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HAVING CONTENTMENT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        faith
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.9:9-13, 10:2-4; Rom.14:16-19
Style:        drama/conversation:  MATTHEW and ELIANA
.             flashback to childhood experiences
.             as they discuss the importance of finding
.             contentment and serving God and others
Cast:         MATTHEW  (male adult)
.             ELIANA   (female adult)
.             MATTHEW  (male child)
.             ELIANA   (female child)
.             GIRL
.             NARRATOR (optional)
Set & Props:  empty basket for shopping,
.             basket full of produce or bread
.             (could put stuffing paper at bottom
.             so you can use less produce)


.                     STAGE LEFT

(As adults, ELIANA enters with an empty basket,
and bumps into MATTHEW.)

ELIANA    Why, Matthew!  I cannot say it is nice
.         to see you.  I was on my way to market
.         to buy groceries, but I suppose once
.         I have paid you all my taxes,
.         I shall not have any money left over.

MATTHEW   I can certainly understand why you would
.         say all of this, but I want you to know
.         that I have changed.

ELIANA    Change?  You?  Seriously, do you remember
.         when we were children?

.                    CENTER STAGE

(As children, ELIANA and GIRL enter, carrying a basket
with produce and maybe bread.  Seeing them as he enters,
MATTHEW approaches.)

MATTHEW   Eliana!  What do you all have there?          2

ELIANA    What do you want now, Matthew?

MATTHEW   Why do you assume I want something?

GIRL      You always want something.

MATTHEW   Yeah, I guess that’s a truthful statement.
.         Don’t you want the very best for your life?

GIRL      This might be a trick question.

ELIANA    (thinking)  I suppose, as good as possible,
.         but - I wouldn’t want to step on anyone,
.         or do anything wrong to get that.

MATTHEW   Well, I think we deserve the very best.
.         And I will not stop until I’m very rich,
.         and I have many people serving me-

GIRL      Don’t look at me.  I already serve my parents.

ELIANA    I thought life was about joy and contentment.

MATTHEW   (philosophically)  What is that, anyway?
.         I will only feel joy and contentment
.         once I have everything I want.

GIRL      Whatever.  I’m not impressed.

ELIANA    So - what is it you want?

MATTHEW   I just told you.

ELIANA    Not for your future, I mean, right now!
.         What did you want from us right now?

MATTHEW   Nothing.  Just stopped to say hello.

(ELIANA looks at GIRL with eyes rolling.  As ELIANA
shakes her head and turns so her and girl can leave,
MATTHEW quickly takes a pieces of fruit or bread
from their basket, then smiles proudly at his “prize”.
MATTHEW exits, and ELIANA looks back at MATTHEW
and shakes her head again, not impressed.)

.                     STAGE LEFT                        3

(As adults, ELIANA scowls at MATTHEW.)

ELIANA    You were a little thief then, and you are
.         a big thief now.  Just a selfish, greedy,
.         cheating tax collector-

MATTHEW   That I was.  But I’m no longer a tax collector.
.         And I am sorry for ever stealing from anybody.
.         Jesus has changed my life.

ELIANA    You’ve always wanted everything for yourself,
.         and wanted everyone to serve you-

MATTHEW   And now I am serving others!  More importantly,
.         because I WANT to, I am serving
.         the King of kings, and Lord of lords.
.         It is no longer about me.  Me! – Matthew!  
.         I have found true joy and I’m actually content!
.         And this change that’s happened in me –
.         is only because of Jesus.

.                    STAGE RIGHT

NAR. 5    “Therefore do not let what is for you
.         a good thing be spoken of as evil;
.         for the kingdom of God
.         is not eating and drinking,
.         but righteousness and peace and joy
.         in the Holy Spirit.
.         For he who in this way serves Christ
.         is acceptable to God and approved by men.
.         So then we pursue the things
.         which make for peace and
.         the building up of one another.
.         (Romans 14:16-19)