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HOUSE OF ISRAEL - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Israel allowing the influences
.             of the sinful nations,
.             parallels the choices we have to make
SCRIPTURE:    Ezra 9:1-15
Style:        allegory/conversation:  a man stands
.             at the door of his house and allows
.             unsavory people to move in and meet
.             and influence his family
Cast:         OWNER, SON 1 & 2, DAUGHTER,
.             MAN 1 & 2, WOMAN, FRIEND
Set & Props:  bag of chips, box


(OWNER stands on the edge of stage right.
MAN 1 enters from the other side carrying a bag of chips
and eating from it.)

MAN 1     Hey!  This your house?

OWNER     Yes.  Yes it is.

MAN 1     It’s a – very nice house.

OWNER     Thanks.  That’s because God gave it to us.
.         He wanted us to have a very nice,
.         peaceful home.

MAN 1     I want to live here.

OWNER     Well, my household believes in God,
.         the Creator of the universe.

MAN 1     Hm, - well, - I don’t believe the same things.

OWNER     That would be an issue.  God warned us that
.         allowing bad influences to live with us –
.         would be a bad thing for us.

MAN 1     Aw, come on, what would be the harm?
.         You’re being too picky, don’t you think?

OWNER     Well, let’s see... for one thing,
.         since God wants the very best for us,
.         we try to be healthy and eat healthy.  And –
.         I can see that you like your junk-food.
.                                                       2
MAN 1     Oh yeah, that’s all I eat!  So are you
.         going to let me live here, or what?
.         I really want to, you know.  I’ll be good.

(MAN 1 stuffs a bunch of chips into his mouth and
drops crumbs everywhere.)

OWNER     Well, I guess - I don’t see the harm in it.
.         Just, try to keep it neat, will you?

MAN 1     Yeah, no problem.  Great.

(MAN 1 speaks as he exits stage right.)

MAN 1     (off stage)  Hey, anybody want some junk food?

DAUGHTER  (off stage)  Ahhhhh, yeah, sweet.  Okay.

SON 1     (off stage)  Hey, I’d like to taste
.         some of that.

(OWNER yells toward stage right’s exit.)

OWNER     Hey kids, try to stay away from that stuff!

SON 2     (off stage)  But Dad, it tastes so good.

(OWNDER shrugs and shakes his head.  WOMAN walks up
to him from the other side of the stage.)

WOMAN     This your house?  I need a place to live.

OWNER     Do you believe in God?

WOMAN     Ahhhhh, sure?  I’ll pretend to believe
.         anything you want.

OWNER     You’ll be obedient to the house rules?

WOMAN     Weeellll, I can’t promise you anything.  See?
.         I’m a free-spirited kind of gal, you know.

OWNER     Well, you are kind of pretty.  Sure!
.         Go on in.

(WOMAN takes a step toward the exit, looks, then stops.)

WOMAN     I see you have a few sons.

OWNER     Yeah, if you could try to stay away           3
.         from them –

WOMAN     (laughs)  Yeah, suurre, I’ll TRY.

(WOMAN speaks as she exits.)

WOMAN     (off stage)  Hi guys.  Hello there.  Hiii.

(As male voices answer with their hellos,
OWNER shakes his head and looks away.
MAN 2 approaches carrying a box.)

MAN 2     I’m moving in.

OWNER     (motions to box)  Ahhhh, what you have there?

MAN 2     These are just some of my idols.
.         I’ll bring the rest later.

OWNER     Oh.

MAN 2     (daring)  You have a problem with that?!

OWNER     I – I don’t know.  Are you a – GIVING kind
.         of person?

MAN 2     Oh sure.  I will GIVE anything to appease
.         the gods.  Even sacrifice my own child,
.         if I have to.  It’s a common practice.
.         Happens all the time.

OWNER     Oh, sure.  Ah, I guess I have a daughter
.         you should meet.

(MAN 2 exits with OWNER.  Arguments begin offstage,
all talking over each other.)

OWNER     (off stage)  Hey, what’s all going on here?

DAUGHTER  (off stage)  He’s such a slob!
.         Look at this mess.

MAN 1     (off stage)  Me?  You’ve become a slob.

SON 1     (off stage)  You cheated on me?

WOMAN     (off stage)  I never made any promises.

SON 2     (off stage)  You sure did!
.                                                       4
WOMAN     (off stage)  Well I lied!

DAUGHTER  (off stage)  Which god are we supposed
.         to worship today?  This is so confusing.

MAN 2     (off stage)  Don’t tell me what to think.

DAUGHTER  (off stage)  But you want to kill our baby?

MAN 2     (off stage)  Do I need to beat some sense
.         into you, again?

(OWNER comes outside to escape and ignores the fighting
as it continues.  FRIEND walks by.  Hearing the
commotion, he looks at OWNER.)

FRIEND    Your household - isn’t very - peaceful.

OWNER     Huh?  (finally noticing FRIEND)

FRIEND    You have a WAR - raging in your household.

OWNER     Oh.  Ah, I’ve just - stopped listening.
.         It’s just easier to block everything out.

FRIEND    Even God?

OWNER     Oh, I suppose I have blocked out God.

FRIEND    Aren’t you going to do anything about that?

OWNER     What’s the point?

FRIEND    You’re just going to give up and live this way,
.         when you could be living in peace?

OWNER     Well, what can I do?

FRIEND    It’s YOUR house.  I remember you saying
.         that you and your household believe in God
.         and live for Him?

OWNER     (thinking)  Yeeaah... we do.

FRIEND    (hearing the argument)  Can you not hear that?
.         How can you even SAY that you live for God?

OWNER     I suppose you’re right.

FRIEND    So what are you going to do about it?         5

OWNER     (thinking)  Maybe - I could just move out –
.         go live in a half-way house or something.

FRIEND    Or you could clean up your house.  Just saying!
.         It’s your decision.  But I kind of think
.         it’s a no-brainer.

OWNER     Hm, I’ll – have to give it some thought.
.         Maybe see what the others think.

FRIEND    You would let unbelievers decide for you?
.         Unbelievable!

(OWNER shrugs and sadly exits.  FRIEND shakes head
with disbelief then exits in the other direction.)