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JEREMIAH’S JOURNEY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        obedience, God guides us
SCRIPTURE:    Jeremiah 1:1-52:34, Lamentations
Style:        drama/narration: Jeremiah’s story
.             is told while actors mime it out.
Cast:         JEREMIAH
.             PEOPLE OF ISRAEL
.             2 ELDERS (male)
.             ENEMIES
.               (one clean, one ragged & dirty),
.             CLAY JAR
.               (to break safely OR already broken
.               but fits together so when brought out
.               while holding it together, Jeremiah can
.               “put it to the ground” so it falls apart)
.               (if this isn’t possible to do safely,
.               slip this part of the story)
.             SWORDS
.             2 BASKETS
.               (one with crumpled black paper,
.               one filled with crumpled brown paper)


NARRATOR                           MIMED ACTION

Even before Jeremiah was born,
God had a very specific purpose
for his life.  Jeremiah was        At stage right (SR),
to be a prophet to the nations.    JEREMIAH steps out and
And even though he was only        stands straight,
a very young man when he began     strong, and still.
serving God, God told him that
he should be strong, and not be
afraid.  God would be with him
wherever he went, and God would
tell him exactly what to say.

Because the people in northern     At stage left (SL),
Israel had turned away from God,   PEOPLE step out and
and were doing evil things, God    fold their arms in
sent Jeremiah to speak to them.    defiance.

NARRATOR                           MIMED ACTION         2

“People of Israel, hear the word   JEREMIAH walks to
of the LORD.  Thus says the LORD,  people, center stage
‘You have all sinned against Me!’  (CS), arms out.
but He will give you a chance      Points up.
to confess your sins and turn      Hands together,
back to God, because He is loving  pleadingly.
and gracious.  But if you          Shake head.
do not obey God, the fierce anger  Hand in fist,
of the LORD will be upon you.      coming down.
And your enemies will fight        Point at people.
against you and you will lose      Bring hands down,
and be destroyed.’”                flattening down.

The people did not care and        PEOPLE scowl and
did not listen.                    turn backs to him.

Jeremiah then tried to argue       JEREMIAH turns & walks
with God that these punishments    to SR, arms pleading
were too harsh.  So God told       to God.  Drops arms,
Jeremiah to try to find just       listening.
one obedient person.  Jeremiah     JEREMIAH walks thru
searched and searched, but         all the people.
could not find even one person     PEOPLE turn backs as
who was obedient to God.           he looks at them.

Jeremiah pleaded with the people   JEREMIAH steps to
to wash their hearts from evil,    CS with outstretched
so that they might be saved.       arms and hands.
But the people did not respect     People wave him off
the words of the prophet.          with disgust.
Even after many warnings,          PEOPLE turn backs
the people were stubborn           away from JEREMIAH
and did not want to listen.        and freeze.

Jeremiah was very sad,             JEREMIAH goes to SR,
because now, God’s punishment      head hanging in
would be even more severe, and     sorrow, shaking head.
Jeremiah still struggled to
understand.  God had to give       Looks up.
Jeremiah a visual example.  
God instructed Jeremiah to buy     JEREMIAH exits,
a linen waistband and wear it      then re-enters
around his waist.  This waistband  with white waistband
symbolized the people who were     and holds it around
close to God’s heart.              his waist.

NARRATOR                           MIMED ACTION         3

God then told Jeremiah to hide     JEREMIAH looks up,
the waistband in the rocks.        exits, then re-enters
This symbolized the people         without waistband.
turning away from God.             Paces while waiting.

After a few days, God told
Jeremiah to go back and get        JEREMIAH exits,
the waistband.  When he found      re-enters with
the waistband, it was ruined       ragged waistband
and was totally worthless.         And holds it up.
This symbolized how the people
who had turned away from God       JEREMIAH throws
had become worthless.              waistband offstage.

Even though he was sad, Jeremiah   JEREMIAH hangs head
knew better and honored God,       down, then folds
saying “There is none like You,    hands in prayer
O LORD; You are great, and         and looks up.
great is Your name in might...”

God now sent Jeremiah to give      JEREMIAH goes to CS.
yet another warning to the people, Slowly pounds a fist
letting them know just how cruel   into his other hand
their enemies would be to them.    a few times.
Now the people were angry,         PEOPLE fold arms &/or
and even plotted against           put hands on hips,
Jeremiah to destroy him.           scowling at him.

God protected Jeremiah and         JEREMIAH walks to SR
told him to not even pray for      with arms hanging
these people, nor cry for them;    limply at side,
for God would not listen to        keeps back to people,
these people, even if they called  then hangs head down.
to Him when they were in trouble.

Jeremiah was even more saddened,   JEREMIAH looks up
and wondered why evil people       and spreads out hands
were still allowed to prosper.     in saddened wonder.

God answered Jeremiah, saying      JEREMIAH looks up,
that the time would come when      with arms hanging down
the people would be punished.      again.
Their enemies would come soon.

NARRATOR                           MIMED ACTION         4

God had Jeremiah warn the people   JEREMIAH goes to CS,
again to give glory to God, or     slowly throwing arms
there would be darkness,           out with the message.
and drought, and slavery.          PEOPLE shake their
The people still did not listen.   heads slowly.

Jeremiah felt like God had         JEREMIAH rushes to SR
failed him, and regretted that     & falls to knees,
he had ever been born.             weeping into hands.
But Jeremiah also hoped that God   Folds hands
would remember that he had always  and looks up
been obedient to God.  And he      with pleading to God.
reminded God of the promises
that God had made to the people.

God let Jeremiah know that if      JEREMIAH, still on
he remained obedient, he would     his knees, puts head
be set free.  But because of       to the ground.
Jeremiah’s doubt, God told
Jeremiah that he could never
have a wife or children there.
Anyone born in that place          JEREMIAH now covers
would die of deadly diseases.      his head with
And Jeremiah was not to feel sad   his hands and arms,
for anyone dying in that land,     while shaking
and he was not allowed to join in  his head in dismay.
any of the feasting, because
soon the people were going to be   JEREMIAH looks up,
punished and go into slavery.      Then stands.

God had Jeremiah assure            JEREMIAH goes to CS,
the people that God would          gently puts hands up
remember His promises to them,     and out to people,
but that would not be fulfilled    then shakes his head.
just yet.  Right now, there would  Puts fist into hand
be punishment because the people   twice, slowly.
refused to listen and obey God.

The people accused Jeremiah to be  PEOPLE point at
a false prophet.                   Jeremiah and freeze.

Jeremiah now asked God for help.   JEREMIAH walks to SR
This time Jeremiah was to show     with arms up to God.
the elders of the people           Waves for ELDDERS to
a visual example.                  approach.

NARRATOR                           MIMED ACTION         5

God told Jeremiah to buy           ELDERS move to CS,
a potter’s jar.  This symbolized   while JEREMIAH exits,
the people who God created.        re-enters with jar.
When the potter is still making    JEREMIAH approaches
something and there is a flaw,     the elders.
he can start over and reshape
the clay.  But if there is a flaw, Carefully holds up
and the clay is already hardened,  the jar.
the potter has to break it.  
This symbolized God’s people       Carefully “breaks” it.
who hardened their hearts and
turned away from God and
had to be punished.  They would    ELDERS & PEOPLE pause
have to be broken.                 to watch and look.

Now the people laughed at          PEOPLE point and laugh
Jeremiah and made fun of him,      at Jeremiah.
because Jeremiah kept saying that  ELDERS motion for
they were going to be punished,    PEOPLE to grab & take
but nothing had happened yet.      Jeremiah out SL.
The people took Jeremiah and       ALL exit.
had him beaten and tortured.

Jeremiah was now angry at God,     JEREMIAH enters from
but still Jeremiah continued       SL, limping & holding
to obey, knowing that God was      himself (injured).
still with him.

Jeremiah prayed and pleaded to     JEREMIAH falls
God, “Please, now let me see       to knees, arms raised
Your vengeance on them, because    in frantic prayers.
my life has been unbearable.”      Clasps hands together.

When the enemies came to attack,   PEOPLE rush in from SL
the people rushed to Jeremiah      to SR, arms pleading
to ask God to help them.           to Jeremiah.
It was happening now.  NOW they    JEREMIAH slowly
were to experience the punishment  turns to look at
that God had promised, because     the pleading people.
they had refused to obey God.

“If only you would obey God,       JEREMIAH, still on
everything would be okay, but you  knees, shakes head,
chose death instead of life.”      uses hand motions.

NARRATOR                           MIMED ACTION         6

The people had nowhere to hide.    ENEMIES enter SL with
The city was destroyed, and        swords.  PEOPLE run
the people who were still alive    around in circles.
after the attacks were taken       ENEMIES grab PEOPLE
into slavery.                      and push them out SL.

One day they will be restored,     (meanwhile, someone
as God has promised, but only      pushes 2 baskets out
when they obey God.  God showed    from SR, beside J.)
Jeremiah two baskets and asked     JEREMIAH stands and
Jeremiah what he saw.              Studies baskets.
Jeremiah said, “I see two baskets.
One basket has very good figs,     Motions to one basket,
and the other basket has very      then the other basket
bad figs which cannot be eaten     with the black paper.
because they are rotten.”

The bad figs symbolized the        JEREMIAH looks up
people who refused to obey God.    as he listens to God.
Those would be destroyed.
The good figs, which could be
used to plant crops of new figs,
symbolized the people who would    Puts hands together
turn back to God.  God would       with hope.
protect and restore those people.

Jeremiah went with the people      JEREMIAH slowly
into captivity and continued       turns and walks
to serve God and speak to the      across stage
people.  Even though some people   to SL and exits.
wanted to put Jeremiah to death,
even though Jeremiah suffered
opposition, and was beaten and
put into prison, Jeremiah still
served God faithfully for more
than 40 years, and always
continued to obey God.
The messages that Jeremiah kept
bringing to the people was:
a word of doom for those
who chose disobedience,
and a word of hope for anyone
who chose to obey God.