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HAVING LOVE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faith
SCRIPTURE:    John 3:16, 4:5-42
Style:        drama/conversation: VARDA and
.             SHIRAN (the WOMAN at the well)
.             flashback to childhood experiences
.             as they discuss the importance
.             of Jesus’ love
Cast:         SHIRAN   (female adult)
.             VARDA    (female adult)
.             SHIRAN   (female child)
.             VARDA    (female child)
.             DANOR    (male child)
.             NARRATOR (optional)


.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, SHIRAN approaches VARDA with
great excitement.)

SHIRAN     Varda, come!  You must come with me!
.          I went to the well to get water today,
.          and I met a wondering man!

VARDA      Shiran, do you really think we should
.          listen to you whenever you get excited
.          about meeting ANOTHER man?

SHIRAN     I know, I know, I used to put my faith
.          in people, but-

VARDA      Even when you were a little girl,
.          you were like that.  Do you remember
.          when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, SHIRAN enters sadly, and plunks herself
down on the ground to sulk.  VARDA and DANOR enter,
and start to walk past.  SHIRAN looks up and smiles
at DANOR.)

SHIRAN     Hello, Danor.                                2

(VARDA stops to address DANOR.)

VARDA      Do not speak to her.

DANOR      Why?

VARDA      Her family does not go to worship God anymore.

SHIRAN     (slowly stands and faces to DANOR)
.          Do you always let your sister, Varda,
.          make your decisions for you?

(DANOR swings his attention over to SHIRAN and
studies her for a moment, thinking.)

DANOR      So why do you not worship God anymore?

SHIRAN     Because God does not exist.

VARDA      (gasping)  Be careful!  Or God will
.          strike you down.

SHIRAN     We are told that salvation is from the Jews,
.          yet they hate all of us Samaritans.

VARDA      That is not a reason to stop worshiping God.

SHIRAN     The Jews say that the only proper place
.          to worship God is in Jerusalem.  But,
.          they do not let us go there to worship.
.          So – what is the point.  If we are dead
.          to God – then God is dead to me.

DANOR      I hear that the scriptures say: the Christ,
.          the Messiah is coming, and when He comes,
.          He will declare all things to us.

SHIRAN     You think the Messiah will bother
.          to come here - to Samaria?

DANOR      Then how do you plan to live your life?

SHIRAN     I will do what is necessary to survive.
.          Find a man... to marry me and look after me.
.          And HE will be my life - my everything.
.                                                       3
VARDA      Be your everything?  I pity him already.
.          No man could ever live up to that.

(VARDA and DANOR exit.  SHIRAN then sadly exits.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, SHIRAN turns back to VARDA.)

SHIRAN     The man at the well is different.  He is the
.          Christ - the Messiah that we were told about.

VARDA      And He spoke - to YOU?

SHIRAN     What He said, shows that He cares about me,
.          even though I’m a Samaritan - a nobody-

VARDA      And you have been married how many times?

SHIRAN     Jesus also made sure I understood that
.          even though I had made MANY mistakes
.          in my life, He still loves me –
.          and I could have the gift of God.

VARDA      And why YOU?

SHIRAN     It’s for everyone.  Living water!
.          Jesus is the Savior of the world.
.          Come with me!  You can meet Him, yourself!

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 4     “For God so loved the world,
.          that He gave His only begotten Son,
.          that whoever believes in Him shall not perish,
.          but have eternal life.”
.          (John 3:16)