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HAVING GOD’S FORGIVENESS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faith
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.16:18, Jhn
.21:15-19, Eph.1:7-8
Style:        drama/conversation:  ANDREW and PETER
.             flashback to childhood experiences
.             as they discuss the importance
.             of God’s forgiveness
Cast:         ANDREW   (male adult)
.             PETER    (male adult)
.             ANDREW   (male child)
.             PETER    (male child)
.             NARRATOR (optional)


.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, PETER and ANDREW enter,
in the middle of a deep conversation.  
PETER is visible upset with himself.)

ANDREW     Peter, I do not understand why you are
.          still so upset with yourself.

PETER      For so many reasons, Andrew.
.          So many reasons...
.          You’re my brother, you know very well
.          that my main talent is sticking
.          my foot into my mouth.  How many times
.          did Jesus have to rebuke me?
.          Too many to count!  But far worse, just
.          like Jesus said I would – I betrayed Him –
.          three times.  And - I actually thought
.          that I would be able to save Jesus.  Ha!

ANDREW     The reason why Jesus died, and then rose again
.          was to offer salvation to us.

PETER      Well, of course, it’s fairly obvious
.          that I need saving!

ANDREW     We all do.  Peter, remember when we
.          were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE                       2

(As children, PETER is very riled up, but ANDREW
firmly pushes PETER away from some sort of altercation
to help calm him down.)

ANDREW     Peter, calm down.  Take a breath.

PETER      Why?  Why are they so stupid?

ANDREW     Well... Let’s think about this for a moment.
.          What – would Dad say...

(PETER watches ANDREW thinking, then finally
throws up his hands in resignation-)

PETER      (admitting)  Okay – I’m the stupid one.

ANDREW     And stop putting yourself down.
.          We were ALL being stupid, yes?-
.          BUT- we can now choose to be wise.

PETER      How can I come back from THAT? (pointing)

ANDREW     We apologize?

PETER      But, why should I?  Do you know how many times
.          they have said something bad about us?

ANDREW     I don’t know-

PETER      EIGHT - TIMES!  I’m done!

ANDREW     You’ve been counting?  Well, okay then,
.          so how many times have YOU hurt THEM?

(PETER makes a series of faces as he thinks and counts.)

ANDREW     Peter, face it, we know it’s a lot.

PETER      I WANT to do better!

ANDREW     Well I know that.  So do I.

PETER      WHAT is my problem?  I’m such a loser.

(PETER walks off sulking.  ANDREW follows.)
.                                                       3
.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, PETER and ANDREW continue their discussion.)

PETER      See, nothing has changed.

ANDREW     A LOT has changed.  Jesus rose from the dead.
.          His work on the cross offers forgiveness.
.          And – Jesus just spoke to you, allowing
.          a moment of reconciliation– for you to express
.          your remorse- and how much you love Him.
.          Remember, Jesus did say that you were going
.          to be used by Him to help build His Church.

PETER      And just why would God choose me?

ANDREW     We’re ALL sinners, deserving death.  And now
.          we have found an everlasting forgiveness.
.          (laughing)  Look, you are definitely zealous,
.          and not afraid to follow Jesus!

PETER      I still make mistakes.

ANDREW     Ah- I’m quite sure God already knows that.

(PETER finally cracks a smile, then exits with ANDREW.)

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 10    “In Him we have redemption through His blood,
.          the forgiveness of our trespasses,
.          according to the riches of His grace
.          which He lavished on us.
.          In all wisdom and insight...”
.          (Ephesians 1:7-8)