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HAVING HUMILITY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faith
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.20:20-28, Mk.10:35-45
Style:        drama/conversation:  JAMES and JOHN
.             flashback to childhood experiences
.             as they discuss the importance
.             being humble
Cast:         JAMES    (male adult)
.             JOHN     (male adult)
.             JAMES    (male child)
.             JOHN     (male child)
.             BOY  1 - 2
.             GIRL 1 - 2
.             NARRATOR  (optional)


.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, JAMES and JOHN enter, looking defeated.)

JAMES      Well, that was embarrassing.

JOHN       A complete humiliation, to say the least.

JAMES      I do not understand!  John, what was so bad
.          about asking Jesus if we could sit at His
.          right and left side after all of this is over?

JOHN       I don’t know.  Do you think it was a mistake
.          to have Mom help plead our case?

JAMES      Who else knows us better than Mom?

JOHN       And who else can plead a better case
.          than mom?  No one says ‘no’ to her!

JAMES      (indignantly)  Seriously!  And –
.          What was Jesus talking about –
.          if we want to be great –
.          we must be – servants – SLAVES!??

JOHN       I’m just trying to understand
.          where we could have gone wrong?
.                                                       2
JAMES      Wrong?  We’re never wrong.  Well,
.          we’re not perfect, but we’re definitely
.          better than everyone else.

JOHN       (becoming reflective)  Huh.  James,
.          do you remember when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, JAMES and JOHN enter with GIRLS 1-2,
and BOYS 1-2 following them.)

BOY 1      John!  James!  Why do you always think
.          it should be you guys in charge?

JAMES      Because – we’re the best.

JOHN       Exactly.  Who else should be in charge?
.          Not you.  (to BOY 2)  Certainly not you!
.          (to GIRLS 1-2)  Definitely not girls.

JAMES      Again – we’re the best!

BOY 1      What makes you think that?

JAMES      Our mom tells us every day
.          that we’re better than all of you.

BOY 2      Seriously?  Ah- best at everything?

JAMES      Ah, yeah!

GIRL 1     You can bake bread?!

JOHN       (waving that off with a psh)
.          That’s only women’s work.

GIRL 1     Still!

GIRL 2     So you cannot do everything!

JOHN       We don’t have to know how to do that!
.          You women will do that for us.

GIRL 1     Still!

GIRL 2     Exactly!  So we still CAN do something       2
.          that you cannot do.

JAMES      You’re only a girl.  So what if
.          you can make bread.  You women
.          would be nowhere if it weren’t for us.

GIRL 1     So what if all women stopped making bread,
.          and meals?  Could you survive?

JOHN       Jacob and Esau could make stew.
.          We could learn to cook.

GIRL 1     What if we didn’t want to teach you?

JOHN       We’ll just figure it out.  We’re smart!

JAMES      OR – we’ll just find someone else
.          to serve us.

BOY 2      And who are YOU going to serve?

JAMES      Oh - no, we are not servants.
.          We’ll be the boss over everyone.

BOY 2      You’re not the boss of me.

BOY 1      What about God?  Are you saying
.          that you are above God?

JOHN       Ahhhhhh- no!  God is above us.  But-
.          God needs people to rule over His people.
.          And we are going to be THAT.

GIRL 1     Oh yeah?  So what would be your first orders?

JAMES      Make us something to eat!

GIRL 2     What about looking after the poor and needy?

JAMES      You all don’t know what you’re talking about.
.          People are poor because they aren’t
.          working hard enough.

JOHN       (motions for JAMES to follow)  Come on.
.          They’ll see.  One day we’ll be in charge
.          of things, and THEN – THEY’LL - SEE.  
.                                                       4
GIRL 2     We may not go to Hebrew school, but we do know
.          that the Law says we “shall not oppress
.          a hired servant who is poor and needy.”

(JAMES and JOHN stop briefly to think about this.)

BOY 1      The girls are correct.

BOY 2      I’m thinking anyone ruling over people
.          should know these things.

(JAMES and JOHN look at each other with a concerned
expression, then quickly walk away with determination.)

.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, JAMES and JOHN continue the conversation.)

JAMES      I know we learned those scriptures in
.          Hebrew school.  I guess we did not believe
.          the words being taught.  Or, most likely,
.          did not WANT to follow the words being taught.

JOHN       I suppose if we’re not humble enough to
.          serve people, then we’re not humble enough
.          to realize that we’re sinful and need saving.

JAMES      Jesus keeps talking about a cross, and dying.
.          Maybe we’re NOT able to do what He is
.          about to do.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 8     “Calling them to Himself, Jesus said to them,
.          ‘You know that those who are recognized
.          as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them;
.          and their great men exercise authority
.          over them.  But it is not this way among you,
.          but whoever wishes to become great among you
.          shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to
.          be first among you shall be slave of all.
.          For even the Son of Man did not come
.          to be served, but to serve, and to give
.          His life a ransom for many.”  (Mark 10:42-45)