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HAVING THANKFULNESS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faith
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.12:46-50, Jhn.2:1-11
Style:        drama/conversation:  ADINA and
.             Jesus’ mother, MARY, flashback
.             to childhood experiences
.             as they discuss the importance
.             of going to Jesus directly
Cast:         MARY     (female adult)
.             ADINA    (female adult)
.             MARY     (female child)
.             ADINA    (female child)
.             GIRL 1 - 2
.             NARRATOR (optional)
Props:        4 old looking dolls


.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ADINA approaches MARY.)

MARY       Adina!  It has been a while, hasn’t it?

ADINA      Mary!  Indeed!  Since the wedding, in fact.
.          How are you?  Oh! And I was so busy
.          with that whole wedding-thing,
.          I completely forgot to thank you - for
.          helping out with the wine-shortage situation.
.          People are still gushing on about how
.          that was the best wine they have ever had.

MARY       Do not thank me.  Thank Jesus for that.

ADINA      I’m sure He’s far too busy to talk with me.
.          You - can thank Him for me.

MARY       Really, you should thank Him, yourself.
.          I did not do anything except ask Jesus
.          to help with that.

ADINA      Exactly!  And you got your way by asking.
.          Remember when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE                       2

(As children, MARY and ADINA and GIRLS 1-2 enter,
all holding their own dolls.)

GIRL 1     I’m so glad my chores are done.

GIRL 2     We have a bit of time before dinner.

ADINA      So, what are we going to play today?

MARY       House!

ADINA      Mary, you always get your way.
.          We always play house.

MARY       Because – we all like to play house.

GIRL 1     I already live in a house.

GIRL 2     We could play – tent.  That’s different.
.          We can pretend that we are living in tents.

MARY       Sure, a tent is house.  We can play
.          house-tent.  And I will be the mom.

ADINA      You’re always the mom.  What if
.          someone else wants to be the mom today?

MARY       Sure!  We can all be moms.  See,
.          we all have our own babies.

(MARY rocks and shushes her doll.  GIRL 1-2 copy her.  
Meanwhile, ADINA holds her doll upside-down by a leg.)

MARY       (singing)  “Lullaby, and goodnight-“

ADINA      I kind of feel like making designs
.          with rocks in the sand-

GIRL 1     That sounds like fun.

(MARY notices how ADINA is holding the doll.)

MARY       Adina, you’re holding your baby all wrong.

ADINA      It’s a doll.
.                                                       3
MARY       Right now, it’s a real baby,
.          and it’s not very happy.

ADINA      (gasping and holding the baby properly)
.          I think the babies need to sleep now.

MARY       (gently)  They just woke up.

GIRL 2     (shrugs)  I guess they just woke up.

ADINA      I think my baby wants to go make designs
.          with rocks in the sand.

GIRL 1     That sounds like fun.

MARY       Babies should not play with rocks.
.          They could swallow one.

GIRL 2     (shrugs)  I guess that would be dangerous.

MARY       (to ALL)  Come on, let’s go play
.          with our babies.  SAFELY!

(ALL exit, ADINA rolling her eyes as she follows.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ADINA addresses MARY.)

ADINA      And somehow, you seemed to always
.          get your way.

MARY       I’m sorry.

ADINA      At least it was never in a rude way.
.          You had a way of bossing us around
.          rather nicely... usually.

MARY       Still, that was still very wrong of me to
.          manipulate all of you like that.
.          Really.  I’m hardly perfect.

ADINA      So, you will talk to Jesus for me?
.          You are His mother, after all.
.          He will listen to you and do ANYTHING for you-

MARY       Jesus is the Son of God.                     4
.          I am like everyone else – a sinner!
.          We must all humbly go to Jesus on our own.

(MARY and ADINA exit.)

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 3     “Someone said to Him, ‘Behold,
.          Your mother and Your brothers are
.          standing outside seeking to speak to You.’
.          Jesus... answered, ‘Who is My mother
.          and who are My brothers?’  And
.          stretching out His hand toward His disciples,
.          He said, “Behold My mother and My brothers!
.          For whoever does the will of My Father
.          who is in heaven, he is My brother
.          and sister and mother.”
.          (Matthew 12:47-50)