning to do?”
.       And then they’ll start getting paranoid,
.       thinking, “Ooo, these guys are crazy.
.       No telling WHAT they’re going to do.
.       It could be anything – anytime.”  Then finally,
.       they’ll just panic and freak out.

JOSHUA  Once everyone has shouted –
.       The walls of Jericho – will fall down...
.       (MEN’s jaws hang open again.)
.       And THEN we may enter the city.
.       We’ll just be able to walk right in...
.       and attack.

MAN 1   (very doubtfully)  Okay. If you say so.

JOSHUA  I don’t say so – GOD does.

MAN 2   So we’re going to lose.  I mean,
.       come on –

MAN 1   Yeah, you know, we’re going to be                  3
.       like shooting ducks out there.
.       It’s like saying, “Here we are –
.       just some crazy people walking around in circles –
.       go ahead and shoot us!”

JOSHUA  We do NOT have to be terrified or discouraged.
.       God told me three times to be
.       “strong and courageous”.

MAN 1   We’ll HAVE to be - with a plan like THAT.

MAN 2   Come on – think about it – we march,
.       we blow trumpets and yell –
.       and then the walls will just –
.       all-of-a-sudden fall down?

JOSHUA  Have you guys already forgotten that God
.       parted the Jordan River so we could get across?
.       With God, anything is possible.
.       If He can make a WALL of water, do you NOT think
.       He can knock down a few WALLS of stone?

MAN 1   So God just said - we have to be strong
.       and courageous?

JOSHUA  Not - HAVE to be - we CAN be –
.       because God has promised to be with us always.
.       And God has promised to give us all the land
.       every place we set our feet.

MAN 2   (knowingly)  Ohhhh, so we’re setting our feet
.       on the land that God is going to give us
.       by walking around the city!

MAN 1   I see.  So we walk around the city
.       and God will give us that land.

JOSHUA  Yes-yes, but God wants to give us
.       so much more than that.
.       He wants us to have strength and courage –
.       in Him.  He doesn’t want us to trust in ourselves.
.       He wants us to obey and trust Him for everything...
.       and not just for land.

MAN 1   Okay-okay... But God will give us this land?

JOSHUA  Yes!  Okay, maybe if we all just                   4
.       get going and obey, the whole object lesson
.       will eventually sink in.
.       When we obey God, God can work in
.       and for us. So –

(MEN all eagerly rush out while JOSHUA is still talking.)

JOSHUA  Let's just go out and do this thing!