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JEALOUS GOD - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        do not make God jealous, relationships
SCRIPTURE:    Nahum 1:2, 1 Cor.13:4-5
Style:        allegory/conversation: girl is reprimanded
.             by a friend when she says how much she
.             loves to make her boyfriend jealous
Cast:         JEN, BARB
Set & Props:  optional: table, 2 chairs, 2 coffee cups


(JEN and BARB sit and have coffee together.)

JEN    (sing song voice)  So tell me, how is it going
.      with Mark?

BARB   (giggling)  Ah, he’s angry with me again.

JEN    (not sure)  Why?  And why is that funny?

BARB   I just love to make my boyfriend jealous.
.      That’s all.  You know how that is?

JEN    What?  Nooo!  Are you mad?

BARB   Why?  What’s wrong?  It’s all harmless fun.

JEN    No it isn’t!  YOU really think so?  Is –
.      is it really?  Do you think it’s fun for Mark?

BARB   (waving her off)  Come on.  At least then I know
.      he cares about me.

JEN    But, you do it on purpose, and you’ve done it
.      more than once.

BARB   WHAT is your problem?

JEN    Nothing.  Nothing is MY problem.  I just know
.      how that feels when it’s done to me.

BARB   So you’re taking his side?

JEN    For this, yes.  I have to.  What you are doing
.      is so wrong.  It’s very wrong.

BARB   I don’t understand what the big fuss is all about.
.                                                      2
JEN    Barb, think about it.  You are HIS girlfriend.
.      And because you want to feel all “WANTED” and –

BARB   (shrugging)  Desirable.

JEN    -by your BOYFRIEND, or by everybody else?

BARB   It’s nice to be loved?

JEN    What you are seeking is not love.

BARB   It’s nice to have all the attention, then.

JEN    Isn’t Mark’s attention the most important?

BARB   Of course.

JEN    Isn’t Mark’s attention enough for you?

BARB   Yeeaah.

JEN    Are you that insecure?

BARB   I am not insecure!  I just don’t want him to –
.      (thinking) to take me for granted.

JEN    Reeaally?  Aren’t YOU talking HIM for granted?

BARB   Hm, I’ve never thought about it from
.      his point of view.

JEN    And isn’t it selfish and downright cruel to play
.      with his emotions like that?  I mean, would you
.      want him to do that with YOU?

BARB   No!  I would be FURIOUS!  I’d be - spitting mad.
.      I’d be so DONE with him...  (realizing)
.      Wow, why is he not done with ME?

JEN    No kidding.  He must really care about you.

BARB   I guess I – should hang on this guy.  Ahh...
.      do you mind if we continue our coffee another day?
.      I need to go and apologize to someone.

JEN    I understand.  No problem.  Good luck with that.