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IT’S YOUR CHOICE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       decide whom to serve
SCRIPTURE:   Matthew 19:16-30, Joshua 24:15
Style:       allegory/spoof on game show: like
.            "Let's Make a Deal," where a contestant
.            has to choose between worldly things
.            or heavenly things
Cast:        HOST, SELMA, SUSAN,
.            AUDIENCE MEMBERS (at least 2)
Set & Props: microphone, boxes with appropriate words,
.            2 pieces of fabrics to cover box fronts


(HOST grabs a mic and looks out into the audience.)

HOST   Welcome back to “It’s Your Choice.”
.      Let’s see... who are we going to pick this time?

(Predetermined AUDIENCE MEMBER/S and SUSAN
jump up and down with excitement.)

A 1    Me-me, pick me, (etc.)

(HOST points to SUSAN with the mic.)

HOST   How about you?  Stand up.  What is your name,
.      young lady?

SUSAN  (stands up, jumping)  Susan.

HOST   Well, Susan. It’s your turn to make a choice.
.      How do you feel?

SUSAN  Nervous.

HOST   You have a big decision to make!
.      Selma, show us the first box, please.

(SELMA takes the fabric away from the first big box
which has the following words on it:
“Forgiveness, Love, Faith, Hope, Strength, Peace, Joy,
Thankfulness, and ______?”  SUSAN jumps slightly for
joy and squeals more and more with each description.)
.                                                          2
HOST   This box contains Forgiveness, Love, Faith,
.      Hope, Strength, Peace, Joy, Thankfulness
.      and something else, but OTHER things
.      come with it, too.  You’re going to need:
.      Forgiveness because of sin and hurt in your life;
.      You’ll need Love because you’ll be expected
.      to love everyone, including all your enemies;
.      Faith is need for the confusion that you feel;
.      Hope because there will be bad situations;
.      Strength because you will be weak, scared, angry,
.      and sick;  Peace for times of war and destruction;
.      Joy for times of sadness and depression;  and
.      you’ll need Thankfulness because you won't
.      have much.  All of this because you'll have
.      the life of a servant.  AND you will get
.      whatever else is inside that box –
.      which will remain a mystery for now.
.      Because NOW I want to show you 7 other boxes.
.      (to SELMA)  Selma, the other boxes, please.

(SELMA removes the fabric from the 7 small boxes.
OST reads them off as she does... SUSAN gets excited
with each new box.)

HOST   (box 1)  Fame – as a movie star, pop idol,
.      or athlete, and everyone will envy you.
.      (box 2)  Beauty - a plastic surgeon will be at your
.      disposal, as well as a few fine beauty products.
.      (box 3)  Power – people will do whatever you say!
.      (box 4)  Security – a car and home security system
.      as well as a personal body guard to put you at ease.
.      (box 5)  Happiness – which involves being invited
.      to the greatest parties of the most popular people.
.      (box 6)  Riches – all the wealth you can imagine!
.      (box 7)  And a FREE PASS to do anything you want!
.      It’s your choice.  You now get to choose -
.      the first box?  Or – ALLLLL these other boxes?

SUSAN  ALL of those?

(AUDIENCE MEMBERS 1&2 stand up to argue and cheer SUSAN on.)

A 1    Take all of those!

A 2    Are you crazy, you don’t know what’s inside!

SUSAN  It’s so tempting.                                   3

HOST   You're guaranteed to get what's on the boxes,
.      as well as what’s inside.

A 1    Take all the little boxes.

A 2    No! It looks too good to be true.

SUSAN  But – the question is - what ARE in the boxes?

HOST   What will it be?  I need your decision now.

SUSAN  The – first box!

A 1    Awwww.

HOST   Okay, Susan has chosen the first box.
.      Let’s first see what’s inside the boxes
.      that she did not pick.

(SELMA lifts up each box as the HOST goes through them.
There's nothing underneath.  As they go, SUSAN shows relief.)

HOST   With fame – people will envy you, but your life
.      will be filled with empty relationships.
.      Beauty which will never allow you to feel good enough.
.      Power – will lead to pride and arrogance.
.      Security – will not take care of your worries.
.      With Happiness - a lifetime of partying only brings
.      a self-centered existence with loneliness.
.      With Riches – comes greed, and a hunger which will
.      never be satisfied.  And the free pass to do anything
.      you want – leads to a hardened heart.
.      And all of these seven things - lead to death.

(SUSAN sighs with relief.)

HOST   Are you relieved Susan?

SUSAN  I’m very relieved.

HOST   Are you sure, because you still haven’t seen
.      what’s inside the first box.

SUSAN  I kind of think that I will love it,
.      no matter what it is.
.                                                          4
HOST   Such confidence.  Well, let’s see.  The first box:
.      came with Forgiveness - which is a freedom
.      from your sins, resentment and bitterness.
.      Love – from a selfless God who wants the best for you.
.      Faith - giving you purpose.  Hope - to give
.      you confidence in your present and future.
.      Strength to help when you are weak, scared, angry
.      or sick.  Peace instead of worrying.  Joy brings
.      a positive outlook.  And you'll be Thankful –
.      because you will be content with what you have
.      here on earth.  But also, God will give you –

(SELMA lifts box to show a sign reading:  “Gifts and rewards!
Eternal Life!”)

HOST   Gifts which will equip you to serve God
.      and others – because you will WANT to,
.      which will only enhance your life.
.      And for your service, God will give you rewards.
.      And if that weren’t enough, God is giving you
.      a brand new, perfect home!  Up in heaven where
.      you will have perfect, eternal Life with Him.

SUSAN  Oh, this is too much.  It’s so wonderful.
.      This is so great.

HOST   (to congregation)  And I have news for
.      all of you out there...  You all have this same deal
.      and – “It’s Your Choice”!