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IT’S YOUR CHILD’S LIFE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        relationships, spiritual guidance,
.             salvation
SCRIPTURE:    Prov.22:6
Style:        allegory/spoof on game show: a parent is
.             challenged on their thinking that they
.             should not offer spiritual guidance
.             to their children
Cast:         Host (of show), assistant, parent, child
Set & Props:  a cart with a plate of food and sheet,
.             a cart with a vase of knives and sheet,
.             blindfold


(HOST steps out with ASSISTANT, who waves and
blows kisses to the congregation.)

HOST   Welcome to – It’s Your Child’s Life!  A show
.      that actually tests one’s parenting skills.
.      Our guest today is Marg.

(ASSISTANT guides an unsure MARG out and motions to her
with big arm gestures.)

HOST   Welcome to the show, Marg.  Do you have
.      any idea why you are here today?

MARG   No idea.

HOST   Well, we are here to see what kind of parent
.      you are.  You have a son, is that correct?

MARG   Oh, yes I do – Devon – he’s my pride and joy.

HOST   Is he now?  And how would you assess
.      your own parenting skills?

MARG   I would say - that I’m an excellent parent.

HOST   Why would you say that?

MARG   Well, I’m a Christian, so I trust God
.      to help me be the best parent possible.

HOST   Really?  How so?

MARG   I – try to teach him what is right              2
.      and wrong, and how to respect the law,
.      and respect people.  I show my son
.      that I love him by taking care of him.
.      And I try to tell him that I love him
.      every day, at least once in the morning
.      and once before bedtime.

HOST   And do you tell him how much God loves him?

MARG   Ohhhh, I don’t want to force my beliefs
.      onto him.  He’s pretty smart, so I’m sure
.      he’ll figure it out on his own.  I want
.      to let him discover that for himself.
.      Right?  It’s a personal decision.
.      They need to make up their own minds.

HOST   So you don’t guide your child
.      in spiritual matters at all?
.      You don’t read the Bible to him,
.      or take him to Sunday School?

MARG   No, he prefers to stay at home and
.      play video games.  It’s his choice.

HOST   You don’t care?

MARG   Of course I care.  I pray for him every day.
.      I just don’t want to force him
.      to learn about God, and then have him
.      reject it.  That - would be bad.

HOST   Really?  Well, THIS is - your child’s life!

(ASSISTANT guides a blindfolded DEVON out, then motions
to him with her arms and big gestures.)

MARG   Oh, that’s my wonderful, smart baby.

DEVON  (embarrassed)  Moooommmm.

HOST   Notice that he is blindfolded.
.      This is reflective of the fact
.      that he is not yet a Christian.
.      He is still spiritually blind.

DEVON  What’s a Christian?

(ASSISTANT wheels out the first cart and motions to it.)

HOST   It is about believing and trusting              3
.      in God.  This cart symbolizes
.      the spiritual food that you need
.      in order to learn more about God and
.      the wonderful eternal life that
.      He wants you to have.

(ASSISTANT takes the sheet off to reveal a plate of food,
and motions to it with grand arm movements.)

HOST   Can you smell that, Devon?

DEVON  (sniffing)  Well now that you mention it, yes.
.      It’s everywhere.  I just don’t know
.      which direction it’s coming from.

(ASSISTANT wheels out the second cart and motions to it.)

HOST   Now, you must be careful.  Right now,
.      your life is leading to destruction.

(ASSISTANT takes the sheet off to reveal a vase
of knives, and motions to it with big but careful
arm movements.)

HOST   This cart symbolizes that life
.      leading to destruction
.      which is a life without God.
.      And it leads to an ETERNAL life without God
.      and thus an eternal life without anything good.
.      It would be an eternal life
.      of suffering and pain.

DEVON  (shrugging)  Whatever.

(MARG bits her lower lip.)

HOST   Well, let’s see how well you do
.      finding your way in life then, Devon.
.      Which decision will you make?

DEVON  What are my decisions?

MARG   Oh, well – that is for you to decide, dear.

(DEVON shrugs again, then begins to walk forward across
the stage toward the carts, waving his arms in front
of him.  As DEVON heads slightly left toward the knives,
MARG puts a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out.
ASSISTANT wrings her hands with grave concern.)
.                                                      4
HOST   Devon, are you sure you want to go
.      in that direction?

DEVON  Sure, this feels okay.  It feels right.

HOST   Mom, you have nothing to say?

(DEVON is now waving his arms right above the knives.
MARG can no longer remain quiet.)

MARG   Oh, honey!  Devon, be careful.

HOST   That’s it?  Are those the only words
.      of direction you want to give him?

MARG   (fretting)  I know it’s sad and scary,
.      but it’s his life.  Right?
.      It - it’s his decision to make.

HOST   You don’t think as a parent you can offer
.      any words of guidance or direction?

MARG   Honey, Devon, do you not SENSE any danger?

DEVON  No, I’m good.

MARG   Eee.  But – but – there is something –
.      so much BETTER.

DEVON  Really?!  There’s something better
.      than this?

MARG   Yes!

DEVON  Well, if you loved me, wouldn’t you
.      tell me about it?

MARG   Ah, yyyess, of course.  Okay-okay.  STOP!
.      That’s not the right way.  Let me tell you.
.      Ah, try moving to your right.
.      You need to turn to your right.

(DEVON just freezes, arms stretched out over the knives.)

DEVON  Why should I listen to you now?

MARG   I love you.

DEVON  I know, so you’ve told me – many times.
.                                                      5
MARG   Because I was WRONG not to teach you
.      the right way.  I want to say I’m sorry
.      about that, and I want to do
.      the right thing now as a parent.

DEVON  So, I should turn to the right?

MARG   Yes.  Turn to your right.
.      Please turn to your right.

(DEVON turns to face the congregation.)

MARG   Okay, now, take a few steps forward.

(DEVON steps toward the cart with the food.)

DEVON  Oh, the smell is a lot stronger right here.
.      It smells so good.

MARG   Now you can lean over a bit.

(DEVON leans over the plate of food.)

HOST   Do you want the food, Devon?
.      It’s your decision.  You can stay
.      with the food, or you can go back
.      to where you came from.

DEVON  Ahhh, no, I want to stay.
.      I really want the food.

HOST   Good news!  Very good news!

(ASSISTANT claps, then takes the blindfold off of DEVON.
DEVON looks around and sees the knives, then turns back.)

DEVON  Yikes!  That’s where I came from?

HOST   Yes it is, Devon.

(DEVON looks at the food.)

DEVON  I’m sure glad I chose the food.

MARG   Me too, honey, I’m so glad
.      you chose the food.

(HOST turns to MARG.)

HOST   And Mom helped you find your way.               6
.      Right Mom?  Now, he COULD have eventually
.      found his way to the food without your help,
.      but - you allowed him to see his options sooner,
.      rather than later in his lifetime.

MARG   Yes-yes-oh yes - you are so right.
.      Oh, you are so right!  Thank you.

(MARG hugs DEVON as he tries to eat some of the food.
ASSISTANT motions with big arms.)

HOST   So there you see, it is a wise thing to guide
.      and train up your children in spiritual matters.
.      I don’t recommend waiting another second.