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HONORING PARENTS EVERY DAY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        relationships
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.20:12; Deut.5:16; Prov.1:8; Mt.15:4-19;
.             Mk.7:10, 10:19; Luke 18:20; Eph.6:2
Style:        drama/conversation: kids discuss how
.             they should honor their parents.
NOTE:         Use the appropriate MOM or DAD
.             when you come to it in the dialogue.
Cast:         KID 1-4 (or more)
NOTE:         You can reassign lines in order
.             to allow for more actors.
Set & Props:  Bible, dictionary (scripts can be
.             placed inside of each as an aid)


(KID 1-3 enter.  KID 3 is reading a [NIV] Bible.)

K 1   It’s MOTHER’S / FATHER’S Day.

K 2   Why do we have that, anyway?

K 3   Listen up.  (reading)  Exodus 20:12 says,
.     “Honor your father and your mother,
.     so that you may live long in the land
.     the Lord your God is giving you.”

K 1   So if you want to live long,
.     we better honor our parents?

K 2   What does that mean, anyway?

(KID 4 enters with an opened dictionary.)

K 4   (reading)  Honor!  Showing recognition!

K 2   I recognize my MOM / DAD.

K 1   I think it might be more than that.

K 4   (reading)  It’s also regarding and showing
.     great respect!

K 2   I respect my MOM / DAD.
.                                                       2
K 1   I think it might be more than that.

K 2   Well what is it, then?  I need some examples.

(KID 3 and 4 can read off the suggestions below
which is in the Bible and dictionary, or you can
have little children enter and recite each idea.)

K 3   Obey when your MOM / DAD asks you to do something.

K 4   And have a good attitude when you do it.

K 3   You can even help BEFORE being asked.

K 4   Keep your room clean.

K 3   Help keep the house and yard clean.

K 4   Show love to your MOM / DAD.

K 3   Give them hugs.

K 4   Speak to them with love and kindness.

K 3   Do not be sassy to them.

K 4   Be thankful for what you have.

K 3   Say please and thank you.

K 4   Get along with the rest of the family.

K 3   Do not start fights or arguments.

K 4   Do not fight or argue.

K 3   Help keep the house peaceful!

K 2   So MOTHER’S / FATHER’S Day should be
.     clean and peaceful.

K 1   I think it might be more than that.

K 4   We should do this all year.

K 3   And every day.