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HELPING WITH RIGHT MOTIVES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        giving and serving others
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 6:1-4
Style:        drama/conversation:  3 different scenarios
.             alternate back and forth, where different
.             people reach out to help someone,
.             each with different results
Cast:         PERSON (of humble means), STREET PERSON
.             MAN (always pleasant), WOMAN (bitter)
.             ADMIN.1 (shy), ADMIN.2
Set & Props:  SET 1 (STAGE RIGHT):  park bench, bags,
.              money, 2 cups, tract, pamphlet
.             SET 2 (CENTER STAGE):  doorway, shovel,
.              disposable food hamper, tattered blanket,
.              shopping bag, blanket, housecoat, slippers
.             SET 3 (STAGE LEFT):  desk, 2 chairs,
.              laptop, lunch bags, sandwiches


(LIGHTS can fade in and out on all different sets.)


(STREET PERSON lies on the park bench trying to sleep
and stay warm.  PERSON walks by.  After a few moments,
PERSON comes back.)

PERSON   Excuse me, are you all right?

S.P.     Leave me alone.  Can’t you see?  I am one
.        of the untouchables.

(PERSON stands there wondering what to do.  Finally
PERSON pulls out a ten dollar bill and holds it out.)

S.P.     Don’t you know?  Soliciting is illegal.

PERSON   But you never asked for anything.  I’ve just
.        decided to give you something.

S.P.     You’re not going to make sure I don’t use that
.        for something – unsavory?

PERSON   No.  I’m just giving it you.                   2

(STREET PERSON reaches out and grabs the money.
PERSON walks away, still unsure that they did everything
that they could.)


(ADMIN.1 sits at office desk intently studying a laptop
while shyly eating a sandwich.  ADMIN.2 confidently
walks past and smiles.)

ADMIN.2  Good morning.

(ADMIN.1 is afraid to look up.  ADMIN.2 is unsure whether
she was heard or not, so shrugs and continues walking.)


(MAN pretends to shovel a walkway.  WOMAN sticks her
head out from the doorway and sourly yells out at him.
WOMAN has a tattered blanket wrapped around her shoulders
which she hugs to her body.)

WOMAN    Who’s there?  What are you doing?!

MAN      (continues shoveling)  Oh, hello Ms. Watson.
.        It’s me, George.  I’m just shoveling your
.        walkway.

WOMAN    I didn’t ask for that.  Now go away.

MAN      I’m almost finished.

WOMAN    You just want my money!  I’m not paying you
.        a cent!

MAN      I can promise you, Mrs. Watson, I don’t want
.        any money.

WOMAN    Then what DO you want?

MAN      I just want to help shovel all this snow.

WOMAN    I don’t care about that, I don’t want anybody
.        coming here anyway.

(WOMAN nods her determination on the issue.)            3

MAN      Well, I don’t want you getting hurt while
.        you’re out getting your mail.

WOMAN    I don’t get any mail.  Now, get going.

MAN      I’m done now.  I’m going.  You have a nice day,
.        Mrs. Watson.

WOMAN    (muttering)  Nice day, my foot.  My foot’ll
.        be somewhere nice if you don’t leave me alone.

(WOMAN goes back inside with a scowl.)


(STREET PERSON sits on park bench trying to keep warm.
PERSON approaches carrying two cups of tea and stops.
PERSON tentatively sits down and holds out a cup.)

PERSON   Hi.  I bought an extra cup of tea.

(STREET PERSON cautiously takes the cup and holds it
close for the warmth.)

PERSON   Ah, I was wondering – if you wanted to come
.        with me?-

S.P.     No!  (seeing PERSON’S perplexed expression)
.        You could be a psycho or something?

(PERSON now holds out a tract.  STREET PERSON just
glances at it and nods knowingly.)

S.P.     Ohhhh, I see.  Doesn’t really say anything.
.        You could still be a psycho just pretending
.        to be nice.  Or – you’re just being nice
.        to get brownie points.

PERSON   I see your point.  Well, I could look into-

S.P.     No!  Now, unless you’re going to give me
.        more drug money-

PERSON   Ah, well thank you for being honest.  I was
.        going to ask, because I didn’t want to assume.
.                                                       4
S.P.     Oh, how nice of you.  But what?  You going to
.        start preaching at me about how wrong it is?

PERSON   I’m sure you already know.

S.P.     So that’s it?

PERSON   I certainly don’t want to enable your habits.

S.P.     Well, if you’re not looking for brownie points,
.        then you’ll just walk away.

(Unsure and confused, PERSON slowly leaves, leaving
the tract behind.  STREET PERSON eyes it suspiciously.)


(ADMIN.1 sits at office desk intently studying a laptop
while shyly eating a sandwich.  ADMIN.1 subtly brushes
a tear from her eye.  ADMIN.2 confidently walks by,
then stops to study ADMIN.1, who remains focused
on the laptop.  ADMIN.2 pretends to drop a pen.)

ADMIN.2  Oops, excuse me.  Hi.  Hello... there.  Okay.

(ADMIN.2 stops to pick up the pen, but ADMIN.1 refuses
to even look.  Slightly flustered, ADMIN.2 walks on.)


(MAN approaches the door with a food hamper.  MAN knocks
on the door and waits patiently.  MAN knocks again.)

WOMAN    (voice)  Go away!  I don’t want any.

MAN      (still pleasant, but louder)  Now, Mrs. Watson,
.        I’m not leaving until you answer the door.

(MAN waits patiently for the door to open.  
WOMAN peeks out while hugging the tattered blanket
tightly to her body as her hands shiver up and down.)

WOMAN    Oh, it’s you again!  NOW what do you want?

(WOMAN disguises her chill with angry twitches.)

MAN      Good evening, Mrs. Watson.                     5

WOMAN    What’s good about it?  What are you up to now?
.        I have a gun here.

MAN      No you don’t.

WOMAN    Well, what’s this about?

MAN      You know.

WOMAN    I hate guessing games.  People always trying
.        to trick you.

MAN      Mrs. Watson, we had some extra supper,
.        so I brought some over.

WOMAN    What is WRONG with your wife?!  Doesn’t she know
.        how to cook proper portions?  Seems every day
.        she’s making too much.

MAN      (chuckling)  Yeah, that’s about right,
.        Mrs. Watson.  That would be my wife.
.        And, ah, you are really helping me out here,
.        if you’d help me eat this.  I’m trying to lose
.        a bit of weight, you know.

WOMAN    Well, I can see that you should!  Maybe
.        I should chase you out of here so you would get
.        your exercise too!  Now, go away!

MAN      Sure thing, Mrs. Watson.  I’m just going
.        to leave this here - and go now.

(MAN puts the bag down on the ground, and waves as he
walks away.  WOMAN twitches her mouth sourly as she
watches him, then snatches the bag to bring inside.)


(STREET PERSON huddles on the park bench when PERSON
marches right up.)

PERSON   Look, it’s only going to get colder outside,
.        and NOT for brownie points, but I do care
.        and I do want to see you get some help.

(STREET PERSON snorts at this attempt with derision.)   6

PERSON   I’ve raised some money, and I’ve done some
.        looking around, and found a place that will
.        take you in.  (holds out pamphlet)  I can
.        bring you there right now, or you can just
.        take this information and go on your own –
.        when you’re ready – but I hope it’s now.
.        This is a reputable rehab home, with bonded,
.        professional people, blah-blah-blah –

S.P.     This is the most pathetic intervention
.        I’ve ever had.

PERSON   Well, it may seem pathetic, but I’m not alone.

(STREET PERSON looks around suspiciously.)

PERSON   (continues)  I have God with me.  Not to mention
.        my entire church.  And we are all going
.        to be praying for you.  Everyday!  And to see
.        how you are doing, I will keep coming by
.        everyday – whether it’s here - or there!
.        (holds out pamphlet again)  It’s your choice.

(PERSON waits awhile.  STREET PERSON looks away.
PERSON finally puts the pamphlet down onto the park bench
and walks away.)

PERSON   See you tomorrow.

(STREET PERSON just stares at the pamphlet still on
the bench.)


(ADMIN.1 sits at office desk intently studying a laptop
while shyly eating a sandwich.  ADMIN.2 marches up to
the desk and sits down in the chair across from ADMIN.1
then pulls out her lunch.)

ADMIN.2  Hi, my name is Malory.

ADMIN.1  I – I’m – working.

ADMIN.2  It’s your lunch break, and you’re reading
.        the electronic news.  So, anything interesting?
.                                                       7
ADMIN.1  Not really.

ADMIN.2  Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.

ADMIN.1  (sighs and answers almost in a question)  Susan.

(Lights dim.)


(Lights come up.  MAN comes to the door with a big
shopping bag and knocks on the door.  MAN knocks again.)

MAN     Mrs. Watson?  I know you’re home.  Are you okay?
.       Mrs. Watson?  If you don’t answer me soon I’ll-

WOMAN   (voice)  Now don’t be knocking down my door!
.       Just - go away.

MAN     So you’re okay?

WOMAN   (voice)  No I’m not okay!  When am I ever okay?

MAN     If you’re hurt, I can get help-

WOMAN   (voice)  I’m fine!  Just the usual pain.

MAN     You sure now?

WOMAN   (voice)  Did you want me to lose my voice too?

MAN     Okay-okay, just wanted to make sure.

WOMAN   (voice)  Are you STILL THERE?  Your wife is going
.       to start wondering.

MAN     (shakes head with a very quiet chuckle)  That was
.       her idea, Mrs. Watson.  She bought these things,
.       aaaand, they are the wrong size, it seems.

WOMAN   (voice)  Your wife needs some serious help.

MAN     Well, she actually does.  She just had some
.       knee surgery, so I’m going to just leave
.       this right here.  Okay?...  Good night,
.       Mrs. Watson.
.                                                       8
(MAN puts the shopping bag down and walks away.
Once MAN is gone, WOMAN pokes her head out and looks to
make sure he’s not coming back.  WOMAN then looks down.
Opening up the bag, she pulls out a beautiful blanket.
Quickly she puts it around her shoulders in place of the
tattered blanket.  Seeing that there is more in the bag,
she pulls out a lovely thick housecoat and slippers.
Visibly touched, she puts her head down and clutches
them close.  Light fades.)


PASTOR  The right motive for serving - comes from
.       loving God, and loving others.  From this comes
.       life change.  These were just three examples.
.       Even when we try to reach out to people -
.       it will probably not be easy, and we may
.       never see or know the results.