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HISTORY AND HOPE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        suffering, hope, faith, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE:    Jdgs.6:8; Jer.17:9; Lk.6:20-38;
.             Jhn.3:16; 7:7, 8:34, 15:18-21;
.             Rom.3:23, 8:18-28; 1Cor.9:19; Gal.5:1;
.             Phil.2:7-8; Heb.12:1-3
Style:        allegory/mime & narration:  actors mime
.             while narrator/s lay out the dark history
.             of slavery, persecution and crime -
.             ending with how Jesus suffered and died
.             in our place so that we might be free
Cast:         NARRATOR/S (however many you want)
.             ACTORS 1-8 (or one to three more for
.              the slaves’ portion of the narration,
.              to have an actor for each mentioned group,
.              plus one to represent those not mentioned)
Set & Props:  A8 can be dressed like Jesus


(NARRATOR/S stand to the side
or can even be off stage with microphones.
Narrators need to speak slowly, clearly and powerfully,
and pay attention to the action
so that it all stays in sync.  
But work it out so it all flows.
ACTORS also need to be mindful of the narrations.)

(ACTORS’ parts are shown as numbers [A1, etc.],
with their actions described beside the narration.
A1 represents the “evil” person throughout.
Mime all of these without actually touching anyone.
“Victims” strike poses that would be applicable
to the narration bits.  
All actions and poses should be kept serious.)

(A1 enters first, followed by
all the other ACTORS in numerical order.
Enter at one side of the stage [stage right]
and start walking slowly across as narration begins.
Always stop at each bit, then move over for the next.)

SCRIPT:                                                2

NARRATION                     ACTION

Why - is there suffering,     A1-7 enter at stage right.
slavery, murder and abuse?    Very slowly walk across
What - is our hope -          with heads hanging down
as history shows the evils    like everyone is a victim.
that people have committed.   A1 look behind at A2.

Bullying in neighborhoods     A1 makes a push-motion.
and schools –                 A2 falls, arm across face.
just - because!

Sex trafficking -             A1 folds arms to threaten.
taking advantage              A3 falls, holding both
of the weak and innocent.     hands up to face.

Slavery – of many people -    A1 “whips” at actor/s.
Africans, Asians,             A4 falls, hands in “dirt”
Israelites...                 as if to do manual labor.
Forced to be bondservants     (can have more actors
as a result                   fall here at each name.)
of selfishness and greed.     A1 moves on with arrogance.

Genocide –                    A1 shoots “rifle” at actor.
attempts to exterminate       A5 falls, as if dead.
those who are hated!          (keep this serious)

Persecution, torture,         A1 points to the floor.
prison and death – for        A6 falls, kneeling
Christians daring to bring    in prayer, then lets head
good news to the darkness.    drop over folded hands.

At the beginning of time,     A1 and A7 mock fight
when mankind chose            in a slow struggle
to disobey God and            then
bring sin into the world,     as A7 staggers,
there has been murder,        A1 mimes hitting A7
abuse, manipulation - hate!   with a rock to the head.
Terrible crimes have been     A7 falls, head to ground,
committed against humanity.   hands over head.

BECAUSE –                     A1 faces congregation, then
at the fall of mankind,       A1 falls to knees. Quickly,
ALL people                    A1-7 sit up kneeling,
became SLAVES to sin.         hands to chest as if bound.
.                                                       3
ALL of us are guilty!         ALL hang heads in shame,
.                             still keep hands to chest.

But, because God
loved all of us so much,      A8 enters from stage left,
He left His glory             with compassionate look,
and heavenly throne,          with arms held out slightly
and came to earth             at his sides.  Stop at
as a bondservant –            the end of the line. Slowly
to live, suffer and die       turn and shrink down, then
in our place –                (still facing backwards)
and rose again -              slowly rise with arms
that ALL PEOPLE -             out at sides like a cross.
may - choose – freedom! -     ALL look up and over at A8.
to have hope                  LIGHTS, or A8 exits left
and everlasting life.         with arm of invitation,
.                             and ALL get up to follow.